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Play Champions of chaos Champions of chaos Jan. 01, 2011
I really, really enjoyed this game. Until I got to the elf princess/fat elf guy fight. I'm just not going to play anymore. Grinding up that much at the training ground on tiny wussy baddies isn't worth the time when a level only gets you a tiny boost of stats. Put in some status altering/protecting equipment or heals or something and then it might be okay. That fight is ridiculous.
Play Being One Being One Jul. 01, 2009
So short, but great :D
Play Zoe's Sub Adventure Zoe's Sub Adventure Jul. 01, 2009
Well, it was fun but it needs some upgrades... otherwise, making more money seems to have no point? Also, the bottles are a little tricky to pick up without grabbing the others, and the two brown sauces are a little too similar looking. Otherwise, has potential :)
Play Leaving the Country Leaving the Country Jun. 28, 2009
I had the twin problem as well. If you're holding someone when the game switches over to the next stage (I had it happen with Douglas as well) you still have them attached to your cursor. Then you either get a double or it disappears and you are unable to pick anyone up the next stage.
Play Find the Numbers - 20 Find the Numbers - 20 Jun. 25, 2009
Thanks for the '14' on level 1. I still don't see it.
Play Micro World Rave Pond Micro World Rave Pond Jun. 25, 2009
It's not even the 'rave effects' that are the problem so much as you move too quickly, or the arrows aren't enough of an indicator. I just keep flying right into the mouths of bad guys that weren't there a split second ago.
Play Memory Mayhem Memory Mayhem Jun. 22, 2009 there a way to pause it? o_O
Play SpinMatch SpinMatch Jun. 22, 2009
The music is a little bit awful but the game is okay ;) It gets boring pretty quickly, though. I wish I had some constructive suggestions but I don't :/
Play Clouds Clouds Jun. 22, 2009
It's wonderful. Please make another much longer. :)
Play Rooftop Runner Rooftop Runner Jun. 22, 2009
Controls are a bit wonky, especially when the jumping involves walls.
Play Rock the Hall Rock the Hall Jun. 22, 2009
I agree with the "all upgrades" comment. The last 6 days, I had nothing left to do but make money for no reason. It would have been a lot more fun were there some reason for it; even a trivial reason.
Play Kelly Summer Jobs Kelly Summer Jobs Jun. 22, 2009
In the ice cream game, if you click too many moves far ahead it just freezes her and she does nothing.
Play Ghost's revenge Ghost's revenge Jun. 22, 2009
I will say that it's extremely difficult even on normal setting but that might just be me. My only real problem with it is that if you click the "wrong" one of a sleeve being up or down then you get a wrong answer sometimes. I don't know which one is supposed to be right, just the difference. Also, with hints, it would be nicer if there was a button to push for them or something instead of automatic.
Play Casual Space Casual Space Jun. 12, 2009
It's fun but too harsh on the button timing to dash through things.
Play Qbeez Whirled Qbeez Whirled Jun. 09, 2009
I'm having the "stuck at the 100% loading screen" issue as well.
Play Swords & Sandals IV: Tavern Quests Swords & Sandals IV: Tavern Quests Jun. 08, 2009
I love it :) Except.. I played a game of the mini golf (within a quest) and when we came back, all of the sprites were gone. Their little glows and animations were there but the characters weren't.
Play The Siren of Yin Yang The Siren of Yin Yang Jun. 08, 2009
Erm and for anyone playing this, the combos are based on whatever color you click on first to move. So if you click a blue one first to swap with a yellow one to make a row of 3 yellow ones? You activate the blue chain. Not the set you cleared. Once you know that, it seems less random and more fun.
Play The Siren of Yin Yang The Siren of Yin Yang Jun. 08, 2009
There does need to be some better explanation in the instructions for exactly how chains work. The time limit was very difficult to work with and somewhat unnecessary. On the screen where you pick your upgrade, they are all labeled incorrectly. Water as Destroyer, etc. But, I like the guts of the game. :) Some fixing up, is all!
Play oceanbubble oceanbubble Jun. 07, 2009
I agree--the game is fantastic... except the keyboard controls. An option to switch up your keyboard controls would make it perfect. Like the person below me said--space to move it and down to accellerate would be ideal for me as well.
Play Tower Defence Generals Tower Defence Generals Apr. 29, 2009
I agree, decent game :) But needs speed control and ability to shut up the woman, hehe.