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Play Solarmax 2 Solarmax 2 Jun. 26, 2014
Badges are live! Thanks to Precarious for the awesome hard badge name. Also, the easy one is a Gurren Lagann reference. Fightin' spirit!
Play The Valley Rule The Valley Rule Jun. 23, 2014
Okay, the badge is fixed now! Sorry again about that.
Play The Valley Rule The Valley Rule Jun. 23, 2014
Crap, sorry guys, this badge is broken. I can fix it, but you'll have to replay the game again. Sorry! I'll let you know when it's fixed...
Admin response from greg

Okay, fixed now. If you completed the game while the badge was broken, please submit a missing badge report.

Play God's Assassin God's Assassin Jun. 21, 2014
Holy crap, it's finally live! I've been working on this stupid story for more than half my life. I hope you enjoy it -- please leave comments!
Play Dangerous adventure Dangerous adventure Jun. 11, 2014
Whoops, the hard badge is currently awarding based on dungeon reached, not dungeon cleared. It's currently awarding if you clear dungeon #15. I'm going to ask the developer to fix this, but in the meantime, enjoy the unintentionally 1-dungeon-too-short hard badge!
Play FPA: World 1 Remix FPA: World 1 Remix Jun. 10, 2014
Wooo, badges!
Play Pursuit of hat 2 Pursuit of hat 2 May. 27, 2014
Badge is live! You're lame if you use the walkthrough. But then you probably already knew that you're lame anyway.
Play Desktop TD Pro Desktop TD Pro May. 27, 2014
Good news: I think I managed to fix the hard badge for completing all 24 scenarios. Bad news: Everyone will have to redo any progress they made before this fix. If you complete all 24 scenarios and don't get the badge because of this change, submit a missing badge report. Sorry for any inconvenience!
Play Desktop TD Pro Desktop TD Pro May. 21, 2014
I was just able to earn the easy badge, and the statistic for the medium badge seems to be reporting correctly. However, the data for the number of scenarios completed doesn't seem to be reporting, and I can't verify the other hard badge one way or another. I'll continue digging into this. Sorry for the inconvenience -- please send me a private message if you're having problems with the easy or medium badge.
Admin response from greg

Wait, never mind, I was seeing data coming in for the medium badge, but the name is different now. It's labeled as "-2096896-score" instead of "sandbox-score," which is what's breaking things. I might be able to fix this... Edit: Okay, I *think* the medium badge is fixed now. Please send me a private message if it's still having problems. I'll see what I can do about the others.

Play Pixelo Pixelo May. 20, 2014
Badges are live! I'd also like to offer a public apology to tamaii for the miscommunication regarding the API implementation. In hindsight it was totally my fault.
Play God's Assassin God's Assassin May. 19, 2014
New version is up! I think this is basically final. I still need to trim the text from 2 ending descriptions that are overlapping, but otherwise it should be finished. Please let me know if you find any bugs or typos!
Play Epic War 2 Epic War 2 May. 19, 2014
Hey guys, there was some glitchiness with the text in this game, but it should be fixed now. Please send me a private message if you continue to notice any problems. Thanks!
Play i saw her standing there i saw her standing there May. 19, 2014
Hey guys, it looks like the Mochi shutdown broke the Kongregate stats API in this game, thus making the badge impossible to earn. We've contacted the developer about this problem and hope to have it resolved soon, but in the meantime, this badge is out of order. Sorry!
Play Decision:Medieval Decision:Medieval May. 13, 2014
Badges are live! Sorry for my lack of creativity with them being basically the same as the last Decision game, but to be fair, the game itself is pretty similar too...
Play Cardinal Quest 2 Cardinal Quest 2 May. 01, 2014
Hey guys, if you lost your save file when this game came out of beta, visit our forums to learn how you can recover it:
Play 2048 Flash 2048 Flash Apr. 29, 2014
Just added some clarification to the badge description: You only need 2048 points, NOT creating a square of 2048. If this doesn't seem like an easy badge, just focus on putting stuff in corners, and only use 3 directions unless you absolutely need to use a 4th.
Play 2048 Flash 2048 Flash Apr. 29, 2014
Badge is up! Why is the image 256 instead of a 2048 square, you ask? Because I suck at this game too much to get a single 2048 square. If you can manage this, please send me a private message with a screenshot and I'll change the image to something less arbitrary!
Admin response from greg

Got it now. Thanks guys!

Play Mighty Knight Mighty Knight Apr. 28, 2014
Badges are live! Sorry the first 2 names are so generic -- I couldn't think of anything better. :( In fact they're so generic, I'm amazed I haven't used them already...
Play God's Assassin God's Assassin Apr. 26, 2014
Update: Endings are now ordered by how good they are (roughly), and a few typos are fixed (misspelling of "dimensions," wrong version of "vain," extra "and" in one of the sentences). For reference in all comments before this one, here's how the endings were changed (old number first, new number second): 25 -> 1, 11 -> 2, 10 -> 3, 1 -> 4, 12 -> 5, 8 -> 6, 19 -> 7, 23 -> 8, 21 -> 9, 20 -> 10, 15 -> 11, 24 -> 12, 13 -> 13 (no change), 14 -> 14, 16 -> 15, 22 -> 16, 9 -> 17, 18 -> 18, 6 -> 19, 3 -> 20, 2 -> 21, 5 -> 22, 4 -> 23, 7 -> 24, 17 -> 25
Play Shopping Cart Hero 2 Shopping Cart Hero 2 Apr. 25, 2014
Badges were broken, sorry about that, guys! They should be fixed now. Send me a private message if you have any problems.