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Play znUndercurrent znUndercurrent Oct. 17, 2010
5/5 nice one!
Play Blahxing Blahxing Oct. 15, 2010
DONT choose the TAB touch to BLAH lol it when we press it where not focus on the game no more.... and bad graphics, and this suck 1/5
Play Jungle Jump Jungle Jump Oct. 15, 2010
Nice graphics!
Play Daragon Run Daragon Run Oct. 15, 2010
i can jump while in the air lol and always going back to lvl 1 ruin the game
Play Forever Alone Forever Alone Oct. 15, 2010
MAKE A PLAY AGAIN Button wtf... LOL you want us to refresh every bad answer lol..
Play FlutterBy Butterflies FlutterBy Butterflies Oct. 15, 2010
Nice graphics, maybe some more ennemy? only wood stick.. Maybe Upgrades and achievements example : collect 100 butterfly, hit 50 stick etc... to have a bonus speed But good game ! i give a 3/5 because the graphics are super and the code looks great with no bug/lag/glitch! Dont give up!
Play 8bit Space 8bit Space Oct. 15, 2010
1- Add a menu 2- More than 1 life! 3- Better graphic 4- autoshoot when you keep space pressed down all those are not hard to do.
Play Xrossfire Xrossfire Oct. 11, 2010
Nice One!
Play Kick The Baby! Kick The Baby! Oct. 11, 2010
I made it, i made everything with photoshop.
Play The Dumb QUiz The Dumb QUiz Oct. 03, 2010
Answers 1- Yes, why it wouldnt exist? 2- 1, if you are born on XX/XX/XXXX than it stay the same all your life 3- 20, count them slowly youll see 3- No, Because he is dead 4- 100, 40/0.5=80 80*2=160 160-60 = 100 5- 12, They ALL have at least 28 days 6- 4, read again to understand 7- 1 hour, 1 now 1 at 0:30 and the third one at 1:00