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Gods Of Arena

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Nov. 02, 2015

Rating: 1

Here is to hoping Cursed Treasure 3 is a return to the quality of gaming I used to expect from Iriysoft. I understand Y8 and the usage, especially since they are far better sponsors, but honestly... this is more like Games8 than Y8. What an uninspired five minutes of insipid drudgery: boring 'sidequests', awful 'main quests', terrible shop/gold/exp/team system, all designed to drive you back to searching Kongregate in the increasingly vain hope of finding SOMETHING worth playing. Poor show, gentlemen, poor, poor show.


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Sep. 06, 2015

Rating: 1

*grunt* Already logged in to this gamesite, I am not going to be creating another identity just because an unseductive and underclothed wiccan sporting an undersized corset suggests I become the god I am MEANT to be... in bad Engrish.

Min Hero Tower Sages

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Aug. 25, 2015

Rating: 0

Uploaded July 22, 2013, by the people who programmed it. Unsure why the present flood of uploading other people's games, but between the deluge of detritus flushing legitimate developers - and GAMES themselves, i point of fact - please, do the right thing, and flag this symptom until it expires.

Zeus Age

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Aug. 25, 2015

Rating: 1

Not a beta, a port of the Facebook-platform/mobile game. Works better there, too.

Frozen islands: new horizons

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Aug. 24, 2015

Rating: 1

So: the Kongregate equivalent of DLC. This is actually an upgrade to the original, introducing a few new tweaks, and one serious downgrade. Worst first: ship 'navigation' is counter-intuitive. "Artifacts" are a nice touch, the benefits of speed-grinding areas you have no hope of clearing other than for fastlewts and upgrades have thankfully not been edited out, the 'recommended' strong/weak against the two predominant enemy types, and most importantly, an absence of the lag that plagues most of this studio's games. If you played the first one, you know most of what to expect here. If not, this is a far better jumping-on point.


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Aug. 10, 2015

Rating: 1

Antigaprime offers some sage words, Nytstar: I wandered around for almost two minutes trying to find something that the glowing emerald firetrail cursor would actually interact with. This is not even close to being a game, and it should have been kept this in the Premature Births Intensive Care section at least until you have some content, not squirted out before it had a chance of life. Or interest.

Developer response from NytStar

She interacts with the trees and coal mines, the trees have to be mature to harvest.. i will take offline due to the state of the game.. I will be back up shortly

Immense Army

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Aug. 08, 2015

Rating: 1

Click warriors: there is no training cost, so just click. Click battle; click in-battle to get through it quickly. After breezing through the first two areas, I suddenly discovered how broken and one-dimensional this game is. Though, in fairness, this is the first one not almost maimed by lag, so perhaps the infamous Deqaf Big Boss, M'mry Lique, will not be making an appearance in THIS offering. Either that, or this became far too inane far too quickly to persist with.

Crusaders of the Lost Idols

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Jul. 25, 2015

Rating: 610

First impression: Bushwhacker meets Clicker Heroes. Second impression, after unlocking a few more skills and characters: Ooh, you have FORMATION benefits?! Third impression after the initial grind-gasm wears off: mmm... hit a bit of a wall here. This has bucketloads of potential, and I shall be playing this quite a lot. Tiny bits of micro-management, little bit of reward for active participation... yes, yes, I like where this is going. Enough Idler tropes to know how this works, enough tweaks to keep me interested... aye, looking good so far, folks.

Developer response from Codename_Enter

Thanks! Glad you are enjoying the game!

Tap Tap Adventure

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Jul. 15, 2015

Rating: 1

Intriguing: a "test" that is already wanting separate login and e-mail information other than the gaming platform site it is submitted to. The promise of constant updates is not enough to outweigh the "lot of things unfinished" comment; let us hope I am the only one so easily dissuaded or else your test may well not progress much further.

Developer response from Flavius256

The E-Mail is not used for anything, no subscription, nothing. You can simply enter a random email so you can dismiss that if it makes you feel better. Username and Password? Make some up that you don't use anywhere if you don't trust our encryption methods.


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Jul. 11, 2015

Rating: 0

2) A lovingly-crafted game, by people who care for their product? No doubt. Yet another K+ release doomed to the same near-vertical descent into obscurity and unprofitability due to an assumed copy-paste from one market type to another? Sadly, I think so. You want my money? Okay, wow me, dazzle me, impress me, give me some reason not to roll my eyes and sigh after three minutes.


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Jul. 11, 2015

Rating: -1

1) Click this; click that; click this again. Seems a fairly innocuous blend of whatever that Epic War offshoot was (Online? Saga?) and a few other anonymous clones. Something I am constantly reminded of after watching the "$10 000 Whales" seminar is the massive discrepancy between the "asian markets", where these are churned out by the hundreds, daily, in the hope that one might stick, and those that are more laughably called "English-speaking". There are a lot of games like this, with fairly minimal interactions required of the... player? Pilot? Reader? Select as applicable, and there is little here that stands out from a colossal crowd.

Great Pirate

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Jul. 09, 2015

Rating: 30

"Embrace yourself for a big fight!"? This actually made the first four or five clicks worth it. Designed entertainment? 0/5 for cloning the bad 'asian-esque' style of minimally interactive game, including the ubiquitous (and somewhat giggle-inducing) acres of invariably caucasian cleavage. Unintentional hilarity ensuing from the latest product of retro-engineered rebuilds with minimally-different art? 'Bout a 3, actually. I live in constant hope of finding the real life game designer called Goog Trans, so named for his work on 'localising' such pap.

Chains of Darkness

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May. 06, 2015

Rating: 0

I liked The Gate, and played for a good long while. For reasons still unclear to me, Firefox is a monumental pain in the rear when it comes to anything, and yes, all support tickets from Mozilla and elsewhere have been unable to help. So imagine my surprise when, using Opera as my only other viable, Chrome-utilising alternative, I start up a game with a frontpage link to Firefox and nothing else. Unsure if Mozilla are paying hosts or Unity-developers to tout their browser, but this appears almost everywhere, and if it means that I am unable to play a game from a stable (heh) of developers with a high pedigree (heheh), then... oh.

Developer response from Spicyhorse

gura, the image/link you see on Kong when trying to play Unity3D games is presented and controlled by Kong, not by us (the developer, Spicy Horse). The situation with Chrome vs. Unity3D is very bad business for us. We are fans of Chrome, we wish Unity3D was still compatible, and we're suffering greatly as a result of these events... all out of our control. Sorry to hear that you and other player are also negatively impacted by all this. :(

Sword Warriors

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Feb. 25, 2015

Rating: 1

Perhaps a step or two above the other thousands of autoroute clones frequently mislabeled as both "eastern" and "MMO", but there is very little to redeem this or make it any more noticeable. Play one, played them all, so no, SW Online barely managed to keep my attention for half a minute. I gave it five minutes of grinding monsters before the mundane repetition of playing another re-skin of another clone that combines approximately half of my favorite feature from barely one game genre made me wonder WHY. Competent, but originality is more of a priority than yet another R2/Proficientcity/blahblahblah wannabe.

Epick Adventure

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Feb. 25, 2015

Rating: 1

Fantastic: how about you write instructions for your game that contradict the in-game ones? One run-through is more than enough not to waste any more time on it. Competently done, but this has zero longevity.

Developer response from wisageni

Thank you for your feedback. The instruction has been corrected.

Epic Boss Fighter 2

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Feb. 24, 2015

Rating: 2

Kong version substantially more bug-stuffed than the *koff* AG-hosted version; echoing the earlier comment regarding the 5th boss and the sporadic inability to move. Loved the game... "elsewhere", but this one is far less playable.

Developer response from EntForge

Sorry. Not sure what caused this. Working on it.

Dungeon Warfare

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Feb. 17, 2015

Rating: 2

(3/3, and apologies for the exhaustive rant) Does experience carry any kind of benefit, other than opening trap-slots? I persevered through to (player) level 9 before wondering why I was bothering any longer. Retro look and style? +1. Awful upgrades? -1. Replacing strategy with repetition? -1. Thinking that might lead to a Steam Greenlight in its submitted but allegedly 'alpha' form? -1. Much more playtesting on fundamentals before this goes anywhere, sadly, because the premise could have been great.

Developer response from groquest

I wish there were more vocal people like you. I really appreciate what you've written here. As a game developer who gets to play his own game every day for obscene number of times, it is now almost impossible for me to view my game from a different perspective. And your comments just refreshed my perspective. For that, I am grateful. Expect much better levels in the future. Let me explain some of the questions you raised. 1. The mid-battle trap upgrades are not balanced yet and its stats are completely arbitrary. I deeply regret not removing some of the non-functional features like this before submitting the game here. It is our fault. 2. Levels gained throught experience grants you gems which you can spend on passive trap upgrades after pressing the undocumented hammer button on bottom left corner in the world map. Again, we've failed to add the relevant tutorial to inform players about this.

Dungeon Warfare

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Feb. 17, 2015

Rating: 2

2) I like the learning from mistakes aspect; I like having a level that is immediately straightforward, and I also occasionally enjoy having my inner masochist taunted for not being quite so cerebrally limber any longer. However, a game should first and foremost be entertaining, and I am neither patient nor forgiving enough to slog my way through multiple replays of a level, only for my reward to be a moist and slightly lumpy fart of an upgrade that is not only overpriced, but also carries about the same impact on the gameplay as that very same moist and slightly lumpy fart.

Dungeon Warfare

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Feb. 17, 2015

Rating: 6

1) I think this game is irrefutable proof that I am getting old, because I used to love this kind of thing. This is either a perfectly-honed example of a truly strategic game, or else just an infuriatingly-poorly balanced way to torment perfectionists (or at least, ex-perfectionists like me) with a marginally less exacting version of the infamous pixelhunt more frequent in Difference games, here applied to the trap-defender genre. Yes, there IS a way to beat every level; there is, in fact, close to only ONE way to beat every level, and turning something typically strategic into something that beats you over the head for not being quick enough with that Snare trap while contending with the annoyance of the screen deciding that it wants to move because of the cursor/screen positioning is not quite my idea of fun.

Royal Protectors

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Feb. 12, 2015

Rating: 3

Further playing has highlighted a very annoying loophole: upon deciding to NOT place my chosen 'tower', I have not found any way of cancelling the selection. Further punishing is achieved through ensuring that the full cost of the unit is deducted from my already meagre gold reserves. Come Monday morning, I suspect I shall be hiring from a new medieval mercenary agency that is less exorbitant. Any notion as to minimum wage for self-equipped yet largely incompetent archers and mages?

Developer response from VSTGames

Solved in new update.