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Play Multiplicative Idle Multiplicative Idle Jun. 06, 2014
Suspect, this is due to how quickly A snowball, basically, the first letters have a lower base cost, but a higher cost scaling, A quickly become your main income, with other letters being there to make more As
Play Toy Defense Toy Defense Jun. 05, 2014
Still doesn't work without the proxy. I did just find something tough, as I was checking with a different browser, I was not logged on Kong, due to that, I DID get the signup button, when I logged on Kong again, I lost the signup, so the isue probably is there.
Developer response from MelestaGames

We have fixed everything so you could enjoy the game! Sorry for the inconveniences.

Play Toy Defense Toy Defense Jun. 05, 2014
Game won't play for me either, The game load untill the bar is fully loaded, and then stay stuck there, I found out if I put my mouse over the metal bullet box in the middle, a "setting" icon pop up, alongside with the mouse showing its click-able, but nothing happen if I click it. I'm connecting trough a vpn ( sim to a proxy), so maybe that matter? Tough I can't see why.
Developer response from MelestaGames

Would you, please, contact our support team Thank you.

Play Go Outside. Go Outside. Feb. 10, 2014
I smell somebody who have played hunter story.
Play Crystal Story II Crystal Story II Nov. 12, 2013
Finely its back!
Play Zombie Misfits Zombie Misfits Feb. 24, 2012
mayhem7, shhh, peoples dont need to know <3
Play Lava Climber Lava Climber Feb. 04, 2012
beat story mode without dying, it toom me 200 lives... well thats a game i wont get all the achievments!
Play Trigger Knight Trigger Knight Nov. 24, 2011
only thing that i got against this game is those wolfs can be so darn strong, hiting for over half my health each so often, sure the dragon is rediculusly strong but atleast their rare...
Developer response from Mintsphere

Alrighty, we'll work on the game balancing right away!

Play Trigger Knight Trigger Knight Nov. 24, 2011
round i know ur pain D: got to 2.7m myself, see a dragon, use a sword thingy to kill it, survive with like 1 hp, meet another soon after...
Play HD Spectrum HD Spectrum Sep. 24, 2011
a proper ingame chat would be nice, the current "chat" dosnt seem to do anyting, but its beta for a reason i guess. lev 15 was darn hard to beat, but beatable with a control based blue deck ( if you can put a spark on turn one it realy make the mage only a slight discomfort
Play Accelerator Accelerator Sep. 12, 2011
now the problem arise that there is many peoples with a big score due to the start at the last 100 multiple that most likely will never be beaten with starting at 100. i got a high score of 1286 but now i can only reach 900s. maybe reseting the high scores is in order?
Developer response from TenebrousP

A reset is in order... and now I have a better idea to deal with the different start speeds :)

Play Whack a Diglett Whack a Diglett Apr. 16, 2011
def whort a 5*
Play Arkandian Crusade Arkandian Crusade Dec. 21, 2010
the stick brothers weapon is so strong... now i feel like killing myself for not being a mage.
Play Skill Archer Skill Archer Nov. 05, 2010
lev 16*
Play Skill Archer Skill Archer Nov. 05, 2010
any1 beaten lev 14 yet? i have no problem killing the towers but the spikes make the last jump impossible.
Play Epic Battle Fantasy 3 Epic Battle Fantasy 3 Sep. 06, 2010
last boss on hardest mode, hes at 10% hp, i am at full fully buffed, he one shot me. why game... why!!!!!!
Play Idle Story Idle Story Jun. 19, 2010
you need to work on hacker story! :D btw glad to know your still got time to make some more games
Play Tower defense war Tower defense war Feb. 03, 2010
2m score :D why are u guys saying its too hard? 0.o i just beated it on the hardest dificulty
Play AS2 Basics-tutorial AS2 Basics-tutorial Jan. 27, 2010
rely nice tutorial, i guess even i could make a game 0.o but there is something i would like to know, how do u make it save? as a stat like strength or an achievement. (i never made a flash game before lol)
Play The Savior The Savior Jan. 27, 2010
finely beated the hard mode :D ( what dos thos gear will do 0.o cant wait for the sequel :D my hint for hard mode: 6 points in dex, the rest in agi, the rest of the stats are kinda pointless