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Play Zodiac Reactor Zodiac Reactor Mar. 25, 2010
@lost spirit9988: Yeah, a new star explodes out of the center of the reactor in a dazzling display of light and color, and you become a champion!
Play Oroboros Oroboros Mar. 16, 2010
Haha! looks like Oroboros made it onto the Kong tee shirt, b!tches! I know this game tends to piss people off with its infinity and lack of instructions (even though they are expertly presented in the menu between levels), but I just want to say thanks, and Kongsters are the best! peace !(>_<)! ...funface
Play Zodiac Reactor Zodiac Reactor Aug. 19, 2009
@corkscrew: Click on the wrench icon in the lower right. There's a button in that menu that will take you back to the title screen! Also, Thanks for all the great comments everyone!
Play Zodiac Reactor Zodiac Reactor Aug. 13, 2009
@RavehDaveh: There are a bunch of quality settings in the options menu that should help fight that lag you speak of. More likely it's those horribly unoptimized flash banner ads chewing up the cpu. I always r-click and set them to low quality before I play any flash game.
Play Zodiac Reactor Zodiac Reactor Aug. 06, 2009
@BountyHunterSAx: The only way that can happen is if there is some type of lag that occurs, which causes the timing to glitch out. It's programmed to always allow a small delay between each shot, and if two are in the zone at the same time it always prefers the first one that entered when you pressa key. This was something I spent quite a bit of time on when developing it. More likely, it just looks overwhelming when it's going so fast, and that makes it frustrating when you miss!
Play Pixel Pixel Jul. 26, 2009
aaak! I just beat it on seizure mode, and now when I close my eyes I still see your game!
Play Zodiac Reactor Zodiac Reactor Jul. 25, 2009
Thanks Thystonius! Of course I agree too, but I believe games need to level out to a rating of around 3.8+ before being considered for badges :(
Play Zodiac Reactor Zodiac Reactor Jul. 10, 2009
"do you actually create a star? " ...Only if you fill up all the zodiac signs around the outer edge. If you're pretty accurate, you can do it by level 12! Thanks for all the comments too!
Play Zodiac Reactor Zodiac Reactor Jun. 24, 2009
Good of you to share that! The world is a better place now :)
Play Zodiac Reactor Zodiac Reactor Jun. 15, 2009
Check the comment below yours. I guess I need to put a neon sign pointing to that speaker button :)
Play Starcom Starcom Jun. 11, 2009
Very nice work, wx3lab!
Play Zodiac Reactor Zodiac Reactor Jun. 09, 2009
Just posted an update to the game! Check the description for details.
Play Zodiac Reactor Zodiac Reactor Jun. 04, 2009
check the big speaker button on the bottom right... all the volume controls you'll ever need :)
Play Zodiac Reactor Zodiac Reactor Jun. 04, 2009
Made a quick update to try and make it more clear when you hit the wrong key - vs - when you try and capture an orb too early. Hope it helps out a bit :)
Play Zodiac Reactor Zodiac Reactor Jun. 04, 2009
Yeah, it will break your brain at first :) but once you can play Terminal Velocity mode without melting down, it gets surprisingly easy. I tried to set up the different game modes to allow you to play with or without the EOMS, or just in quad-mode, etc. Normal mode is really just a taste of each style. I'm going to think about everyone's feedback, and see If I can come up with some things that might help out.
Play Zodiac Reactor Zodiac Reactor Jun. 04, 2009
There's a big speaker button in the bottom right that has audio controls in it :)
Play Heavy Weapons Heavy Weapons May. 25, 2009
Great job on this game. It's amazing how many unique weapons you managed to create!
Play Oroboros Oroboros Dec. 13, 2008
Just move the mouse and eat stuff! about 3 seconds of experimentation will pretty much explain everything... here's to self starters :)
Play Eternal Red Eternal Red Dec. 03, 2008
Nice game weasel! So far I've only used the shotgun, and I'm on level 24. The upgrades are well balanced, but the bosses and regular enemies could stand to be more difficult. Overall this is a good game with a lot of style!
Play Flubber-Rise Flubber-Rise Nov. 27, 2008
Just made a small update that keeps you from shrinking so fast, but puts more obstacles in the level.