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Play Castle Clash Castle Clash Oct. 28, 2014
The game is practically unplayable without heroes. I made 5 rolls in a row, 3 using gems, and 2 using HB, with all of them resulting in sacrifice slimes. Clearly this version of the game has the roll odds harshly skewed.
Play Training Micromonk Training Micromonk Jul. 29, 2012
Sometimes multiple items land at the same time from different directions..
Play Gravity Sun Gravity Sun Jul. 28, 2012
When you make 'the orange field' the target zone, it helps to not make several 'orange fields' as it sends mixed messages.
Play Reversi 3D Reversi 3D Jul. 28, 2012
When you make a difficulty AI, try to make the easier setting actually make poor choices. Having the AI always make the best possible move prevents a human player from learning the game at all, and removes any desire to learn.
Developer response from XAlphaCoderX

I have updated the game, easy difficulty is easier now. Try to take corners first, this will make it easier.

Play Batman Batman Jul. 28, 2012
A link to a website where a game is, is not a game.
Play The Enchanted Cave The Enchanted Cave Mar. 28, 2012
Got pretty far with apparently a very powerful non-artifact sword, which resulted in almost immediate panic when I have to retreat and find I'm stuck on a high floor without the damage dealing power to deal with the enemies lol
Play Realm of the Mad God Realm of the Mad God Mar. 27, 2012
Kill boss. Another player runs up and takes loot. Screw this game.
Play Earn to Die Earn to Die Mar. 10, 2012
Good most of the way; though the weirdest glitch happens sometimes where the car will suddenly start off slightly inside the ground and 'bump' into the ground its on and end the day almost right off the bat.
Play Super Kid Icarus - Independently Hosted Super Kid Icarus - Independently Hosted Mar. 06, 2012
As Dahaka said; this is not a game, it's just a flash redirect link to your site and your youtube channel.
Play Another 500 Stars Another 500 Stars Mar. 03, 2012
Blue background and blue platforms makes it really hard to see what you are doing. For a running game that causes deaths to feel cheap. Seems to function ok though.
Play Toys Toys Feb. 21, 2012
Dystrale: Ok let me put it this way, on your 'game' the way to solve it is to mash your face into the bananas, which are aside from the car the -only thing around- then you have to mash your face into the train which is the -only thing around- then you have to mash your face into the snowman which is -the only thing around- then mash your face into the plane which is -the only thing around- its not a puzzle its just mashing your face into stuff until stuff happens.
Developer response from DystralEuphorie

Hmm ... No!

Play Toys Toys Feb. 21, 2012
Dystrale, Those games you mentioned have goals. Puzzles in Zelda for example were exactly as I described, the outcome of most of the puzzles is to open the door/path you know you want to go through, butyou have to figure out how to do it. What you have here is mindlessly ramming your face into things to see if they trigger a response.
Developer response from DystralEuphorie

In Banjo Tooie, often, no one knew the result. Must be sought. It was not linear. We had to explore.

Play Toys Toys Feb. 20, 2012
This isn't a puzzle. A puzzle is a task in which you know the outcome, but need to figure out the way to achieve the outcome. This is a game has no instructions, goals, or objectives, so its basically mashing your face into stuff until stuff happens.
Developer response from DystralEuphorie

False. Wrong, wrong answer.

Play Virtual Moose Virtual Moose Feb. 19, 2012
The controls are not only overtly complicated, but are also nearly impossible to remember. Why do blue and yellow have different 'second' letters being used? Why didn't you write the letters on the buttons? why not just use one key instead of two? Being difficult on it's own merit makes a game fun. Being difficult because you can't use the controls does not.
Play Easiest Maze Ever Easiest Maze Ever Feb. 19, 2012
Look, you cannot name something 'easiest X ever' make it difficult enough that you feel the need to tell people it really is beatable, then expect people not to rate it down. If you named it 'Hardest X ever' then people would rate it up for it's difficulty instead.
Play minesweeper by kivibot minesweeper by kivibot Feb. 18, 2012
I'd say about average. As hyena said there's nothing really new, though it might be fun for people who would like to try a larger board than windows comes with.
Play GoCTest GoCTest Feb. 18, 2012
Difficulty curb. Add one. If you can't even win the first wave without maxing out your level first, there is something seriously wrong.
Developer response from drak68

The game is not balanced yet. There will be more game modes and the one present now will only be unlocked at a certain level so you don't die at the first wave..

Play Alien Bottle Buccaneer Alien Bottle Buccaneer Feb. 18, 2012
the ingame ad at the beginning for another game didn't seem to have a close button and I had to sit and wait for it to go away before I could play. The gameplay it's self is a bit buggy too, bullets clip through the walls fairly often, which especially on level 6 makes me wonder if this clipping error is preventing the level from being playable.
Play Bieb Blaster Bieb Blaster Feb. 18, 2012
Somewhat interesting, but some of the levels seem to be broken, not unplayably so, but enough that it doesn't feel 'right' compared to other games in this genre.
Play Stick Hero 3 Stick Hero 3 Jan. 15, 2012
.....I'm done. 2 days of this game, and flash crashes, deleting my save entirely despite occasionally manually saving.