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Play Valthirian Arc 2 Valthirian Arc 2 Apr. 01, 2014
Yepp, memory leak 'juzsper' ist talking about confirmed. Game was opended 12+ hours -> Flashplayer uses 1.1 GB memory now. I like the game though. However, like 'Prilleh' says, being able to make groups would be very helpful. It takes a lot of time to choose the students for errands, I'm virtually not doing much else in the game than that lol. Although you can kind of work around the group problem it by putting numbers in front of the student's names. This works only good if you have one or two favorite groups though. Filters yould be very nice also.
Play The Dreamerz The Dreamerz Mar. 18, 2014
The color diagram is wrong. If this is an additive color sceme (and it is, since the colors are to add up to white), the colors yellow and green must be exchanged. red+green+blu=white. In The diary, where 2 colors overlap must be cyan, magenta and yellow, not magenta, orange and green. Also the trumpet seems to be wrong. Else it was fun but those 2 things made it pretty hard when you actually are correct.
Play Bowmaster Winter Storm Bowmaster Winter Storm Mar. 01, 2014
Wait, I played tha whole day, reload the page and everything is gone?! You might want do add a hint somewhere that saving is obviously only possible with an account >_> .
Play Feed Us 2 Feed Us 2 Feb. 24, 2014
Fun concept but all those flaws take much of it's potential.
Play Zombo Buster Zombo Buster Nov. 12, 2013
Ah, the arrow i used in the previous comment screwed up the text...why is there no filter for this :/ . I don't want to write everything again, so: over all I liked the game.
Play Zombo Buster Zombo Buster Nov. 12, 2013
I can't say anything new, I just want to say it again: 1) The bombards own the game, it's unbalanced. Before I recognized that, the game was pretty hard. Now its close to impossible to loose. 2) the game ark intro is ->reallyt tried to replay the stage yet.
Play A&B Space A&B Space Sep. 17, 2013
Whoa, colorful and bright pixel explosions take over the universe...and my eye-light -.- . Other than that it's an ok game.
Play Nocran Space Nocran Space Sep. 16, 2013
Nice game, with the exception of the steering, that was pretty inaccurate.
Play Space Disposal Space Disposal Sep. 16, 2013
Nice and simple idea but I experience the same thing Tubalelly does: right at the beginning of the acid drop level I have a little lag wich makes it very difficult and compromises the game experience.
Play Battle for Darkness Battle for Darkness Sep. 10, 2013
Although this is kinda repetetive I enjoyed it.
Play Swords & Potions 2 Swords & Potions 2 Sep. 08, 2013
Very repetetive and shallow. One star rated. I would be very happy to upgrade your rating for only $5.99 per star.
Play Amazon Scissors Amazon Scissors Aug. 17, 2013
Okaaay...besides everything....: she can't be an Amazon because she still has both boobs. ;P
Play ALICE AI bot chat v2>> Chat with another artificial intelligence ALICE AI bot chat v2>> Chat with another artificial intelligence Aug. 17, 2013
Hm, I know I chatted with an AI called Alice maybe 10 years ago. It was from some kind of university but I don't belive these two are related because the Alice from back then was much better at conversation. :(
Play 13 Days After 13 Days After Jul. 18, 2013
Maybe shooting firearms lures the zombies to the sound, so the infestation rises in areas were you are/have been ;) .
Play Zombie Overkill Zombie Overkill Jul. 17, 2013
@iamJerbear9 Jan. 19, 2013 That depends on the ammunition type. for Ammunition that is designed to deform or scatter upon impact, like hollowpoint, a tiny twig can be enough to destroy or divert the bullet. Piercing ammo types might go though zombies without doing a lot of damage to them, so while it's probably not intended here, it would actually be wiser to use hollowpoint ammo on zombies than ammo with more pierce.
Play Zombie Night Zombie Night Jul. 09, 2013
I liked the game. No idea what the people are complaining about the aim, my aim experience was fine. Either the game was updated, or they didn't get that the aim is not the mouse but the laser sight.
Play Dude and Zombies Dude and Zombies Jul. 07, 2013
Nice but lagging.
Play Flower simulator Flower simulator Jul. 05, 2013
It would be helpful if there were small hints about some things. Like darker soil when there is much water or at an info after the plant died, wether it died from too much water oir the opposite. Usually you can seel all of that. It's a nice approach but there ist too few feedback that you would get even in reality.
Play Legend of the Void 2 Legend of the Void 2 Jun. 03, 2013
Wow, the first free game I spent money on...this game is really good, the graphics are really good too, thoug I played on e pretty old laptop and used the lowest setting. Still ran kinda gooey xD . Please make another LotV ;) .
Play Dead Frontier: Outbreak 2 Dead Frontier: Outbreak 2 May. 28, 2013
Okaaay, so when you fail one day finding antibiotics, you wait until everyone dies, shoot your family and yourself, rather than trying again the next day?