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Play Akaneiro Akaneiro Jun. 29, 2013
I think the "Shammy Mart" is kind of like "Family Mart" but the village shaman sells the stuff, so "Shammy" could be a short form of Shaman but combining it with the asian convenience store.
Developer response from Spicyhorse

I like your thinking ;)

Play Akaneiro Akaneiro Feb. 13, 2013
All I can say is... Wow. You guys did an amazing job with the graphics. I've never seen a browser game that even compares with them. I have some suggestions though. One thing that I had thought of was: a bit more character customization. I know it's a lot of work, but it would really add to the great RPG feel. Another thing that I thought could be improved on was the storyline. The fact is, there isn't really one. Other that that I think it's fantastic. Thanks for making the game and keep up the good work!
Developer response from Spicyhorse

Glad you like it. Story stuff will be added in the future. Character customization isn't likely - it would require a complete re-writing of the game.

Play ScapsAgent ScapsAgent Sep. 03, 2012
Hi me again. Haven't been playing in a while and remembered how much I love the the game. Keep up the good work Slime Sandwich Inc.
Play Dueling Blades Dueling Blades May. 06, 2012
Another suggestion... maybe you should just eliminate AP altogether because i know a couple of people who were stuck without any AP and couldn't get any more because they couldn't battle and they would wait for their friends to send some but it would be sooo long between sends and it would be extremely slow to battle and the game would become boring... yea.
Play Dueling Blades Dueling Blades May. 05, 2012
Just a suggestion... maybe a battle quitting button would help and maybe if you don't land a single hit on the enemy than your battle doesn't cost any AP?
Play ScapsAgent ScapsAgent Mar. 10, 2012
I'm with Waffles. I think those suggestions would make the game a lot better but there are some other stuff that needs to be addressed. You need to have more customizing in the beginning when you make your character. You also need more long range weapons. More movements you can do like crawling and sneaking (crouching down and walking slowly and stuff to make you more sneaky). Different kinds of bots that have different abilities. Some bugs need to be fixed. More power-ups. Animation of a gun when you're not using it (for future; not necessary). Better controls. A "try on" feature for when you're buying armour so you can see how it looks on your character. Explosive weapons like mines and grenades. Also make the game so it's not entirely a shooter but instead have some tactics and puzzles as well.Over all this is a great game but these are just some of my suggestions but in my opinion these will make the game better.
Play The Several Journeys of Reemus: Chapter 3 The Several Journeys of Reemus: Chapter 3 Jun. 14, 2011
I cant seem to be able to do Liam's ending cause i cant get by that monster by bouncing on the gelatin.