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The Legend of the Pokemon League
My trainer says “Let’s go to the Pokemon League!”
I concur, as he wants to be the strongest trainer
I want to be the strongest pokemon
We blaze through victory road
Nothing standing in our way
Then I see it. The Pokemon League.
Our dream will soon come true, as I and my fellow teammates
Will fight as the ultimate team
We defeat the elite four
Head to the central pedestal
And view the majestic champion palace
My trainer runs to it
Our dream almost a reality
But when we walk in
We see that strange man
His name is N, and he is the king of Team Plasma
He has defeated alder
And ordered the liberation of all pokemon
He calls upon his castle
It rises through the ground
My trainer goes in, wanting all pokemon and trainers
To know this bond we share.
He gets inside the castle and encounters the seven sages
I realize that
even with our strength
We cannot defeat them all
And the gym leaders appear
Hoping to aid us anyway possible
My trainer goes forth
To fight the finale with N
N knows that My trainer has not awakened reshiram
He calls upon zekrom
The light stone shakes
Reshiram awakes
My trainer and I successfully catch the legendary
And begin battle with N.
He fights hard, and is nearly successful at beating us
But loses in the end.
Then that other odd man, Ghetsis, comes in
He scolds N, tells my trainer that he was in control all along
And starts a battle
But not before N heals us from our previous battle
Ghetsis is strong, but we are stronger, and we defeat him
Alder and one of my trainer’s friends, Cheren, takes Ghetsis away
Everyone but my trainer and N leaves
N gives his sorrowful farewell
And leaves his castle forever.
If you can look at that with headphones without metaphorically having the living shit scared out of you I applaud you good sir.

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