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Play Andrew the Droid Andrew the Droid Jan. 07, 2009
Really nice game. I'm holding off finishing it in the hope that it will have badges.
Play Build Alot Build Alot Jan. 03, 2009
Like the concept but I think a tutorial would help a lot as well as some in game guidance about objectives and when they are achieved. I'd also suggest giving the stats greater prominance.
Play Blix Blix Dec. 31, 2008
Strangely engaging. Does it tell you when you run out of moves?
Play SeppuKuties SeppuKuties Nov. 21, 2008
Nice game. Must have badges!
Play Distopix Distopix Oct. 15, 2008
Moving and stretching/skewing the play area is really annoying. It adds a degree of difficulty to an otherwise very simple game but other games find more interesting ways to add extra challenges.
Play Sniper Defense Sniper Defense Oct. 14, 2008
I think this would be easier if you could see the bombers rather than have to search around for them. The graphics on the bombers were OK it would be nice if the same trouble was taken with all the graphics.
Play Sticky Stuff 2.0 Sticky Stuff 2.0 Oct. 14, 2008
A nice little time waster. I'd like to seem more progression between levels. Hadn't played the original so I can't comment on the changes.
Play Perpetual Motion Perpetual Motion Oct. 13, 2008
To Iamsugarbear the game will auto save after each run. You can return later using the Continue button on the menu
Play Epsilon Epsilon Jun. 19, 2008
I get the reflection mentioned in an earlier comment. It appears when I move a portal and then doesn't go away. In some situations multiple reflections appear at different points around the play area. I'm on Mac OS 10.4 with the latest Flash Player.
Play Kinetikz Kinetikz Mar. 26, 2008
Really nice idea. But I think it needs some more polish in the execution. It's a bit slow in responding to hitting the goal and it's not always clear you've succeeded. More user feedback. Also found the font and color selection too hard to read between levels.
Play Wheel Of Death Wheel Of Death Mar. 15, 2008
Based on the comments received I've spent some time cleaning up bugs and making a few changes to game play. The main changes are the inclusion of a control bar in the top right corner and the ability to drag props directly onto the arena. I think most of the bugs reported are now fixed. You can still get stuck (thats just part of the game) but the reset should work more consistently so you can try again.
Play Mafia Driver Mafia Driver Mar. 11, 2008
Great looking game. Lots of good work. But it is too easy to crash. You should be able to accumulate some damage.
Play SHIFT SHIFT Mar. 11, 2008
Simple but clever concept. The humour made it all worthwhile. Echo other comments here : need more levels.
Play Wheel Of Death Wheel Of Death Mar. 08, 2008
I have just uploaded an updated version that hopefully fixes the bug with props that get lost when added and also props that get stuck to the mouse.
Play Wheel Of Death Wheel Of Death Mar. 08, 2008
bobby3eb : you can mute the music by selecting "a". Anyway I spent a lot of time trying to find suitably annoying music.
Play Wheel Of Death Wheel Of Death Mar. 07, 2008
MortalC : I was aiming for 20 levels. But I couldn't get the 20th to a satisfactory state so I dropped it. Are 17 and 23 random numbers or is there a standard for number of levels that I should know about?
Play Wheel Of Death Wheel Of Death Mar. 07, 2008
Firstly, I just uploaded a revised version with working High scores. Secondly, BrotherONI thanks for the feedback. I am trying to track down the missing prop bug. I'm having trouble replicating it consistently. I thought I had the sticky prop bug fixed. If it's the same one you can release it by clicking onto another prop or level object (i.e a platform). May take me a few days to get back to these problems. I have a pressing client commitment. Really appreciate everyones comments. It's my first upload and have been quite surprised by the response.
Play Wheel Of Death Wheel Of Death Mar. 07, 2008
Having a problem getting the High score API working ;( Hopefully I'll sort it out soon.