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Play Full Moon Madness: The Men Who Were Wolves Full Moon Madness: The Men Who Were Wolves Apr. 19, 2014
Too short, no key remapping 1/5
Play Amea Amea Apr. 18, 2014
look right, hold the button down for your shield, let go of the button and quickly look left and hold the shield button again!
Play Epic Boss Fighter Epic Boss Fighter Apr. 18, 2014
Just got the imp! Takes about 1-2 hours after you beat the game and get all upgrades to get. You just have to learn the patterns of the boss and have really good luck on boss spawners.
Play Zumbi Blocks Zumbi Blocks Apr. 18, 2014
Also, didn't have the chance to mention it in my last comment from character count, but there should be a fullscreen option.
Play Zumbi Blocks Zumbi Blocks Apr. 18, 2014
This game is much better than what I expected. The animation is fluid, the 'sneaking' aspect is fun, and it probably would require teamwork if servers could work. There are some technical problems though, like options not being able to work, and the weapons taking up too much of the screen. I think if you added more 'zombie types' (I don't know if there are, I haven't seen any yet, though) and different game modes that would be beneficial. Also, while the weapon's "effectiveness" increases linearly on the store page, some weapons have the exact same price but with different statistics: this should remain for every single 'tier' of weaponry and the final 'tier' of weaponry should have about five different 'styles' of weapons. Not just an uberchaingun that everyone will use when they reach the final tier. Also, when you reach that point I would assume the game basically dies down and becomes boring. I think it would be cool if, for every day, it resets everything back to default.
Play Hippolyta Hippolyta Apr. 17, 2014
Or you could play the game and not need a tutorial?
Play Dig To China Dig To China Apr. 13, 2014
it's OK for an upgrade-style game
Play Just Trolling Just Trolling Apr. 13, 2014
Mono likes it up the buttatori
Play Contract Wars Contract Wars Apr. 11, 2014
sucks ass. Terrible. Have to pay money or grind in order to get on the same playing level as my opponent. Opponent doesn't even drop their weapon when they die. 1/5.
Play Just Trolling Just Trolling Apr. 10, 2014
I have the trolling crown. Everyone loves me. Down-voting is translated to, "I'll get down and dirty with you, hercludes."
Play Just Trolling Just Trolling Apr. 10, 2014
Remember, King of Pies, I have -15 downvotes. This makes me the king of kings. Bow down, bitch.
Play Pixel Escape Pixel Escape Apr. 08, 2014
Paper, this is a pretty slow game...
Play Just Trolling Just Trolling Apr. 03, 2014
Poker you just jealous of my inherit coolness. Those scumbags stole /my/ comment!
Play Just Trolling Just Trolling Apr. 03, 2014
I can't do this; I need walk through. Getting a daily score of 313,254,577,485. How many tabs does he have open..? I like the part where I was trolling. 2012. Mayans tried to troll us millenniums ago. Thus, they were the trolliest tribe on Earth. The Just Trolling chatroom has returned! Join me there for some tea and strumpets.
Play Lord of the Underworld Lord of the Underworld Apr. 03, 2014
This game is so straight-forward; why is there a tutorial? I despise tutorials that force you to buy upgrades, let me play the game how I want to play it! Anyways, looking at the game, it's just another shooter; nothing special. Too much shit flying on the screen, though. Hard to see what I can touch and what I can't touch. defense should be scaled w/ size; also note that the first 'bomb' special will kill you since it doesn't remove projectiles, which is a /must/ since it fills the screen with a bunch of shit making it impossible to see anything. There seems to be no cue for when enemies are about to attack, which is a mistake. Overall, 3/5.
Play How Dare You How Dare You Apr. 02, 2014
3/5. This game would be way too easy if the stamina thing (that shouldn't exist in the first place) was gone. Just another generic game, not worth much praise.
Play Tale of Scale Tale of Scale Mar. 27, 2014
I thought about it for a minute; I'm pretty sure how this optical illusion is pulled off is by expanding the object until it collides with something
Play Forbidden Arms Forbidden Arms Mar. 23, 2014
Sara, you don't have to: note if it happens again you can take a screenshot and send it to kong and they will fix it.
Play Learn to Fly Idle Learn to Fly Idle Mar. 19, 2014
Light, that was my point. You spent not that long of a time on a game only meant to advertise and yet it has gotten such a high rating based solely off the title and that it was an idle. I don't blame you, though, it's easy to pull in a lot of people using an idle knock-off. Would take a week or two for me to personally dev one in a more serious language. Anyways, it's not necessarily an insult to you, but an insult on those who who get suckered into every idle.
Developer response from light_bringer777

Glad to know you could develop such a game faster than me and know better than everyone here's what their tastes are. You completely miss the point of games. If it's fun to someone, somewhere, it's worth it. And it obviously seen boring to you so I guess you should just move on ;) As for calling AS3 a "less serious" language, you show your lack of consideration IMO. Look at the product and the craftsmanship, no the tools the builder used. It's like saying "That guy built a nice house, but I hate his hammer". Are there more solid or faster languages than AS3? Hell yes. Can I host their product on Kongregate for everyone to enjoy for free? No.

Play Learn to Fly Idle Learn to Fly Idle Mar. 18, 2014
Sooooo, basically this has absolutely nothing to do with learn to fly gameplay-wise and only slightly graphically. Basically just a jump on the bandwagon of idle games using the already popular title 'Learn to Fly.' And, it's hardly useless to disagree with me because most of the people playing are giving it five stars without giving it a serious look, just because of the relation to one of the most popular flash games in existence. GG.
Developer response from light_bringer777

No need to be negative, I have *no pretensions* to this being an original piece of work. It's a 13-days project to bring attention to the Learn to Fly 3 kickstarter, and since Idle games are popular I thought I'd just do "more of the same" for people to enjoy a bit. Of course if you've "given the game a serious look" and don't like it you're entitled to your opinion ;)