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Play Citizen Grim Citizen Grim Aug. 01, 2013
I could easily see a slightly more polished version of this being a hit seller on XBLA. Great game guys. My only pseudo-complaint is that i think the buildings should generate supplies on their own to be collected after a period of time has passed. Everything else is terrific
Developer response from EruptiveGames

Wow. Wow. Thank you!

Play Steel Dangers Steel Dangers Mar. 08, 2013
There's a little green puss symbol on the top right of the purchased weapons in the shop, the purpose of this symbol is to purchase more ammo for the weapon.
Play From The Black From The Black Jan. 03, 2013
The only suggestion I can think to make is make the space bar the upgrade menu. It would make it slightly easier to get into it. Great game and agreed, criminally low rating.
Play Icy Gifts 2 Icy Gifts 2 Dec. 07, 2012
Excellent sequel
Developer response from SilenGames


Play Astroflux Astroflux Nov. 01, 2012
I'm constantly being disconnected, makes it difficult to play
Developer response from FulafiskenAB

We had some issues with the sudden high load, this was the first time we had a lot of users so we are working hard to improve the experience.

Play Century Sky Fighters Century Sky Fighters Oct. 24, 2012
music is still glitchy as hell
Play Destroyer Destroyer Aug. 31, 2012
takes waaay too long for the level to realize its over
Play Cloudstone Cloudstone Aug. 07, 2012
Yet another energy based, facebook type game that doesn't belong here where people actually want to play a game, rather than spending the better part of their time waiting for the dumb-ass energy to replenish.
Play Turbo Golf Turbo Golf Jul. 27, 2012
There should be a restart button so if you screw up on a hole, you don't have to keep going back to the menu and continuing your match
Play Glean Glean Jul. 04, 2012
ok 5/5 for the awesome Farscape reference. Nice job!
Play Brave Boy Brave Boy Jun. 01, 2012
The loading screens are kind of annoyingly slow when you have ot go back and forth through them for the shop and play screens over and over again. Other than that, pretty good game
Play Angry Alamo Angry Alamo May. 23, 2012
When will they learn "R" for restart, especially when you build a game where you're going ot have to restart every 5 seconds because the physics are shoddy
Play Vanish Rain Vanish Rain Feb. 24, 2012
Since i didn't see it listed as one of the issues, I killed the challenges and earned all the weapons but the sniper rifle. The issue i have is that the little grey bars appear under the weapon stats for the "premium" weapons, however, there doesn't actually appear to be any way to upgrade them. Was that intentional? Because i could see the weapons being way OP if you could
Play DuckLife 4 DuckLife 4 Feb. 23, 2012
The viking hat makes it impossible to play the second level of the climbing training. Each avalanche hits one of the horns and sends you flying.
Play PirataSlice PirataSlice Feb. 15, 2012
how bout some English twit. and maybe some instructions?
Play Arzea Arzea Feb. 08, 2012
The only cons I've found for this game is that when you whack the final boss and continue in order to finish the mysterious fragments, you end up with a map that hasn't been explored. So now i still need to find the pieces, AND I have no idea where i am?
Play Abducted Abducted Feb. 02, 2012
It's robot wants kitty with sloppy controls
Play Black sky: Tower Defense Black sky: Tower Defense Feb. 02, 2012
Turrets ignore certain enemies for no apparent reason. Turrets appear to fire and drain ammo but do not actually fire. Larger, shielded, or armored enemies seem to either bypass completely or completely screw up turrets function. 2/5 until fix. P.S. the idea of ammo and reloading in a tower defense game isn't the worst idea i've ever heard of, but it's not a great one.
Play I Can't Afford A Wheelchair I Can't Afford A Wheelchair Jan. 24, 2012
Ok, it was good for a laugh.... but was there supposed to be some kind of point to this?
Play Bug Swatter Bug Swatter Jan. 24, 2012
Resolution is set wrong for the window size, half the play field is not shown.