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NoNoSparks: Genesis

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Apr. 11, 2012

Rating: 3

I always knew that jellyfish were the work of the devil...

One and One Story

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Oct. 23, 2011

Rating: 3

Seems like what could have happened in "The Company of Myself" if the guy hadn't <> killed her.


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Oct. 17, 2011

Rating: 4

You can take Antarctica. Does that not BLOW YOUR MIND?!

Doodle Devil

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Aug. 26, 2011

Rating: 2

I click on hint and it gives me two groups with ten each... that's 100 different possibilities (assuming that all have to be between the different groups), many of which will give me results I already have.

Castaway 2

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May. 26, 2011

Rating: 6

shouldn't I get rupees when I attack the bushes?

Shadowreign RPG

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May. 25, 2011

Rating: -2

Ending montage: it's "Annals," not Annuls

Hands of War 2

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Apr. 06, 2011

Rating: 2

Rangers, lead the way!

Champions of chaos

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Jan. 05, 2011

Rating: 1

Why can I cast protect on my enemies? Seriously, it makes some mistakes really annoying.

Doodle God

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Jan. 04, 2011

Rating: 5

Human + ghoul should make orc, orc + human should make Uruk-hai, human + tree should make elf, human + food should make hobbit, wow I'm a nerd.


Play K.O.L.M.

Jan. 04, 2011

Rating: 3

Agree with DeathShrimp. I'm glad I'm playing this in the morning.

Cursed Treasure: Don't Touch My Gems!

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Jan. 03, 2011

Rating: 8

Orcs aren't evil, they're just misunderstood and necromancers/undead merely wish to study the secrets of life undisturbed. And demons... yeah, they're evil.

Arkandian Crusade

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Jan. 02, 2011

Rating: -1

Ummm, Golems are made, not summoned. What universe is this in?

Gravitee Wars

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Nov. 18, 2010

Rating: 4

Killed last member of team "Pirates" and got award "Ninja."

Toss the Turtle

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Oct. 30, 2010

Rating: 1

3,000,000 feet (single launch) – You know he secretly likes it. [Best so far: 2967072]

GemCraft chapter 0

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Sep. 19, 2010

Rating: 1417

Armor games-only skills are better gem bombs, stunning gem bombs, and increased number of creatures hit by gem bombs; nothing absolutely necessary

Nano War

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Sep. 12, 2010

Rating: 2

Easiest EASY badge ever

Nano War

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Sep. 12, 2010

Rating: -1

That is the first time I have seen a merged american and British flag to symbolize English. What about Australia?

Civilizations Wars

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Sep. 12, 2010

Rating: 0

I am impressed at the balance of the attributes in the game. Usually, there are one or two attributes in a game like this that can be partially ignored, but if you lack very much of any attribute, you either die or are a superb commander. I also see that any sequel to this game would either add very little or make it complicated to the point that it is no longer fun.