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Play Viricide Viricide Apr. 21, 2010
It reminds Luminara
Play A Knight's Story 2 A Knight's Story 2 Apr. 19, 2010
iSleipnir, actually it should be impossible to overwrite a character from the "Select your idle hero!" frame, it may seem a little long to load after you click it (a "Loading character..." message maybe would help to figure it out) especially on an older pc (it's not "a bug") - you may backup your main character(s) in an empty slot as well, anyway (click on the save slot of the character you want to backup, then click on an empty slot, don't choose a class and just insert a name, then press "Let's go" in the character selection frame)-->(your main character is backed up in the choosen slot)
Play Sydney Shark Sydney Shark Apr. 15, 2010
Great sequel.
Play CrackShot CrackShot Apr. 09, 2010
Stolen. Crackshot is by Tony, the author of Defend Your Honor and Helicops, that you can find on kongregate via armorgames' account. This "gamestothemax" has just registered and uploaded four games from various sponsor sites (but only half are from maxgames). Flagged.
Play Emo Avoider Emo Avoider Apr. 08, 2010
Ahah great (faved)
Play Fisher Girl Fisher Girl Mar. 31, 2010
Stolen game, stolen art and stolen music. Combo! (Flagged)
Play Kaban Steeplechase Kaban Steeplechase Mar. 27, 2010
Api to fix.
Play Sokoban Experts Sokoban Experts Mar. 20, 2010
Api to fix
Play Heroes of Gaia Heroes of Gaia Mar. 19, 2010
Another boring, unoriginal and "you-have-to-grind-forever" MMORPG got badges. I come to kong for casual gameplay, not for crappy "browser games". It's always better than badging "Dream World" (that was a shame). Nice graphics, but that's all. I won't waste a minute just because it got badges.
Play Dudes and Dudettes Dudes and Dudettes Mar. 19, 2010
Credits for anyone but not for flixel.org ?
Play Hotcorn Hotcorn Mar. 11, 2010
PatientDragoness, do you know that you are commenting a game uploaded in 2007? Find some other purposes in life (something you're halfway decent at) - other than commenting.
Play Space Marines Space Marines Mar. 02, 2010
Awesome game. I'm so sorry that some you can't figure out how to play it (and indeed some of you prefer to talk about warhammer 40k vs starcraft, the chicken and the egg). No discussion, this is THE game. I do no usually rate high, but this deserves 5/5. Drag and drop selection can be made smoother, maybe, but still fine :D Added to my favourite games
Play Frontier Frontier Oct. 29, 2009
This game has, actually, serious bugs. Buccaneers sometimes demands the package, but then they walk by w/o actually "fleeing". When you siege a city sometimes you literally "step" in it. The health-reset-when-you-reach-the-city sometimes works, sometimes don't (although this happened just while you were adding badges to this "game"). Sometimes you start to travel and when you reach the destination the pointer goes crazy and you see that you are travelling to "NaN" [in a phantasmagoric forever-loop]. Beside all these things, this game is not a game, is a (quite boring) draft. Few nice ideas in the map representation, that's all.
Play Canabalt Canabalt Sep. 03, 2009
I like to see that this game has come here in Kong. This game seems the beginning of a good idea the may be developed further. It's not a matter of luck as many are complaining, if you are running too fast just step in a box to go slower - you will be able i.e. to jump the falling bomb and immediately be ready to go through a building. Don't run too fast, control your jump. Addicting.
Play Triangles Triangles Sep. 01, 2009
Avoider version of the actual "Multitask", I prefer this old one (even though there is no mute button when the game has started, and I had to choose: to give up and restart turning that annoying music off from setting or to continue when over 10000 pts letting the noise go) (and I chose to restart)
Play Learn to Fly Learn to Fly May. 22, 2009
wow the first 4 pages (the top 100) of the "fastest clear time" high scores is full of people that have completed in less than 10 days, many finished within the 6th day, some in 1 day. I propose to add an impossible badge for 1-day completion!
Play Zening Zening May. 08, 2009
Gorgeous Diablo-style game with nice potential. I haven't tried multiplayer (the game mode someone is complaining for), singleplayer (story mode) works well. Maybe more features/spells/whatever (= more strategy) would mean more appreciation for a turn-based game. Great artwork (hey I mean art&design, not..)
Play Oroboros Oroboros Apr. 19, 2009
Nice and challenging. It's not as easy as you may think at first glance. A good evolution of a snake-based game. Instructions are well embedded in the game (sorry if someone can't figure out how to use "tail kill": just catch the tail blades powerup and activate it, then "cut" the seeking enemies with your tail)
Play Frontline Defense Beta 2 Frontline Defense Beta 2 Mar. 17, 2009
Please implement "new game" button,"return to menu" button when in game and a way to reset skills. Also, consider to review the soundtrack. Btw, I guess the electric turret has too much radius. Nice work at the moment.