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Play Anime Clicker 2 Anime Clicker 2 Jan. 21, 2015
Perhaps I am doing something grossly wrong, but a game that features the word "Clicker" in the title should give me substantially more than four things to click, one of which being a button to reset all the progress I never made due to the OTHER three things being menu buttons. 1/5
Play Lionheart Tactics Lionheart Tactics Jan. 19, 2015
Honestly not sure what to think of this one. It certainly seems to fill the niche that was crammed near to bursting during the early GBA and PS1 days, though without quite as much variety as certain titles featuring, say, "Final Fantasy" in their titles, though it very nearly scratches my Vandal Hearts itch. Maps show some variety, and I was contentedly motoring and upgrading along with my original crew, before managing to recruit a new character and hitting what felt like a Paywall. Characters suddenly started dying in fewer and fewer hits, there were no "early" maps to try and level new characters on, support and tank characters were virtually impossible to make any headway with without grossly overboosting their attack statistic so they could actually KILL things... and a cleric that does not heal, only "prevent further damage"? I understand the "no energy, but buy HP!" tactic, but there needs to be some serious consideration on the "XP fer kills" mechanic.
Play Empire Defender 3 Empire Defender 3 Jan. 06, 2015
Instead of simply blocking the vast amount of fake Games8 accounts that rate this spurious drivel so highly, maybe it would be possible to block those that UPLOAD it?
Play Road Of Fury 2 Road Of Fury 2 Dec. 31, 2014
Ending is tacked together and riddled with inconsistencies, even with 'parody' character names. That said, Iriysoft: I like what you guys do. There have been any number of enjoyable little upgrade-grinders released by your studio, and I have been a fan ever since Cursed Treasure, with varying degrees of fervor for what has followed since. This... this is very much a composite sort of game, without actually ever being one or the other. Idle aspects, progression aspects, the ubiquitous, ever-lurking Shop... it is all here, but the involvement really is not. All of which makes me wonder just how close the developer is to perfecting the "Grindle" - grind/idle - sort of AFK-mode so favoured by certain MMO developers. IMPLEMENTING it as a choice, rather than making it the sole style of gameplay, would definitely make me inclined to... digress, apparently. I liked it and had no lag issues on a four year-old laptop with terrible specifications. 4/5, Iriy. :D
Developer response from IriySoft

well, we had really short budget for this game, so we had to make it much faster than we wanted.

Play Earth Defense Fighter Earth Defense Fighter Dec. 25, 2014
Hmmm... equal parts bullet-hell, avoid-everything-because-it-one-hit-kills-you, and BWAHAHAHA-Restart-after-every-death. After finding the streamlined 'upgrade' system after a few distracted attempts and finally paying attention to what I was doing, I was mildly entertained, which gives you a solid 4/5, because there are a number of basic familiarisations. The non-permanent upgrades are -1 for 3/5, the restart from scratch after every death is another -1 for 2/5. Starting with Fibreglass Fighter v0.01 is fine for the first three or four turns, but the appeal drains away staggeringly quickly after that when I learn that I can never do anything about it, and being so harshly penalised for a single mistake is a surefire way to ensure I simply click something else. A few basic mechanics-tweaks, and you may have something really quite endearing.
Developer response from DivisionPLUS

So, ship health and permanent upgrades would go a long way. Good to know. I'll have to tweak the way the player acquires exp and add another menu, but that shouldn't be a problem.

Play Medieval Time in Action Medieval Time in Action Nov. 30, 2014
Not quite sure what this is other than a slapdash cover of a rather paltry attempt at luring in adolescent hormones with "good girl" art and a double-take gamehost domain. 1/5
Play Brave Tales Brave Tales Nov. 04, 2014
A moderately engaging pseudo-idler. Safe to assume we lowly Kong'ers (imagine the dancing...) will not be benefitting from the Facepalm- err, FaceBOOK "Post-Halloween Tournament", then?
Play Mark Of Darkness Mark Of Darkness Aug. 01, 2014
First observation: Earn Free Gold instead takes you to the buy gold page; not too fond of the kind of free that I have to pay for, but thank you all the same.
Developer response from thunderfoxgames

You can get gold for free by completing offers.

Play Triple Triad (HTML5) Triple Triad (HTML5) Aug. 01, 2014
Many thanks for the fond memories; this, however, is an extremely shallow and apparently completely randomised version of what was - at least, WAY back then - an interesting little subplot. Good attempt, but without the means to better your deck, this is a nostalgic way to spend three minutes.
Play Robo Awakens Robo Awakens Aug. 01, 2014
Competent little game, but machine gun seems the only necessary upgrade, other than finding some reason to persevere.
Developer response from cbird84

I drastically reduced MG damage so players should have to rely on pulse/rockets more now. Mg is really just supposed to be for when you have no energy so thanks for the input =D

Play Epic War Legends Epic War Legends Jul. 17, 2014
2) Loot? Click the loot, click the tiny OK button, click again to move on... streamlining the loot process into a summary at the end would make things a lot smooth, so yes, I picked up seventy Green Herbs, and instead of plucking EVERY SINGLE ONE with multiple clicks, I find out at the END of the run. And is there any way to SELL these unused items I keep accumulating? I do not want premium currency, just the ability to even get RID of them would be nice...
Play Epic War Legends Epic War Legends Jul. 17, 2014
1) I wrote some very unflattering things about this a while ago; I am happy to say that this game is now truly showing promise of living up to its potential. However, this is the beta-testing area, so critiques are more important. With that in mind: random PvP "winstrikes" - which are presumably winSTREAKS - reset after logging out or refreshing; can we also have some kind of list of achievements and their rewards, so that we know what to work towards? Thirdly, for an "idle" game, what is the point of advancing forwards within each randomised quest 'instance', only to have click "start" before each battle? The battle speeds seem to have been increased, which is marvelous, but there needs to be a little more of a direction decision here: is this an Idler, where the game runs itself and benefits more from player interaction, or is it one that simply stalls after every event? PvP? Start.
Play Besieged 2 Infinite Besieged 2 Infinite Jul. 17, 2014
"skelton horde", "genral skel"... first update: fix your 'E' key, gentlemen. This was arduous, to say the very least, and the transition from screen-tappery to mouse-clicking was mundane drudgery of the highest sort. The notion of "hiring" a henchman for free jarred, as did most things, and I honestly cannot think of too many ways to turn this from a blatant and unrewarding time- and moneysink. Confronted with the highscore table, clearly there are many folks with substantially stronger gaming stomachs than mine, but there was little here that kept me interested enough to either persist or return. On a positive note, it did look pretty.
Play Epic War Legends Epic War Legends Jul. 07, 2014
Mundane, repetitive, not entertaining enough to even bother sitting through the clickfest that is "questing". All of this aside, thank you for putting up the preliminary version of your game, but unfortunately, Artlogic crew, I see nothing here that I would spend my time on for FREE; I would most certainly not PAY to waste it. If this was your Next Big Project, then you need to employ the services of someone with far better ideas and implementation than simply regurgitating most of the unpleasant systems from Bravest Hunter. Monster Saga? Yes, that could have worked well, but this...? So sorry, taken more time WRITING about it than wanting to PLAY it.
Developer response from artlogicgames

Thanks for your time to writing the comment , we have try our best but we couldnt please everyone. And yes this is our next big games . We wanna try CCG . If you like clasical EW , we have developing EW6 now . Still long way to finish it . But appreciate your comment .

Play Global Assault Global Assault Jun. 12, 2014
2) Feh... neither an enjoyable nor engaging way to do it. Either make it a grindfest with random stages, make the "fight other player" events tick more frequently (what IS the thinking behind that? Is it fully randomized? Partially? Cooldown, reset...? ), or else give me something else to be doing other than having this run in a separate window while I play something I AM enjoying. Making this into a semi-idle is not necessarily a business model I would recommend, and certainly not one I would ever put any money into. As has been mentioned elsewhere, a squad-based tactical game like this has so much potential, but as it stands, it is presently merely another one of a handful of games that COULD have been great.
Play Global Assault Global Assault Jun. 12, 2014
1) As much as I like many of the game mechanics, there are very definite points at which all progress completely grinds to a halt. Having to wait for my generator to produce enough coins to buy a random vehicle, scrap it, then hope to upgrade my squad in the event that perhaps THIS formation- oops, no, wait, 'squad' cards are seemingly randomised, so I have no hope of beating this stage unless I first research the next stage of vehicles (waitwaitwait) and THEN happen to coincidentally get a solid 'hand' on first deal, instead of the mediocre load of one-hit-kills because the enemy are all higher levelled and higher-tiered.
Play Castle Crusher 2 Castle Crusher 2 Jun. 05, 2014
A triumph in the truly awful: "destroy all buildings", it says; "play as a troll", it says. How about a game that permits me to move and get hit by archers that can teleport between windows in separate buildings whilst simultaneously lumbering along, or hiding behind a shield, but at no point - irrespective of button presses or combinations of button presses - allowing any of my ineffectual chain-mace flailings ('gratz, you found the pun) to EVER connect with any of the buildings. Update the description, please: "play as a totally ineffectual cluster of pixels, with aspirations to masochistic porcupinedom." 0/5
Play Troll's Fight Troll's Fight Apr. 30, 2014
Interesting little "defend the structure" game. The point, as much as there seems to be one, is purely that: rebuild your house whilst occasionally 'sleeping'. I found the second weapon, when upgraded, to be vastly overpowered, but as far as cutesy introductions to the genre go, I think I would be fairly comfortable with letting any under-5s blast invading humans with acorn shotguns and chicken bazookas. A reasonably competent ten-minuter, with some nice animations, and few glaring drawbacks (other than the futility of climbing to the top of your trollish tower of increasingly unstable height for the sole purpose of faster stamina restoration, when staying on the ground worked just fine. )
Play Heroes of Mangara: The Frost Crown Heroes of Mangara: The Frost Crown Apr. 27, 2014
I liked the concept from its predecessor, and the removal of "acolytes" seems to be a double-edged sword somewhat; however, directly porting the same bugged version that was uploaded to Ar*orga* first, with the same infuriating bugs and gripes it had there is outright indolent, and one of the very best ways to ensure you do not get yourself ranked particularly highly. Good game, but too sloppily executed for anything above a 3/5.
Play Hippolyta Hippolyta Apr. 18, 2014
I understand that this is a sponsored game and all that associated nonsense; I do, in fact, comprehend that the recent popularity of "running" games has ensured that many developers will follow trends to engender popularity for their product and themselves. However, there must come a point where "fun" overcomes "masochism", and not even insta-badging made me persevere with this for more than three minutes. Profoundly boring, and not simply for the treacle-response of the keys. The mighty Hippolyta, sent sprawling not by well camouflaged obstacles, but by the sheer unrewarding experience of trying to get controls to, ironically, control. Interesting pseudo-relationship she had with Achilles, incidentally.