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May 23, 2015 6:09pm

my name is favour please contact me here
(favour4grant@hotmail.com) i have something important to
discuss with you thanks

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Aug 28, 2012 11:08am

hi fusoy :)

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Sharp1shooter Aug 28, 2012 11:09am

how is going

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fusoy Aug 28, 2012 11:33am

I’m good.

And you ?

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Sharp1shooter Aug 29, 2012 4:30am

yes and im good

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Aug 29, 2012 2:30am

Is there a Viridis cubus walkthrough somewhere? I’ve died over 2500 times (yes, I’m persistent) but haven’t finished the game. I’m stuck on the level with vertical spike walls but I can’t find any way to beat the level! :( rage

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Aug 15, 2012 2:55pm

I’ve got a question. Is level 5 on your game even possible?

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fusoy Aug 16, 2012 1:11am

Yes you can. However the game is unbalanced. This is my first game I did not work on it as much as I should have

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Feb 21, 2010 7:46am

just cause u hate idle games doesn’t mean others do

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fusoy Jun 29, 2011 2:39am

I know

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Jul 30, 2010 6:39pm


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DjMckay Aug 10, 2010 1:19pm


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fusoy Aug 12, 2010 1:45am


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Feb 23, 2010 7:46am

i agree with your “Idle => No game => 1/5” if they are gonna make a game whats the point of one you dont play?

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Feb 22, 2010 7:13am

when you hate this idle games dont go to it idiot.Anti-Idle is a really good game its not just IDLE.you are just a idiot.

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Feb 14, 2010 12:54pm

You want to translate to french, or review it at least?

send me a message through this:
(this way i don’t have to post my email in the open)