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Play Doodle God 2 Walkthrough Doodle God 2 Walkthrough May. 15, 2011
Pointless. This is just advertising for the app. Put the walkthrough in the game but don't make a whole separate thing for it on here.
Play Kid Krusader Kid Krusader Mar. 13, 2011
Good graphics and sound. I like the gameplay too. Only thing missing really is upgrade stats - power/rate/range. Adding this info would make a big difference.
Play Bunny Flags Bunny Flags Oct. 08, 2010
For goodness sake. Does this developer not test updates before putting them live?
Play Bunny Flags Bunny Flags Oct. 08, 2010
This game doesn't start. :-(
Play Tower Defence 2 Tower Defence 2 Sep. 21, 2010
Some got past my towers in wave 4 and the game froze with them just outside the exit.
Play Bird Bites Bird Bites Sep. 18, 2010
This is a good challenge. Maybe find a way to introduce a little variation, but generally pretty good.
Play Maze race Maze race Sep. 18, 2010
Only one maze? With some different mazes (and speed settings), this game might be slightly improved. But pretty unoriginal really.
Play Epic Battle Fantasy 3 Epic Battle Fantasy 3 Sep. 11, 2010
Yuck. Just yuck.
Play John Dong Tower Defense John Dong Tower Defense Sep. 06, 2010
Needs a restart button rather than telling us to "press F5"!
Play the weird office to the MAX! the weird office to the MAX! Sep. 05, 2010
If there was a zero star rating, I would have used that!
Play LO+ LO+ Sep. 05, 2010
Familiar type of game, but very nicely done. Needs a mute button though.
Play EP1C PACMAN EP1C PACMAN Sep. 05, 2010
Horrible. Really horrible.
Play Aliens In The Garden Aliens In The Garden Sep. 05, 2010
It's really annoying that the mute button doesn't actually mute the sounds!
Play Vehicle Tower Defense 3 Vehicle Tower Defense 3 Sep. 05, 2010
Very poor. Full of bugs and really boring gameplay. Disappointing.
Play The Doors The Doors Aug. 26, 2010
I remember playing this game about 5 years ago. Looking at the other games from this user, I worry this is a stolen game.
Play omicron omicron Aug. 16, 2010
All that iPhone promo stuff is annoying. Stick it on the app store and stop spamming us with it!
Play Brittany Birt: The Beauty Spa Brittany Birt: The Beauty Spa Aug. 16, 2010
Oh dear. This is such an unimaginative rip-off of an idea... But without any of the parts that make those other games good.
Play tvFIXation tvFIXation Aug. 16, 2010
It's a good idea and well executed, but it is missing something. Needs more variation otherwise it just gets repetitive too quickly.
Play This is the Only Level TOO This is the Only Level TOO Aug. 12, 2010
Love it! Some really good puzzles here. Stage 22 is such a cool idea!
Play Baked Potato Baked Potato Aug. 11, 2010
Seems to be well designed, but I found it got boring quickly in the first part, and then it just stopped making sense.