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Play Cookie crusader : The Adventures of the golden cookie Cookie crusader : The Adventures of the golden cookie May. 22, 2011
i like how it says 114/12
Play Edmus Edmus May. 22, 2011
apparintly i see 3 mees, your best run,gameblade10 and you
Play Ski Runner Ski Runner May. 14, 2011
is that a cash regester or a robot, the dancing banana dances on my face, the tree smacks me, the whales slide upward as i die die die
Play IncrediBots 2 IncrediBots 2 Mar. 22, 2011
i am SO sad the online part of the game shut down... they cept the loading buttents there too!
Play Minicraft Minicraft Mar. 22, 2011
the world it too small and you need a "crafting" space to get wood planks and ect. SAVING TOO
Play Eva - Rescue Tom Eva - Rescue Tom Mar. 02, 2011
in lv2 i went down a "three" and a prana plant came out and i died as i came out the other side!
Play Kongregate Level Up Guide Kongregate Level Up Guide Feb. 21, 2011
lol! the hyrule theme!(:
Play Co-operation Co-operation Jan. 28, 2011
on "credits" the jumper sent me the rong way and over a wall..... then GLICHED I could not puse,restart,jump,switch and it cept doing posis with blocks!
Play Man in Gap Man in Gap Jan. 12, 2011
the music keeps me going... for a long time
Play Santa Rockstar: Metal Xmas 3 Santa Rockstar: Metal Xmas 3 Dec. 24, 2010
love the holaday gatar hero (kind of a rip off)
Play Kongregate Racing Kongregate Racing Dec. 18, 2010
it is alot like platformracing, but i like the music
Play Nephi's Adventure 2 Nephi's Adventure 2 Nov. 24, 2010
there has to be a chapter 3!
Play Snail Snail Nov. 23, 2010
this is the best game I have ever played!!! there are so many sutes and sooooo many tings that keep u playing (-:...
Play Feudalism II Feudalism II Nov. 19, 2010
points is speled rong when u roll over your own horse
Play Feudalism II Feudalism II Nov. 18, 2010
this would be even better if it was online so you coud beat real peaple!
Play Five Minutes to Kill (Yourself) Five Minutes to Kill (Yourself) Nov. 17, 2010
how do the e-mail peaple have huge axes? when I ask a question???