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Play City Siege 3: FUBAR Level Pack City Siege 3: FUBAR Level Pack Jan. 25, 2015
Amongst my favourite installments on Kong. AI could be a bit more challenging. I like the shurikens on the spy but it also makes it pretty easy to complete a level.
Play Castlewars Castlewars Apr. 11, 2014
This game is so well balanced. I keep coming back to play.
Play Disposabot Disposabot Jan. 02, 2014
Great game
Play Fishenoid 2 Fishenoid 2 Jun. 01, 2013
You missed the h in whiner ;)
Developer response from ognarev

ouch) thank you for sharp eye

Play simian.interface simian.interface Feb. 27, 2013
Great game. Wish there were more levels!
Play Dungeon Developer Dungeon Developer Feb. 13, 2013
5/5 for the end tune
Play Flying Cookie Quest Flying Cookie Quest Dec. 09, 2012
5/5 for panda's own theme song
Play Pheus and Mor Pheus and Mor Sep. 21, 2012
Great game. Love the ending...
Play Cargo Bridge 2 Cargo Bridge 2 Sep. 01, 2012
Good game but the bridges are too cumbersome to build with the controls as they are. 2/5
Play Monstermind Monstermind Sep. 01, 2012
It is extremely unclear why certain buildings cannot be bought at a certain time. I am at the mission to build a barber's and I have no idea why it won't let me buy this shop.
Play Boxhead: The Nightmare Boxhead: The Nightmare Aug. 04, 2012
"reload all weapons" button please? :)
Play Papa's Wingeria Papa's Wingeria Jun. 15, 2012
Those aren't wings :)
Play Orbits Orbits Jan. 06, 2012
Great music :)
Developer response from Ectroni

Thank you, I passed the message onto the musician =)

Play Words and Physics Words and Physics Dec. 13, 2011
The lasers vaporize the block, basically removing it but still I have lost the level :(
Play Engage Engage Jul. 30, 2011
Love the music. Needs a remix with rhythms :)
Play Wasted Youth, Part 1 Wasted Youth, Part 1 Jul. 17, 2011
Best fun I've had on Kong for a while :)
Play Impasse Impasse Jul. 09, 2011
Simple and easy to understand but challenging. Front page material :)
Play Icy Gifts Icy Gifts Feb. 01, 2011
Fun game to play. Yeah it's easy but plays flawlessly and also looks good. Well done!
Play Corporation Inc. Corporation Inc. Jan. 29, 2011
Fun game but it appears to be very buggy. Had it hang on me two times, and now things have started to disappear. Too bad, I enjoyed playing this game.
Play Radical Fishing Radical Fishing Dec. 13, 2010
This has better music than real fishing!