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Play Creeper World 3: Abraxis Creeper World 3: Abraxis Mar. 27, 2015
To be honest although i appreciate all the new features and stuff it just doesn't feel as fun as it's predecessors. Still great though :)
Play Elements Elements Aug. 21, 2013
The quicker there is an app for this the better.
Play Takeover Takeover Jul. 18, 2013
Play Elements Elements Jun. 15, 2013
shard of freedom decks are popular atm.
Play Elements Elements Jun. 09, 2013
@nanoman999 I left elements some months ago after selling all my shards and rares and upgraded cards to make sure i didn't come back. Now i'm back and grinding like hell
Play Super Duck Punch! Super Duck Punch! Mar. 23, 2013
I got banned from the local Zoo ) :
Play Takeover Takeover Nov. 10, 2012 /rad6tpbnr/
Play Takeover Takeover Nov. 10, 2012
1. Loads of Obelisks 2. Disentomb 3. ???????? 4. Profit
Play Hordes and Lords Hordes and Lords Nov. 10, 2012
coin collector for survival
Play Hordes and Lords Hordes and Lords Nov. 09, 2012
EDIT nvm
Play Takeover Takeover Nov. 09, 2012
the gunbots don't listen to my orders sometimes and walk the other way
Play Hordes and Lords Hordes and Lords Nov. 09, 2012
Glitch or maybe just me: my spear men wont rank up and they are at 5 and a half levels
Play Death vs Monstars 2 Death vs Monstars 2 Oct. 13, 2012
use of memes = instant 5*
Play Into Space 2 Into Space 2 Oct. 07, 2012
dude, Who left all the money in space? nevermind i'll clear it up
Play Bloons TD 5 Bloons TD 5 Aug. 28, 2012
love the series but disappointed with money grabin'
Play Endless War 5 Endless War 5 Jul. 13, 2012
@whythecynic Totally agree
Play Glean Glean Jul. 05, 2012
better than motherload
Play Sugar, sugar 2 Sugar, sugar 2 Jun. 21, 2012
I'm gonna go to the cafe and order a coffee with exactly 100 grains of sugar
Play Endless Migration 2 DEMO Endless Migration 2 DEMO Jun. 12, 2012
i liked the beautiful simplicity of the first game which this one does not have like the smoother game play also found in number 1
Play Achievement Unlocked 3 Achievement Unlocked 3 May. 30, 2012
haha this game taught me how to spell 'achievement'- take that english exam tomorrow