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Play TDP4 Team Battle TDP4 Team Battle Feb. 27, 2015
This game is probably the worst example of "pay to win" I've ever seen.
Play Bubble Tanks TD 1.5 Bubble Tanks TD 1.5 Feb. 16, 2015
1. Make sniper tower (by upgrading normal turret) 2. Surround by fire rate boosters 3. Say hello to high-powered machine gun that can destroy anything on the map 4. Rinse and repeat
Play Bullet Audyssey Bullet Audyssey Feb. 15, 2014
This is one of the most innovative and fun bullet hell games I've ever played (and that's coming from someone who's played a LOT of them). Excellent design, excellent execution, great graphics and music. 5/5.
Play Hexagon Hexagon Dec. 05, 2012
This game feels really easy after playing Super Hexagon; I got 142 seconds in this game like it was a piece of cake, but I still can't survive 30 seconds of the "hardest" level of Super Hexagon... You guys should buy that game on Steam by the way, it's insanely addicting.
Play Turbo Golf Turbo Golf Aug. 30, 2012
349.30 O___O YESSSSHH
Play Lab of the Dead Lab of the Dead Nov. 12, 2011
"Fascinating... If I cut a zombie's head off, it reacts by dying. SCIENCE!"
Play DJManiax DJManiax Sep. 18, 2011
Things I liked about this game: - Having the note BAR move instead of the notes, so you can see the notes for a while before you play them. - Showing your percentage on the sides of the screen while playing the song, so you can judge how well you're doing - Pretty good songs (I was pleasantly surprised to see Renard and IOSYS) - Great graphics/art/animation Things I didn't like: - The weird parts where the bar would slow down/jump around, or notes disappearing. More annoyance than challenge. - The keyboard layout. I would have preferred the keyboard separated into columns rather than rows, so I wouldn't have to have my hand in an awkward position. Overall, I really enjoyed this; probably the best rhythm game I've played on Kong!
Play Epic Coaster Epic Coaster Sep. 18, 2011
Oh man... My eyes hurt after playing this for an hour. Way too many flashes and explosions. O_O
Play Multitask 2 Multitask 2 Sep. 17, 2011
Wow, this game pushes my concentration to its absolute limits. I can't believe I didn't have to get my brother to help me get this badge...
Play Cat God vs Sun King Cat God vs Sun King Sep. 17, 2011
For survival, my winning combination was reaper, earthquake, polymorph, spirit blade, locust, and mana pot. The reaper kills sun gods and stragglers on the top level; spirit blade thins out the large groups of enemies; polymorph takes care of the strong enemies which threaten your reaper; and earthquake damages the structure. I can get to 9 minutes without letting the enemies build level 2, just from using spirit blade, reaper and earthquake. Then I can hold them off on the top level for a long time, with the help of the mana pot and polymorph.
Play Monsters' Den Monsters' Den Jul. 21, 2010
Anoint + Inspire + Arrow Rain = Death to all. MWAHAHAHAHAHA! >:D
Play Treasure of Cutlass Reef Treasure of Cutlass Reef Jul. 17, 2010
To all my fellow badge hunters, I would recommend NOT listening to the top commenters on this game. I followed their advice and failed miserably on my first go. Here is what worked awesomely for me... First, buy men until they are maxed out, and for levels 1-9, DON'T FIRE YOUR CANNONS. You will get a 2500 gold bonus for not shooting. Once men are maxed out, max out speed. You will need it. Then get a few turning upgrades (4 or so), and then max out reload and damage. By level 10, you should have them almost maxed out, but not quite. If you have spare money, put it into number of cannons. The most important advice, though: DON'T BUY SHIP STRENGTH. Ship strength BARELY increases your health, and it makes you a much larger target. It is not only useless, it makes you worse off. With those upgrades, levels 10-12 should be a breeze.
Play Shield Defense Shield Defense Jul. 16, 2010
Am I missing something? Why are people complaining about the difficulty of this game? I just got the hard badge, and I'm using a glitchy laptop touch pad with a broken arm. If I can do it, you certainly can. Just spend ALL your bonus points on "Investment" until you have 30% interest or so, then use the remaining bonus points for things of your choosing (I would recommend EMP blast, set enemies on fire, shield, but you can decide). As a rule of thumb, I didn't buy any upgrade unless it was cheaper than half the money I was making with interest. With 30% interest, spending wisely, you will have more money than you know what to do with (we're talking hundreds of millions), so levels 1-40 will be a snap. Then you will run out of damage upgrades to buy, and it gets a BIT more difficult, but still manageable.
Play ZunderFury ZunderFury Jul. 12, 2010
Man, I would have had the badge if I didn't fly into where a factory (the thing that makes enemies) was spawning, back on level 17. Also, I only used 3 bombs, and had over 75,000 credits when finishing level 30! You win today, Zunderfury, but I'll be back... One day, your time will come... Also, in response to kinglok, yes, Zunder is MUCH better. At the start, Fury is awesome, but the weapon upgrades only increase RANGE. Which means about halfway through the 30 levels, enemies will start spawning faster than you can kill them! For Zunder, that doesn't happen until at LEAST the 30's.
Play ZunderFury ZunderFury Jul. 06, 2010
I just did levels 1-30, dying ONLY on level 24! There may be some hope yet.
Play ZunderFury ZunderFury Jul. 05, 2010
This game has the reputation for having the hardest badge on Kongregate, and after trying for hours upon hours this weekend, I'd have to agree. I'll probably have to practice this game for weeks before I can do it. I disagree about it being "luck-based", however. Anyone with eyes can see when enemies are going to appear, and even if you get yourself trapped in a corner, you can use a bomb to avert disaster. So far, the hardest levels for me have been 22 (freaking yellow orbs EVERYWHERE) and 28 (just plain overwhelming).
Play Sacred Seasons 2 MMORPG Sacred Seasons 2 MMORPG Jul. 03, 2010
The graphics and sound are fine, but good golly, the gameplay is as terrible as ever. It's so ridiculously unbalanced, every part of it! Why would it take TWELVE SECONDS to throw a bomb? Why do I get NOTHING useful from most level ups? Why are most skills completely pointless? I would say that a 10 year old designed the game, but honestly, I think a ten year old would do better.
Play Bot Arena 3 Bot Arena 3 Jun. 04, 2010
Why the frig would a weapon have a MINIMUM range? THEY ALL FIRE IN A STRAIGHT LINE. This game has a lot of gameplay issues, but otherwise is fine, so 3/5.
Play Mr Runner Mr Runner Jun. 01, 2010
Awesome game. It's very fun and challenging, the graphics are perfect, and there are no major flaws that I can see. Deserves a MUCH higher rating, seriously.
Play Caesary Caesary May. 29, 2010
Well... crap. Just when I finished with the horror that is Dream World, there was Heroes of Gaia. Weeks upon weeks later I finished, and then there was Remnants of Skystone (which was, admittably, pretty fun for a while). I JUST FINISHED THAT a week ago, and now ANOTHER annoying multiplayer game gets badges. Here I go again... *sigh*