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Play Transformice Transformice Jun. 04, 2015
From TIG in 2010, Hello ! Just to say that I read all your suggestions, but I rarely respond because I speak very bad English ! ^_^
Play Hordes and Lords Hordes and Lords Nov. 10, 2012
I haven't reached far enough in the game to know for sure if there is one but if there isn't,I suggest putting a speed upgrade in the game. Otherwise great game, 5/5.
Developer response from yarg__

We will work on it in the sequel, it's is popular request. Thank you.

Play Jetpack Jerome Jetpack Jerome Aug. 07, 2011
they should make a sequel
Developer response from ThatBlacksmith

We actually have a sequel in mind, which is why we left out the more complex systems like upgrades from this game. We want to gauge what players think about the core mechanic, and then build up from that feedback. Thanks for playing!

Play Carbon Combat Carbon Combat Aug. 05, 2011
hey can u make us able to shoot all around you in scope mode a bunch of time cars went under me and shot me with homing missles and i could never aim at them as soon as i land a bunch of people fire at me
Developer response from CarbonTech

Unfortunately the scoped mode is limited to how far the hydraulics can extend for the gun. Also, I have to limit the angle of the gun so that the projectiles don't hit the roof of the car.