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Play Ultimate War Ultimate War May. 01, 2010
This game is stolen. I am the true author. This game will be uploaded a bit later. The Kong's staff is notified already.
Play Stonepunk Stonepunk Feb. 23, 2010
The strange lag appears on Kong if you have storage space set to less than Unlimited! Just try to right click, then go to Settings and set there the storage slider to Unlimited.
Play Mothership Warfare Mothership Warfare Dec. 16, 2009
ChaosReaper90: if Grenadiers would be in Final Attack they would destroy all the allied forces.
Play Mothership Warfare Mothership Warfare Dec. 15, 2009
huzzah: you can replay the level by clicking on the planet regions directly. And you may reset all the saved data in Options menu.
Play Meat Boy Meat Boy Sep. 27, 2009
i can't pass through 5th level too. Level 6 doesn't unlock.
Play Garden TD Garden TD Aug. 13, 2009
Try to beat more levels, Poisoned Balls are useless when the enemies become stronger and you still need the defense system then. The same for Spitting Cactus.
Play Phage Wars 2 Phage Wars 2 Jul. 11, 2009
Great game. Easy but great. I would want to play some really hard levels, maybe with even more enemy sides. 5/5
Play Star Beacons Star Beacons Jun. 18, 2009
Yes peggle is better, but we're working to make a better physics system and add new elements to it which peggle doesn't have. And btw it's free :)
Play Star Beacons Star Beacons Jun. 12, 2009
Music on/off and sound volume are on the level selection screen.
Play Shopping Street Shopping Street Jun. 04, 2009
Yes, exactly! Pet Shop processes customers in high speed. So when you build the bus stop you can see a spark in the shop capacity.
Play Master of Security Master of Security Mar. 17, 2008
Thank you to all for such useful comments. I slightly updated the balancing system, so bosses and viruses are not so hard now. Upgrades gives more damage rate as well.
Play Storm Storm Nov. 24, 2007
Thanks Silverfire. Fixed!