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♪® Portal sites: Level 1:Agame,Newgrounds,Armor games,Miniclip,Kongregate,King,Box10, Mindjolt,Free world group, Mofunzone Level2:Addictinggames,Ninja kiwi, notdoppler ,BubbleBox, Bored, crazymonkeygames,Arc ade bomb, Hallpass,Big fish games, ? got all BOTD for week of 3/2/14-3/9/14 and 5/18/14 5/25/14 8/10/14-8/17/14 (wasn't paying attention for a while between 2nd and 3rd time) 9/1/14 -9/7/14 10/5/14-10/12/14 10/13/14 -10/19/14 finally done the game, wow it was hard. Some tips: 1) always keep a melee unit with your mages/priests to stop teleporting undead from killing your ranged units. 2) Buy ordinary archers, they kill so many they level up quickly. 3) I found snipers and clerics much better than crossbow/monk. 4) Get 1 spy, attract enemy aggro and run around while letting your snipers do the lifting. 5) Target priorities (highest first): Teleporting undead/Bomb/Ghost/Ranged units/Ogre/Melee units. Hope it helps! Added a hotkeys to select all soldiers of a particular class: Q to select Warriors, W – Archers, E – Mages, R – Priests, T – Thieves. Hope it solves the problem. Also use tactical pause to issue orders without any rush. rengades If there's nothing in an inventory slot, it'll be filled by ammo for your equipped weapon. The best loadout (as of now): Armor class 1, tactical gloves, light boots, no backpack, no helmet (penalties are stronger than gains). Assault rifle is best gun (42 max dmg), SMG is #2 (40 max dmg). I just use one extra clip, 2 grenades + med kit for 2 chars, 3 grenades for the others. +1 if this is helped you out. http://www.kongregate.com/forums/1-kongregate/topics/380539-upcoming-badges Got the final badge by waiting until the first rocket truck ran under the fin of the Baconator 2. When that happened i dropped my nuke in the side of the fin and included the truck in the blast radius, hope this helps lvl 62 feb-7-14 kongpanions made 1-13-14 ===[http://www.kongregate.com/accounts/genius11 genius11]=== Tries to stop fights and outright debates but ultimately gets sucked into them.if called a troll will calmy and intelligently debate how that's an outright lie... until a certain point and goes batshit crazy. likes puzzles and riddles and science. Known for some how accumulating -2200 comments. known to be friendly and even help give other players walkthroughs by playing the game firsthand like did with alienofmars ===[http://www.kongregate.com/accounts/SpoonedByALlama SpoonedByaLlama]=== A man only known by his genius llama. Recently his llama parted ways with him and now works a full time shift McDonalds. This guy is a big troll in Ant Hill and loves to get banned. He will appear only when a magical tune is sung. he is always saying he is innocent even if it an outright obvious lie. Owns Midiala whether they agree to it or not. Super Flags After completing World 1-6: Goomba Fortress, the Sticker Fest grounds in Decalburg will start to become cleaned up. As part of this, eight special flags will appear in the middle area, each with an achievement/goal written on them. If you reach a particular goal, that flag will unfurl. 1.Find all HP-Up Hearts (16 total, 100 HP max). 2.Collect every Sticker type in the world. 3.Make all Secret Doors appear (one in each stage, except W6-1). 4.Collect all Comet Pieces (get all regular and secret exits). 5.Spend 10,000 Coins. 6.Get a Perfect Bonus in 500 battles (complete battles without taking damage). 7.Perform 1,000 Excellent attacks (complete Timed Attacks properly). 8.Hit the Battle Spinner jackpot 50 times (three of the same icon). There are five locations where you can find Luigi, who in this game only makes cameo roles: 1.World 1-6: Goomba Fortress: Outside area by Heart/Save Blocks, in background as you cross bridge to boss tower 2.World 2-5: Drybake Stadium: Fourth level, in window along outside path 3.World 3-12: Whitecap Beach: First area, behind giant rock in background when riding Wiggler 4.World 4-5: Whiteout Valley: Third scene, riding chair lift in background 5.World 5-5: Rugged Road: Room with Hot Springs, look behind west wall When you spot Luigi in these areas, you can Paperize and he will turn to look at you. Press A to pull him out of the scene, at which point Luigi simply runs off the screen. If you grab him in all five locations, he will lead the parade at the end of the game. best level for farming is 3rd boss, witch boomerang max both hands and LAZOR Head HAVE OTHER ACCOUNT NAMED geniusten same pass http://www.explosm.net/comics/3314/ http://www.freeonlinegames.com/scoreboard-games http://www.couchtuner.eu/castle/ YUUUUSSSHH http://thefw.com/20-animals-who-think-theyre-people/ http://www.puzzles.com/projects/logicproblems.html http://t.now.msn.com/boston-bombing-gets-support-from-syria-photo-gallery# http://now.msn.com/parents-text-funny-photos-of-texts-from-mom-and-dad pandora epic battles quest location 50 zombies-right above deep forest/3rd warp place made Lucas(2random letters) and sur(random #) lvl up and get badge in tdp4 on 2-16-13 LVL UP ON JULY 20 12 LVL UP ON SEPT-2 1010 points left at sunday july 22nd 2:38 pm mrmaid http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UfPWHPyU1u4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lFBhDuBAYWE&feature=BFa&list=PL4EB0E4F6275C63E0 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ob770Ox5jsc&feature=related telll ally about fixation I feel like the game just broke the 4th wall, because when Katheryn is talking to Jack, she says "What if I was only a side-character in a much more complicated story than I could possibly comprehend?" Mind = blown. the bester game ever walkthroughere is the Walktrought take the lotion, touch the towel a crab come out ,go right until you reach the blue guy,take Wilson the ball, go back to the kid and the castle trow Wilson to the castle,take the arms,go back to the blue man give him the arms ,he give you a dinosaur joke ,take the joke to the girl in the stand ,take the ice cone, give it to the kid that is left ,take the cube,go left and take the cube into the crab,go rigth until you reach the sea you lose wilson here, dont touck the duck keep walking until he poop take it, go right, give it to the shark ,now you can pass ,go back to the jellyfish trow him the crab you recibe the dead jellyfish, go back to sunburned men give him the lotion and the jellyfish,he gives you a crowbar .go right until you reach the manhole,use the crowbar,now talk to the turtles until the game ends. MEDALS Good call-Start the game Armed and Dangerous-take the arms after destroying the castle Comedy Gold-After the blue man gives you the epic joke Fonz Whisperer-talk to fonz (the motorcycle man) enought times I Have Crabs!-Take the crab with the cube Sorry Wilson-Go to the sea with wilson beforo destroying the sandcastle(you have to restart the game) Afterlife Affection-go right until you found a ghost,talk to him (have to restart the game) Bob Buddy-Give the sunburned man the lotion and the jellyfish Eye for Value-take the duck poo before it touch the ground Snowcone Savior-give the kid the snowcone Talktative-talk to everithing in the game sand,sky water in each phase,characters,things before taken Dino Master-Finish the games Spoilers next(Secret Medals) Sea Spectacle-take the crab to the jellyfish Turtle Gropper-touch a turtle in the final stage Lonesome fury-touch the duck(have to restart the game) Temporal Paradox-die first withe the ghost and go back to the same black room touch you own ghost Hope that helped!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- http://www.badgegames.com/ Vincent Price vs THE JOKER Joker: "I'm the Clown Prince of Crime! I'm one Psychotic Killer! The only thing you're known for is that Voice-over in Thriller! Why you always so Serious? It's such a Disgrace! How's about you and I carve a little Smile on that Face!" Vincent Price: "You trying to be Funny? Cause you're Certainly Not SCARY! Just look up The Word! My Picture's in the Dictionary! I think it is Cute that you call yourself a Prince. Admit The Price is Right! You got Nothing on Vince!" http://www.thebigbangtheory-episodes.com/season-1-episode-14-the-nerdvana-annihilation/ 1/28/12 nlvld up 3/9/12 Jack the Ripper vs. The Zodiac Killer Julius Ceaser vs. The Dog Whisper Peter Griffin vs. Homer Simpson Superman vs. Bruce Lee Sherlock Holmes vs. Monk or any other detective/ cop Rocky vs. John Cena The King(Burger King's Mascot) vs. McDonalds clown Elvis vs. Michael Jackson Santa vs. Barack Obama Dr. Phil vs. Dr. House ninja Hood + Viking Armor + Mana Staff = BATTLE MAGE!! ... (useful for getting the hard badge) Bruno: I wanna Be a Billionare Fan: Can You Buy Me a Dress Whenever you become One? Bruno: No I Love You Just The Way You Are Fan: Awww (: Bruno: I jump In Front Of a Train For Ya {Fan gets Ran Over By a Train} Fan: H-Help!!! Bruno: Sorry I Can't Today I Don't Feel Like Doing Anything... PUZZLE 1:2 pigs, 1st(from left) helmet PUZZLE 2:3 pigs, high jump PUZZLE 3:3 pigs, 3rd helm+visor PUZZLE 4:3 pigs, high jump, double jump PUZZLE 5:1 pig, high jump, jump down PUZZLE 6:3 pigs, 2nd helm+lamp PUZZLE 7:1 pig, high jump, double jump, flight PUZZLE 8:5 pigs, 1st and 5th helm+visor, 2nd and 4th helm. You should always be left with 0 coins. Also, at the end of the puzzle you should have one unprotected pig. These all should be correct. Nice medium badge, BTW ;)Isaac Newton Vs Sheldon Cooper Isaac: We allready know who’s gonna win this, off course There’s a reason why my name is a measure of force So bring it on, you bitch, if i was you i withdraw The “science” that you can’t beat me is now called Newtons 4th law Sheldon: Knock, knock, knock … Isaac, you’re about to be beaten. You’re on my list of arch enemy’s, look! Right above Will Wheaton. There will be one day you become as intelligent as me But for now, just give up and go back under your tree Katy CHERRY RebeccaBLACK-BERRY PRUNEo Mars PLUMena gomez JusTIN-CAN Bieber Taylor SWIFFER Cole and Dylan BRUSSEL'S SPROUTS Miley CITRUS DOUGHnas Brothers HAVE A.D.D AND O.C.D(SCRATCH EYES) NOT MANY FRIENDS BUT MAKE UP WITH I.Q (SMARTEST IN CLASS EVEN BEAT 22 YEAR OLD BRO IN MATH) ps i got all medals in your first quest quest but for some reasons not on profile http://simpsonsepisodes.com/simpsons-viewer/101-simpsons-roasting-on-an-open-fire http://www.newgrounds.com/game/gameswithmedals 13 s 22 ep simpsons s 11 ep 6 s4 ep 10 s4 ep 6 s6 ep13 |Accuracy - |Every point improves accuracy. Accuracy is required to use some guns. - |- - |Defense - |Every point reduces 5% damage. You start at 0%. - |- - |Health - |Every point increases HP by 50 and medkit restoration by 15. You start at 100 HP and 30 medkit restoration. - |- - |Explosions - |Every point increases damage dealed by grenades. Explosives is required to use some guns. - |- - |Strength - |Strength is required to use most guns, it has no other effects. - |- - |Luck - |Every point increases the chance to score a critical hit. songs cant touch this jitterbug cotttleather pants mario bromance blame it on biwinning domi ari gotto walk like an egyptian ng ixel prophet http://puzzles.about.com/gi/o.htm?zi=1/XJ&zTi=1&sdn=puzzles&cdn=hobbies&tm=246&gps=262_411_1272_698&f=00&tt=14&bt=0&bts=0&st=10&zu=http%3A//www.bordwell.com/logicpuzzle/ http://www.lolhappens.com/category/cool/page/28/

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