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Play Idle Mine Idle Mine Feb. 27, 2014
For everyone who does not realize this, if you are low on gems just go back to a weaker mineral that you can mine in one click. Gem rewards appear to be based on each successful finish of a mineral, so if you go back to something you can mine quite easily you can then rack up gems if you are low.
Play OFFWORLD OFFWORLD Apr. 30, 2013
So far pretty good... however, I still have some suggestions. One, I would highly suggest increasing the rate at which you acquire money through quests and missions and otherwise, it is getting fairly repetitive to grind old missions so early in the game. The rate at which you unlock abilities should be much closer to the rate at which you acquire money than it is right now. This issue also somewhat leads into my number two... make it a good game for people who don't want to pay to play! I realize I don't 'have' to pay, but if I wanted to afford the upgrades I have available, I would HAVE to buy in-game money. A simple example of this is the post-battle survey bot. Instead of always finding something, it comes at some expense. It makes sense as a game mechanism...until you take into account the rarity of gems and the low worth of the finds and you realize there is hardly a reason to take that option unless you have a disposable amount of gems (meaning real life $$$$).
Developer response from ShinyShoeGames

Hi, thanks for the feedback, glad you're liking the game overall! In the next version of the game it will be easier to find gems with the free basic bot, and the advanced bot will bring back even more loot. To be clear, the basic bot is always free and sometimes finds gems. The advanced bot costs gems to use, but it always finds something good and will occasionally find something really valuable.

Play Demons vs Fairyland Demons vs Fairyland Feb. 05, 2013
Definitely a steep curve to the difficulty of levels but thankfully you can go back and farm for levels... interesting concept to have to make a building to enable tower building, but many levels feel a bit cramped to really make use of this... but i guess that's the point Overall very enjoyable though, great theme and good variety of monsters as well as different strategies
Play Arkandian Crusade Arkandian Crusade Nov. 13, 2012
Really enjoyable game! Reminds me of Pet Protector, but in an 'open-world' format. Obviously any comments about potential improvements are pointless now since there are two follow-up games to this one, but I must say I am glad I decided to play them in order instead of just jumping into the third one, it was definitely worth checking this one out! What impressed me most is the amount of available dungeons on the world map, even with the first set that appears there is quite a bit to do, and the dungeons that show up are actually pretty diverse. I can't wait to finish playing through this so I can see what the next two entires are like
Play Takeover Takeover Nov. 12, 2012
It would be amazing if my troops were actually consistent in following my orders... instead of diverting all the time whether it is because they see another structure or enemy en route to their destination or if it is when they abandon fortifying a structure after taking it and instead just stand outside of it... other than that a phenomenal game, very fun to play despite some minor flaws in the basic a.i. performance
Play Realm of the Mad God Realm of the Mad God May. 16, 2012
It would be really really nice if you could make another character or change classes even once without having to pay real money / delete your current character
Play Pirateers Pirateers May. 10, 2012
Friendly fire would be a welcome addition, otherwise a job well done!
Play Dude and Zombies Dude and Zombies Apr. 04, 2012
Awesome game, it was balanced well enough that I could have taken any sort of upgrade path or used a couple of different strategies and still succeeded... I ran into the same glitch as Delcat42 did though, at one point all the enemies on-screen froze and I didn't have to fight anything for another wave... it unfroze mid-wave 24 but then froze again at the end, at which point I was able to finish repairing the truck. Still fun though!
Play Axon Axon Mar. 29, 2012
Really intriguing game, it's easy enough to follow a line of neurons until suddenly the line shifts, or another neuron comes in and cuts you off. More exciting than repetitive, which is good
Play RPG Shooter: Starwish RPG Shooter: Starwish Feb. 06, 2012
really surprising to play a game that seems to be more story than it's worth at first but turns into a game where i am breezing through the actual combat missions just to get back to the story to learn more about what's going on. amazing game
Play Accelerator Accelerator Jan. 28, 2012
would be nice if there was a quality i could play on that didn't periodically lag... would be even better if the lower qualities froze up less...
Play Four Second Frenzy Four Second Frenzy Jan. 14, 2012
a lot of these games would be less "difficult" (and i put that in quotations for a reason) if the speed/sensitivity of the games was better, the games where you need speed the cursor is unbelievably slow and then when you need precision everything moves way too fast... i realize this is almost a good way to make a challenge but instead of making 50 awful games that aren't really even games perhaps you could make one decent game instead... also, it's not very impressive when you say there are 50 games but there are at least 3 that are completely identical... the games where you mash left/right are all the same, in case you didn't notice, which means you don't even have 50 awful games you have less and some pathetic duplicates
Play ESCAPE ESCAPE Jan. 14, 2012
Wait, getting to 350 was for a hard badge? I thought it would be a medium.... anywho kudos to killing me 85 times for getting too ambitious and trying to climb to 100 meters as quickly as possible only to jump into an off-screen spike wall, the game seemed to be able to predict my every move
Play Straw Hat Samurai Straw Hat Samurai Apr. 17, 2011
too bad the badge is glitched (or the game, or the detection, whatever it happens to be) so that even if you fulfill the requirements it doesn't mean anything. beating the game, refreshing the page... nothing. awesome.
Play Fade Fade Apr. 15, 2011
oh, you mean canabalt with pointless upgrades?
Play Straw Hat Samurai Straw Hat Samurai Apr. 15, 2011
meh... the detection is terrible... i have no idea how to beat the catapult (well, i know i can just never get it to work...see complaint #1)... the last boss fight was pretty stupid as well (again, see first complaint)... and of course when i get stuck all i have to do is reload the page and the game advances me anyways. dumb.
Play Crush The Castle 2 Crush The Castle 2 Nov. 24, 2010
Liked the addition of the new weapon types... bravo, they're pretty cool... however, the building-person collision needs to be better... people are having castles collapse on them and just brushing it off.
Play Creative Kill Chamber Creative Kill Chamber Oct. 08, 2010
Yeah, if you're going to make a game that uses the mouse for everything you should probably make sure the hit zones are manageable... its not very rewarding to play a single scene 20 times over until you find the box.
Play Heir Heir Aug. 22, 2010
I find it quite amusing that half of everyone has made a comment that reads "WOW OMG THIS IS JUST LIKE SHADOW OF THE COLLOSSUS!" duh. it says that was part of the author's inspiration for the game. lern2reed
Play Epic Coaster Epic Coaster Aug. 07, 2010
Well, i haven't encountered any of this apparently terrible lag that people seem to be reporting... i had no problems with the achievements activating in-game or anything like that. Fun game though, reminds me a lot of canabalt but with a lot more points involved.