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Play Auto-Attack! Auto-Attack! Aug. 21, 2014
in garden if u dont shake ur tree in time...dont worry it adds up all cash....awesome!!
Play Auto-Attack! Auto-Attack! Aug. 21, 2014
upgrades....moar swords max lvl 6.....speed max lvl 99
Play Auto-Attack! Auto-Attack! Aug. 21, 2014
garden..growth timer max lvl 39..shake every 2 min....growth value now at lvl 66 and counting....fruit timer..max lvl 29..get power up every 30 sec.
Play Hero Of Inferno Hero Of Inferno May. 03, 2014
1 annoying thing..if i take my turn my target is reset to default..it should remain in same target...other then that..nnice game..love it that i have o find out combo myself...3/5
Developer response from smallfarm

little bit weird, never had this issue before. you can choose by clicking on enemies or your friends and it will still targeting on thus character until he/ she die.

Play Dead End Dead End Apr. 25, 2014
fun game...had to get used to controls...3/5
Play Biker in Heaven Biker in Heaven Apr. 01, 2014
most horrible game ever made
Developer response from cop2077

Lmao, I saw your highscore which probably was the worst I've ever seen. No wonder your still crying :D Go play dress up games I think it's more like your alley ;)

Play McMain Vs The Flying Saws McMain Vs The Flying Saws Mar. 23, 2014
lame game
Play Learn to Fly Idle Learn to Fly Idle Mar. 19, 2014
way to short...needs more stuff to use my cannon on...overall 4/5
Play Gangster Granny Gangster Granny Feb. 15, 2014
i have enough cash for new weapons but i cant buy them...wth do i have to do?
Play Blacksmith Blacksmith Feb. 07, 2014
lame game 1/5
Play Freeze the Way Freeze the Way Jan. 26, 2014
Play Deep Space Defence Deep Space Defence Jan. 25, 2014
week 24 now..cash keeps toggling between 7500 and 9500..need 10k to buy upgrade...fun is over for hope u fix it so others can enjoy
Play Deep Space Defence Deep Space Defence Jan. 25, 2014
i am at a point where i only need 3 more upgrades..they cost 10k each..i had 9k..i got cash and had 9048..then i got cash again and gi had 9500..then i got cash again and now i have 7500..wtf???..i am not able to get final upgrades..i am at week 19 now..to repetitive and major cash bug and btw...when is game finished?..what is goal of game?..good graphics,good idea..needs work though..overall 3/5
Play Dark Night Magic Dark Night Magic Jan. 20, 2014
this game needs a lot of work
Play Jumping Long Jumping Long Jan. 12, 2014
Play Jumping Long Jumping Long Jan. 12, 2014
Play Tanki Online Tanki Online Dec. 19, 2013
play om tankionline.com...much better connection..been pllaying there for over a year
Play Asslevania: SOTB Asslevania: SOTB Dec. 19, 2013
to slow...a bit more speed and a bit more jump power would be nice....collect stars to lvl up..what will change by lvl up...needs more info....3/5
Play Monsters' Wheels Monsters' Wheels Dec. 12, 2013
reminds me of cyclo maniacs:)..fun game
Play Impossible Marble Impossible Marble Dec. 08, 2013
makes no sense..so unclear what to do..1/5
Developer response from oldsoldier122

push the marble into the green ball silly!