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Amazon women were a force to be feared in ancient Greece, female warriors who stood toe to toe with their male enemies and slaughtered them without mercy. Though their kingdom has greatly diminished as civilization bred the savagery from their culture, the land of Amazonia still burns with the unrealized ambitions of their ancient grandmothers. A new generation has come to power, one not content to rule what land has been left them by years of polite wars and table politics. These women armed themselves in their ancient armor and brutally killed the first foreign ambassador who came to their court.

They plundered the old treasuries and museums, searching for weapons that would strengthen them for battle. Only five of the True Relics their ancestors had used still held power, but they were more than enough to push the warrior women toward victory.

The Amazons once again went to war.
Characters (click card to see back)

Andromeda, the Archer

Andromeda is stunning at a distance, but she's not quite as pretty up close.

Strengths: Long-Range Attacks, Hitting Fleeing Enemies
Vulnerabilities: Short-Range Attacks
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Amazons r1Amazons r2

Helene, the Swordstress

Helene dazzles at close range with her physical attacks, armor, and "assets", but don't try a long-distance relationship.

Strengths: Speed, physical defense, health
Vulnerabilities: Long-range combat, dark magic.

Phoebe, the Lasher

Phoebe is a strict disciplinarian, but keep her close -- unless you enjoy punishment.

Strengths: Long Range Attacks, Speed
Vulnerabilities: Close Range Attacks
Editions Owned
Amazons r1

Anex, the Warrior Princess

Anex is a warrior princess with powerful attacks - and she'll kick anybody out of battle who doesn't show the proper respect.

Strengths: Tossing Enemies Out of Battle, Hitting Fleeing Enemies
Vulnerabilities: Dark Magic Attacks
Editions Owned
Amazons r1

Ashi, the Axe Battler

Ashi is a strong woman with huge...physical prowess, but keep her at a distance and she's at a loss.

Strengths: Physical Attacks, Physical Defense, Health
Vulnerabilities: Long-Range Attacks, Dark Magic Attacks, Speed

Sacred Candle

The Candle can prevent a ridiculous number of effects throughout the game, making it a strong choice on any Amazon.

Sharpening Stone

The Stone has a chance of turning powerful attacks into one-shot-kills, making it a viable choice on any Amazon.

Valkyrie's Charm

The extra speed can turn some bad matchups into good matchups. Most commonly used on Ashi, Helene, or Anex.

Herbal Remedy

Helene and Ashi are durable enough to gain a lot of hit points from the Remedy and Andromeda can range-dance well enough to do the same.

Reinforced Breastplate

A handy item on any Amazon whenever the metagame shifts towards lots of physical-type damage.
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