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Play Clicker Heroes Clicker Heroes Aug. 07, 2014
It's super-annoying when you can't beat a boss simply because the game doesn't register clicks fast enough.
Play Idle Build! Idle Build! Jul. 18, 2014
spoiler alert, five_four
Play Kick The Critter Kick The Critter Jul. 18, 2014
I only get a blue screen after I click "kick it"
Play Gravity Pearl Elimination Gravity Pearl Elimination Jun. 13, 2014
no clear board bonus?
Play 100 balls Flash 100 balls Flash Jun. 13, 2014
ooh, got it. Use left/right to control the green thing in order to collect the black boxes. The instructions are plain useless... Also, the graphics could be improved.
Play 100 balls Flash 100 balls Flash Jun. 13, 2014
clicking doesn't seem to do anything. Black boxes flow up in three lanes until one hits the top line, at which point the game resets with a sound effect. I've tried both touchpad and touchscreen controls.
Developer response from davodavo360

for some reason this isn't the game i uploaded...

Play Cavesweeper Cavesweeper May. 30, 2014
how the hell do you beat that phoenix horse?
Play zelda lampshade zelda lampshade May. 30, 2014
I've given a vase to the guy at the well, then he said "undefined", and the game seems to have frozen.
Play Click... click... buy! Click... click... buy! May. 09, 2014
If you don't want us to rate or comment... don't publish!
Play Pixelo Pixelo Apr. 20, 2014
since there's so harsh a penalty for misclicking, perhaps marking a tile with X should make it unclickable with /.
Developer response from tamaii

As you get specific prize, you can get that ability. You can check it on the option menu.

Play Cavesweeper Cavesweeper Apr. 19, 2014
I'm still getting the number bug. On the first level. It seems to worsen with reduced performance. Try testing on a low-end PC while playing a youtube video in the background to get this bug to happen reliably.
Play SAF 2048 SAF 2048 Apr. 13, 2014
I have been trained to play this game with logic and now you give me a board that is practically infinite but the time limit is spartan. Button mashing doesn't really fit this game, sorry.
Play Master Constructor Master Constructor Apr. 05, 2014
WASD controls, please.
Play Master Constructor Master Constructor Apr. 05, 2014
The time limit is impossible to fulfill on slower machines. Make the acceleration independent on framerate.
Play Master Constructor Master Constructor Apr. 05, 2014
The elevator is too fast on low-end machines. I can enter by parking underneath and warping through when I get squished, but there's no safe way to exit it. I always get stuck in mid-air when I try to leave (or enter normally).
Play Cavesweeper Cavesweeper Apr. 05, 2014
Sometimes the game registers clicks in places where I didn't click. It always does when using a touch-screen, but not only.
Play Cavesweeper Cavesweeper Apr. 05, 2014
Mute button, please. Just a mute-music button won't do.
Play Cavesweeper Cavesweeper Apr. 05, 2014
got another bug: a blank tile has appeared entirely by itself in the lower right corner, of the color I have selected, but not of the color it actually should have been. The problem reappeared in the next level, then I got a miner, then the problem didn't reappear. The game was marked finished with one chest left over. Also, I managed to have a floating number on the board without a tile underneath. It appeared when a tile was revealed to the north of it (blank until reclicking).
Play Cavesweeper Cavesweeper Apr. 04, 2014
Bug: occasionally, the game shows a lower count of tile neighbors than there really are. Chrome 33, Windows 7. Lost a promising hero on that (had a 50% chance - failed. It must be the other color - failed. One of the neighbors must be wrong, 50% chance - failed and diseased. Drank my last health potion. had a 50% chance on the next tile - failed and diseased)
Play Cavesweeper Cavesweeper Apr. 04, 2014
Fix the bug causing the game to occasionally lie to me (or reveal the exact rules) and I'll give it a 5/5