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Play TF2 Crate Sim TF2 Crate Sim Nov. 16, 2012
14. Smoking Hottie's Hoodie - $2.50
Play TF2 Crate Sim TF2 Crate Sim Nov. 16, 2012
12. Haunted Ghosts Coffin Kit - $62.50 + Nice Effect - Doesn't Exist
Play Burrito Bison Revenge Burrito Bison Revenge Mar. 10, 2012
Donate money to get.... Money (AND TACOS!)
Play Focus Focus Mar. 08, 2012
Insane mode in Impossible Badge. How Original!
Play DuckLife 4 DuckLife 4 Feb. 29, 2012
Try buy an Very Tall hat... I suggest buy the Cone hat. NO JOKE, it helps you in climbing (there is an bug when you walk you can skip 1ladder) and helps you run [in the first minigame, sometimes you fall into an platform with that hat). GLORY HATS!
Play DuckLife 4 DuckLife 4 Feb. 22, 2012
Not sure if was coincidence, but I pressed the "give away all your money" and the game really loaded fast. No joke, it was 48% than got into 100% fast, 0.5sec was 1%!!!
Play Seven Deadly Sins Seven Deadly Sins Feb. 21, 2012
Here is an tip for the male contest. An addition for the "adcel_240" comment: For go into the show, you need to upgrade your hair, cut it the 3 options, I did mine until Level 30. Them, the show will start, for don't get ANY wrong answer (when the actor says), follow this order: 1-No, 2-Yes, 3-I like my hair, 4-Yes, 5-I like my Hair, 6-No, 7-No, 8-I like my Hair, 9-Yes, 10-I like my hair. Now test the skills on DDR (better you have luck, I played with lag here). And "Ta Da"!!! KEEP THIS COMMENT GOING TOO!!!
Play This is the Only Level 3 This is the Only Level 3 Feb. 04, 2012
Don't know what you did that. The Touhou Project level is kinda wrongly. You know that this is IKARUGA right? It have the black and white shots, the elephant is kinda White, and will absorb the white balls, like Ikaruga, In touhou, you die in every single shot, so yea, it's not Touhou
Play Chuck the Sheep Chuck the Sheep Jan. 21, 2012
"You sure clicking a lot. You can change the textboxes if you like :)" Dear ArmorGames... You Sir, are awesome
Play All That Matters All That Matters Jan. 18, 2012
Here is an secret form the game: Press " ´ " to show some debugging stuff. If the game have debugging stuff, it means it's great. Fav and 5/5, nice job. Plz [+]
Play Trollface Simulator Trollface Simulator Jan. 03, 2012
Trollface Simulator... Description: The Game. FFFFFFFUUUUUUU
Play Pixel 2 Pixel 2 Dec. 19, 2011
If every enemy have a space for put a determinate color of pixel, why I can't get the enemy? This don't make a single sense. Get the final boss... 28109321 Pixels
Play Gibbets 3 Gibbets 3 Dec. 18, 2011
I accidentally did a headshot in a person and he didn't died! and the rope was gone! Man, this games are so strange!
Play Trigger Knight Trigger Knight Nov. 26, 2011
Cool Music and so Kawaii Character! 5/5
Play Trollface Simulator Trollface Simulator Nov. 12, 2011
Best game ever
Play Mushroom Madness 3 Mushroom Madness 3 Nov. 12, 2011
Play Katwalk Katwalk Nov. 07, 2011
Hah, I love how the eye shoots, he shoots the target, not the target shoot the bullet... Or shoot him, I don't know.! Ha, insta 5/5
Play TF2 Crate Sim TF2 Crate Sim Nov. 06, 2011
Did waste $5 and got Unusual GlenGarry Bonnet. What a lucky
Play Run 2 Run 2 Nov. 03, 2011
Sonic and Run... Makes a lot of sense on this day (03/11/2011)
Play skyrim campaign skyrim campaign Nov. 02, 2011
Hooray, I've got 0 points!!!!!!!!!!