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Play Lack Of Color Lack Of Color Jul. 18, 2013
Looks very cool though.
Play Lack Of Color Lack Of Color Jul. 18, 2013
I got stuck in a glitch canyon! Heh. Not sure what the goal is here.
Play XYZ XYZ Apr. 29, 2013
This is my favorite LD26 game thus far. Very cool. I would like to have had the 3d rotating view (with edges) shown after completing each section.
Developer response from ataxkt

Didn't want to break flow in any way, but it would have been a nice feature! I'll try to work out a compromise for the next release!

Play Tetris 1d 2.0 Tetris 1d 2.0 Nov. 07, 2012
I won't play without a hold box.
Developer response from zigah111

:D Should I announce Tetris 1d 3.0?

Play Dream of Pixels PROTOTYPE Dream of Pixels PROTOTYPE Nov. 07, 2012
Feels like a larger board than the iPhone version. I don't feel the same sense of urgency either. It probably just takes longer to ramp-up the difficulty.
Developer response from zigah111

It is larger. Larger even then on the iPad - this here is the "classic" 10x20 grid. It most likely does take longer, the curve has been improved since. Or time flies when playing the final Dream of Pixels. :)

Play Boxy the Boxcat in Evolution Escapades Boxy the Boxcat in Evolution Escapades Aug. 27, 2012
very nice. hehe.
Play Chess Tower Defense Chess Tower Defense Nov. 15, 2009
I asked my 10 yr old nephew how I could improve my chess/tetris game ( and he said "Could you make it a tower defense game?" I never thought to search for one already. hysterical!
Play Ancient Origins{flying fish} Ancient Origins{flying fish} Oct. 08, 2007
What's up with all the "something follows your mouse" games getting achievements and challenges? I absolutely HATE these types of game.
Play Monster Master Monster Master Aug. 24, 2007
surprisingly fun! I'm not a fan of these usually.
Play Tetris-By TohNey Tetris-By TohNey Aug. 24, 2007
Play All or None All or None Aug. 22, 2007
pretty fun implementation of set. I've thought of doing this myself... but why only 2 min? Why not count up rather than down... see how long it takes to go through the whole deck? Penalize for wrong guesses... If you did it to hundredths of a second or something, you could subtract from a billion for the final score.
Play Evan Almighty Arketris Evan Almighty Arketris Aug. 22, 2007
pretty woodgrain, otherwise... LAME!
Play Tetris 64k Tetris 64k Aug. 22, 2007
smooth gameplay and decent graphics (like the background), but did the world need another tetris clone? ;)
Play CrystalLoid CrystalLoid Aug. 22, 2007
smooth gameplay and graphics, but where's the innovation?
Play Tetrageddon Tetrageddon Aug. 22, 2007
couldn't figure out when the game ends! my score just kept going up! Other than that, could use some polish. Fun to splode people tho.
Play Pootris Pootris Aug. 21, 2007
like the concept... interesting to compare gameplay to gunpey. The theme was funny, didn't help or hinder, IMO.
Play Cubical Cubical Aug. 21, 2007
A decent 3D tetris implementation. All the controls are there, but I think I'd rather have them accessible all at once rather than CTR or SHIFT-ing all the time. Also, and I hate to say this the side-view just doesn't seem as easy to use as the top-down blockout-style original.