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Play JumpingLine JumpingLine Aug. 15, 2012
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Play Tetbumz Tetbumz Jul. 26, 2011
@omegnight there are 7 pieces, just both of the Ls are red and both of the other ones are red.... which is confusing. also, as soon as the piece touches, it locks in. Nintendo did it better.
Play Alien Invasion! What no one told me! :( Alien Invasion! What no one told me! :( Jul. 13, 2011
finely made, but very short. also space invaders. 2/5
Play A  Guy in a Maze real one A Guy in a Maze real one Jul. 13, 2011
only two levels? 2/5
Play The Crawl The Crawl Dec. 03, 2010
pretty grood 4/5
Play Mocil Mocil Dec. 03, 2010
i feel like the controls are a lil f'd up... like i have no clue what i'm doing.
Play My Terrible Button Game Beta My Terrible Button Game Beta Dec. 03, 2010
is there an answer to number 3 :P
Play Truck Toss Truck Toss Nov. 25, 2010
good game all around, but 20000m is not 2km
Play y0uR m0tH3r! y0uR m0tH3r! Nov. 25, 2010
there is no point to this game really...
Play Double Wires Double Wires Nov. 25, 2010
uh are you sure that you made this game?
Play Omega Buggy Omega Buggy Oct. 02, 2010
uh you can totally go through the ground n stuff. why?
Play Killer-Tank Killer-Tank Oct. 02, 2010
uh very hard to play
Play Touch and Die Touch and Die Oct. 02, 2010
set boundaries, make it so u can hit the ships anywhere and they'll die, and maybe a starting screen cause i totally wasn't paying attention until the first ship disappeared
Play IQ Test IQ Test Sep. 19, 2010
142 balllerrrrr
Play QoQ QoQ Sep. 19, 2010
you can cheat by pausing right as the level starts, and so you get like 58 seconds even on the moving ones good game tho, 3/5
Play RickRoller RickRoller Sep. 13, 2010
2/5 jus cause im nice
Play Unfinished game Unfinished game Sep. 10, 2010
you always turn to the left when you jump
Play Maze Game Maze Game Sep. 10, 2010
you dont even need to right click. just hold down the mouse button easy to cheat, easy to win regular, crappy song, 1/5
Play Kamaz Jungle Kamaz Jungle Sep. 10, 2010
unbelievably realistic terrain! >9000/5!
Play Kamaz Jungle Kamaz Jungle Sep. 10, 2010
with the default settings, you die as soon as you hit the ground if your wheels are moving at all.