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Play Cube Colossus Cube Colossus Sep. 25, 2009
@fluffypker you do realize that you can just your speakers off right? honestly its like one button to do that... how can you possibly not figure that out.
Play The X-spot The X-spot Jun. 01, 2009
fignewtons, the answers for the puzzles are on the screen or require common sense i had to try a few times on a couples levels but i beat it without a walkthrough.
Play Susan Boyle Game Susan Boyle Game May. 30, 2009
woot 1003 points by the time the song ended and using a laptop touch mouse thingy lol. i only played cause i thought it would be like a weird platform as her and you do crazy things, that would be hillarious especially if it had an epic death animation lolz
Play Medical School Medical School Jan. 20, 2009
in response to sway007: great house reference lol
Play Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 3 Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 3 Jan. 09, 2009
on the ones where you hold it down it always randomly says you make a mistake. its gay
Play Stick Man War 1.5 Stick Man War 1.5 Dec. 15, 2008
the only thing that can do damage to me is the fireball thing otherwise it just auto dodges or something
Play Mud and Blood 2 Mud and Blood 2 Dec. 03, 2008
my guys arent shooting the enemy until they enemy is behind them
Play Monster Master Monster Master Nov. 24, 2008
why cant i hit directly when his monster isnt summoned for 3 more turns
Play Ball Assault Ball Assault Nov. 18, 2008
it doesn't always detect a hit. fun game though. and now i have highest score haha bob
Play Shoofender! Shoofender! Nov. 17, 2008
ha my scores are better than the creators lol. fun game
Play Read game Description. Read game Description. Nov. 17, 2008
Play Waitress Games Waitress Games Nov. 16, 2008
Play Space Space Nov. 16, 2008
you can barely even hit the enemies
Play Mytheria Mytheria Nov. 15, 2008
if you use 2 blessed day's at the same time the second one lasts 2 turns
Play Grey Matter Grey Matter Nov. 14, 2008
why don't you just turn your speakers off if the sound is annoying...
Play Grey Matter Grey Matter Nov. 11, 2008
i laugh at people who argue bigbang or god because the bigbang theory was supported by the church because it still states that something was made from nothing and there has to be a god to create something from nothing.
Play Kongai Kongai Aug. 02, 2008
everyone crits me but i never crit
Play shape and colors shape and colors Mar. 09, 2008
im pretty sure 3 year olds don't know trigonometry
Play The Stupid Test The Stupid Test Mar. 09, 2008
OMG what are you 3!! Horrible game 0/5
Play Shoot the Messenger Shoot the Messenger Mar. 09, 2008
pagan technically isn't even devil worship, the catholic church said it was only because they didn't worship jesus. pentagram technically has nothing to do with the devil. so anyone who says they don't like something because it is pagan or has pentagram is just ignorant