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Oct 26, 2013 9:29pm

Hey buddy, this is Lizardboy416, being Andrew Russell Majors, I made a new account to match my rank in the United States Marine Corps.

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hakurou15 Oct 27, 2013 8:20pm

Awesome man

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Dec 20, 2012 11:50am

Happy Christmas hak, hope we can chat soon :P

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hakurou15 Dec 20, 2012 7:23pm

D’aww thanks (: I don’t have power right now running on generator power sry e.e

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zoecindypixie Dec 23, 2012 3:50am

Aww :S hope your power comes back on for Christmas. Last time i had a blow out of power was like when i was 5. But we didnt have backup so it was candles and torches for one night. Kinda fun, id do it…

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hakurou15 Dec 25, 2012 4:01am

Lol I’m too electronically dependent for that x3 But our power has been back on for almost a week thank God :P

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Aug 24, 2012 12:15am

Thank you for becoming a fan.
Good luck and happy gaming!

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hakurou15 Aug 24, 2012 3:11pm

thank you :P