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Jan. 23, 2016

Rating: 5

https://docs.google.com/document/d/1I9trVsw74DN9HIhcRM2VN7EHs3djwNWFKNUf50YxKzk/edit Feel free to add any questions, suggestions, etc that you would like to see. I'll sift through it all.

Game in Ten Seconds

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Jan. 20, 2016

Rating: 2

What can I say, it's yet another contribution to why I'm going to get RSI in my late 20s.

Swords and Souls

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Nov. 18, 2015

Rating: 0

Curve for training needs some work. It starts off way too low and it ramps off far too late. Make missing combos a pain in the neck.

Developer response from SoulGame

I tried to mitigate that pain in the neck by adding Turbo mode when your hero reaches level 70.

Epic Boss Fighter 2

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Mar. 06, 2015

Rating: -5

I dislike the hitbox, too many times you're hit with no pixels connecting, and having the head be part of the hitbox makes little to no sense. He's standing straight up, his hitbox should be his lower half of his body. The fact that layers are screwed in that the player is drawn under the HUD while his projectiles are drawn over the enemies' makes this game nearly unplayable.

Puzzle Fuzz: Idle Stories

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Feb. 04, 2015

Rating: 0

honor system, I'm surprised that you rely on that; it's pretty cool that you throw it in there. Games that try to "punish the cheater" as often as possible are too common and don't let you do things like this. This is a pretty nice improvement on your previous series, and I know the idle genre is huge, so it makes sense why you would jump on it before it dies out. A self-puzzle solver is pretty nice, it makes me wonder if an idle that would solve multiple puzzles at one time. Sudoku, Rubik's cube, this one, kakuro, nonogrid, light up, bridges, etc.

The Enchanted Cave 2

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Jan. 23, 2015

Rating: 0

This game is a huge improvement from the old one. Enchantment system is very welcome and makes grinding old dungeons very fun. Every sort of thing from statistics to balancing to graphics to controls/ui have improved very well. This s a nice improvement.

Trains, Trains, and Trains!

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Dec. 31, 2014

Rating: 1

So a game that is only an advertisement AND really poorly formatted. bad.

Developer response from wildmangaming



Play TrafficRun

Nov. 10, 2014

Rating: 0

also, maps aren't randomly generated.


Play TrafficRun

Nov. 10, 2014

Rating: 0

Slow, huge/terrible hitboxes, lack of any AI or movement other than your own, only way to brake is to his side barriers, cars can have a huge x velocity even though Y velocity is only ~0.1, not sure why you uploaded something that still requires a ton of work.

Just Type This

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Nov. 02, 2014

Rating: -4

barghh, "just go fast" level requires you to type ridiculously slow. This game is hell to people like me who type 130-150 WPM and fuck up when going any slower.

Infested Land

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Nov. 01, 2014

Rating: 15

Ayy, thanks for the response, I'm glad to hear that you're working on improving the game. Being a dev/programmer, I know what it's like to get community responses ranging from bugs to implementations to suggestions of flat-out rewrites. Some more feedback I have, thinking it over, setting the escape menu to "P" that way I can access menu without having to exit fullscreen. Thinking of a working combat system, remove enemies being stunned by your normal attacks, add a charging system to your attacks (max charge = stun), and have enemies move more fluidly, being able to circle several players and throw in enemy attack animations with a very centered point (to make it so players have chance and time to dodge) added in with players being able to "dodge/shift" into directions using a key like shift. Enemies being able to block/dodge your attacks as well would be nice. This is just to make it less of a click fest. cheers

Developer response from hjupter

Glad you understand me hehe!.. You can access the escape menu by pressing F1, I'm working on the knockback enemies thing they are not really being stunned but yeah that makes them too easy to beat, it was very thought before without that... I can make them walk a bit faster too... I have planned to add skills trees, characters will have 3 skills support, defensive and offensive skill to add a bit more spice to the combat system, I also want chargin system definitely too. I'm also going to add a roll/dodge ability. I agree with your suggestions I want to get there but there is lot of work involve. Thanks again for the great feedback :)

Stealth Sniper

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Nov. 01, 2014

Rating: 1

no sensitivity adjustment = bullshit

Infested Land

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Nov. 01, 2014

Rating: 1

This game is a mess. A ton of bugs, combat is nonsensical as well. To play, just run up to "zombies," hold your mouse button down and hope that they don't attack you while you're attacking them. Half the time your attacks don't register or they pushed into a wall and they teleport around destroying you. Chests break really easily to the point where they don't open anymore or they're left open forever; they don't even take your gold. Lots of sounds continue to play even though they shouldn't (ei: the dying heartbeat). Teamwork is a nuisance since everyone is the same class and the only tactic is to circle your monsters and stun them into each other. It's pretty lame how you only have one starting class and have to grind furiously to have any form of variety in your gameplay. Not being able to drop your flag in CTF is a pain.

Developer response from hjupter

I apolagize you had issues with the game. You got these issues on a room you created or you just joined someone else room? Chests was supposed to be fixed on the few last updates, I will try to replicate the issue and fix it. Regarding classes you can get mage and priest from the store soon there will be more characters to choose from and perhaps 1 or 2 more for free. I'm working hard into improve the game play. Drop flag in CTF is a must have so you will get that on the next update. Thanks a lot for your great feedback :)


Play Transmission

Oct. 31, 2014

Rating: -7

this is a meh game; it's just another one of those puzzle games where with many edges/nodes - a graph/map structure. Though it's interesting how you can create loops to reiterate information through multiple nodes, the star system disapproves of more efficient algorisms for no reason other than, "it's a requirement." It's an OK puzzle game, has absolutely nothing to do with actual networking and transmissions of data though, but I'll stick to better puzzle games by Krispykrem



Oct. 26, 2014

Rating: 2

maps are terrible; needs some armor items or something to make it worthwhile actually moving around in the map instead of just camping in corners. They place all the items right next to each other and leave huge areas vacant of anything.

Pong Wars

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Oct. 16, 2014

Rating: 1

Would be nice to be given a number about the damage dealt for each projectile. Also you can be set into an infinite loop of both you and the enemy at the top/bottom of the screen bouncing the ball back and forth forever, collecting points. I would recommend making it so the center pixel of the paddle gives a random (-1, 1) y velocity to the ball. Other than that, all I would suggest is having more bonuses spawn as you progress to further stages. Other than that, it's a pretty fun game!

Developer response from stain88

Tweaked the bouncing loop, hopefully you shouldn't get stuck anymore

Miragine War Multiplayer

Play Miragine War Multiplayer

Oct. 11, 2014

Rating: 0

I remember playing this classic gem way back when it was posted with my sister. I love seeing a multiplayer version and seeing it being much refined and updated on.

A Dance of Fire and Ice

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Oct. 06, 2014

Rating: 6

Very unforgiving, fast-paced, hard to concentrate on yet concentration is necessary, rhythm game. It's great, the kind of punishment given for fcking up once is the stuff I love seeing in flash/unity games.

Rogue Soul 2

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Oct. 06, 2014

Rating: -6

Devolved from a very linear, simple game that relied completely on skill to attain an int score to a game where skill was replaced with upgrades and grinding and score replaced with achievements.

Herc Idle

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Oct. 04, 2014

Rating: 0

Fixed some bugs with breeding && game crashing seemingly randomly. The negative stat thing should hopefully not be a problem anymore (people who had a negative stat now have a value of 2,000,000,000 for the stat)