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Play Blade Haven Blade Haven Feb. 07, 2011
Game requires you to create an account with BattleOn Games in order to upgrade any of your weapons or equipments. Not playing for that reason.
Play Bubble Girl Bubble Girl Feb. 07, 2011
Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt!
Play Valentine Balloons Valentine Balloons Feb. 07, 2011
The best part about this game was the laugh I got reading the instructions. Other than that: BLECH!
Play Zoptirik Police Jeep Zoptirik Police Jeep Feb. 07, 2011
There's really no skill involved other than making sure I go slow enough to not tip over.
Play Drawing Game *Full* Drawing Game *Full* Feb. 07, 2011
I only get 4 colors to choose from...and black/blue both come out as black so really only 3 colors. Plus, I can draw right over the menu bar so that I'm not able to see it to choose my 3 colors anymore. This drawing "game" needs more developement to be considered a "full" version.
Play Simple Word Game Simple Word Game Feb. 07, 2011
Very nice word game. It has everything a nice word game's challenging but not too challenging; it makes you think just enough; and it has acheivements to keep you playing! Great job!
Play half made game how do you like half made game how do you like Feb. 07, 2011
Hmmm....I pressed z to fight, but neither of us are losing any health. This shouldn't be called "half" developed game, it should be called "BARELY" developed game.
Play Crazy Orc Racing Crazy Orc Racing Feb. 07, 2011
This game has been stolen from
Play Don't Play this Game. Don't Play this Game. Feb. 07, 2011
I love that you've decided to develope this game and have added levels. However, at the beginning of each level my score resets to zero, I would have liked to see my score accumilate. Also, the levels just seem to be a repeat of the first level....there is no increasing difficulty. Each level should get progressively harder (adding more squares or different shapes that you have to avoid clicking). Great job and thanks for the updates!!
Play Stunt Dirt Bike Stunt Dirt Bike Feb. 06, 2011
This game was stolen from
Play Deal Or No Deal Deal Or No Deal Feb. 06, 2011
This game was stolen from NBC:
Play Adam and Eve Adam and Eve Feb. 06, 2011
Very cute puzzle game. Not too challenging, but interesting enough to keep you going. The humour in it was nice, and it was a pleasant way to spend a few minutes. Thanks!
Play The Cubreak The Cubreak Feb. 06, 2011
Not a bad puzzle game. Nothing very exciting or unique, but it was okay.
Play Mechanic Mechanic Feb. 06, 2011
On the second level I got stuck in an area with no way out...and no way to die either. I had to restart the game. Bad level design there. Otherwise I liked the concept.
Play Don't Play this Game. Don't Play this Game. Feb. 05, 2011
Ooooh...I want colors and sounds and levels..... I know you're new to making games, but this has some potential. Not a bad beginning!
Play Serve the Fruits Serve the Fruits Feb. 05, 2011
One of the most ridiculous games I've ever played!
Play 101 ways to kill Jonny 101 ways to kill Jonny Feb. 05, 2011
Really...all I get to do is pick the weapon...of which there are only 7, not 101??!! I don't even get to do the killing myself?? Why not let me stab him with the pitchfork, or cut him up with the chainsaw?? Major bummer of a game needs some majot work!
Play Hidden Objects-Party Hall Hidden Objects-Party Hall Feb. 05, 2011
Not much a challenge. Needs more levels; needs all objects you're searching for visible; needs the objects/menu bars to not cover the picture - they covered objects I was looking for!
Play Click Slowest Thing Click Slowest Thing Feb. 05, 2011
I was doing okay until the shapes started moving close/far and that just hurt my eyes too much!!
Play StackSnap StackSnap Feb. 05, 2011
Tetris was never my kind of game, and I'm not a fan of these kinds of games. For those reasons, this game isn't for me.