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Play Droid Grids Beta 0.18 Droid Grids Beta 0.18 Apr. 29, 2011
I've been experimenting with ways to blit bitmaps to other bitmaps. Within a few days of this comment I'll post a minor update with blood stains (generated on the background as the player takes damage), and explosion burns (that fade away with time). P.s. sorry once again for the slow update rate, I have to keep up with uni too... P.p.s. Thankyou once again to all those who posted constructive criticism and gameplay suggestions. I'll try and implement more of them once I get a sizeable amount of free time.
Play Droid Grids Beta 0.18 Droid Grids Beta 0.18 Apr. 19, 2011
Thanks for the much appreciated constructive criticism: @Maiko50, there will be more weapons: phase rifles/forcefield generators are next on the list, along with an armoury, to let you choose what to spend your hard earned credits on. More powerful barrel explosions? sure, why not. I'm not sure about faster movement, some people complain the game goes too fast (and vice versa). Maybe a sprint jet boot ability or equivalent (when I get round to it). @Mahalko128 Thanks you made my day. Thanks guys for taking the time to play my game. I'll have half a week off Uni, so I'm hoping to get a bit more done on this project. :)
Play Droid Grids Beta 0.18 Droid Grids Beta 0.18 Apr. 08, 2011
To hell with the score! I've finally stopped caring about it! I'm going to keep improving this project, for the people who actually take the time to play the game!
Play Mummy Tombs 2 Mummy Tombs 2 Apr. 06, 2011
This is a well polished game, with good graphics, plenty of weapons and enemy varieties. I personally would prefer the difficulty curve to be a bit steeper, maybe have more ranged enemy varieties, but that's just me. I don't know why Kongregate is so biased against top down shooter's regaurdless of how much effort has been put in. This game scored much higher at newgrounds. You deserve a better score here...
Play Droid Grids Beta 0.18 Droid Grids Beta 0.18 Apr. 06, 2011
I'm damn tired of people voting me down whilst giving me zero constructive criticism! I know the game is challenging and as of yet lacks graphical polish, but either get over it, or give me some tips on how I may improve the game! I got much more helpful feedback/a better after judgement score at newgrounds.
Play Droid Grids Beta 0.18 Droid Grids Beta 0.18 Mar. 26, 2011
UPDATE BETA 0.18.12 (27th March 2011): 1. Fixed all known issue with rendering objects at the incorrect depths. 2. Nicer looking radar 3. Switched font of all text (in game and interface) to Calibri 4. Made a much better rendering system which takes advantage of blitting techniques for certain objects. The game should run much faster now. 5. Fixed all known issues with sounds 6. Replaced black blur effect around in game text messages, to a light drop down shadow. 7. Fixed a crucial glitch with droid majors wondering off the map and clipping through walls. Please post your feedback
Play Droid Grids Beta 0.18 Droid Grids Beta 0.18 Mar. 19, 2011
Over a month and still under judgement :(
Play Droid Grids Beta Droid Grids Beta Feb. 14, 2011
As no feedback/suggestions on either of the two latest versions (Which are significantly different than the previous versions which 95 % of the comments are about). I'm probably going to delete this submission (contacting Kongregate) and reupload the newest version under a different name...
Play Droid Grids Beta Droid Grids Beta Feb. 11, 2011
Beta 0.18.3 is posted (See updates for more info).
Play Mr. Anderson: Amateur Sniper and Avenger Mr. Anderson: Amateur Sniper and Avenger Jan. 22, 2011
Nice simple gameplay and stylized graphics. Several of the earlier missions were quite humourous, loosely tieing together a storyline of a killer on a rampage for cookies! Level 7 is just next to impossible. Hesitate for 0.25 seconds or miss a shot and your dead!
Play Droid Grids Beta Droid Grids Beta Jan. 16, 2011
BETA 0.17.4 is posted, and far better than its predecessor (see updates). All Comments before this one are to do with BETA 0.16 and are therfore OUTDATED.
Play Droid Grids Beta Droid Grids Beta Oct. 19, 2010
IMPORTANT: You may need to zoom out a bit if you can't see the whole screen. I didn't realize there was a height limit of 400 pixels on Kongregate. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- P.s. If you like I can curb the difficulty level of the demo by increasing the player's shield capacity and slowing down droid minors and droid Majors. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Keep in mind though that in the full version will have your powers increase more gradually, once a purchase system is introduced (as well as a system of increasingly difficult rounds and waves for enemies).
Play Droid Grids Beta Droid Grids Beta Oct. 16, 2010
What's wrong guys? Why do you hate my game demo so much? I spent over 2 months just making the engine.
Play 8bit Space 8bit Space Oct. 15, 2010
Top down shooters are a very competitive genre. You'll need to add much more enemies and much more features. Basically put more effort in------------------------------------ Sorry, but I found the gameplay really predicatable and really lacking on this one. It infuriated me that sometimes where my bullets went right through the enemies. It looks like you spent very little time on the graphics- you could learn well from a game of Pixel Purge. Also flooding the entire world with the same enemy until the player could no longer move, just represents bad game design to me. Next time, please make sure you submit something that you yourself would enjoy playing.
Play Droid Grids Beta Droid Grids Beta Oct. 15, 2010
mattyspatty: Sounds like your strafe key got stuck, this is quite rare, press it again to trigger the release event. The player doesn't stick if you move diagonally, all you need to do is press any key individually and than you'll change direction. ------------- The difficulty increases as your score gets higher, enemies start spawning faster. Though in future versions: I'm going to implement a more gradual system of rounds and waves. At the end of each round you will be able to purchase new weapons/armour permutations and maybe set up defenses before the next attack wave arrives ------------ As for not being able to see everything that's is going on, how about I make the radar larger? ------------ Anyway thanks for taking the time to comment. If you have any other suggestions let me know.
Play Droid Grids Beta Droid Grids Beta Oct. 15, 2010
Hi guys, In response to some of your feedback: mingwa: Hey I had to design the graphics from scratch. The graphics will be better polished in future versions, but alot of this will be done after the rest of the game is finished. Sayorecca: You know I meant "pointers to turrets that need to be respawned". There were a few playtesters took a while to realise this, if I didn't tell them explicitly. I haven't had time to implement an in-game training level but I will (after my exams),
Play Droid Grids Beta Droid Grids Beta Oct. 15, 2010
Hi underlordgc, thanks for the feedback As for the mouse controls, I considered this, but than how would I get 2 players on the same computer screen? I'll add more spawn points and more maps in future versions.