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Play Hunters and Props Hunters and Props Nov. 02, 2014
This is great! :D
Play Flappy Keeva Flappy Keeva Oct. 23, 2014
I was not Danielle. I did not understand this. 5 stars.
Play Simple_Pong_Game Simple_Pong_Game Oct. 23, 2014
Just what the world needed. 5 stars.
Play Api Test Api Test Oct. 23, 2014
Play Colton Pong Colton Pong Oct. 23, 2014
Best. Game. Ever.
Play gametest testing gametest testing Sep. 13, 2014
Didn't load. Game was a success.
Play Roll-a-Ball Roll-a-Ball Sep. 13, 2014
Most satisfying end to a game ever
Play Rock Simulator 2014 Rock Simulator 2014 Sep. 13, 2014
5 stars for Walter White
Play Parkour Simulator 2014 Parkour Simulator 2014 Sep. 13, 2014
Clicked because of the incredible thumbnail. Was not disapointed.
Play 2200 AD 2200 AD Sep. 13, 2014
Amazing follow up to Dead Space 3
Play Ice Bucket Challenge Simulator Ice Bucket Challenge Simulator Sep. 13, 2014
Steam Greenlight
Play Jake The Snake Jake The Snake Sep. 13, 2014
An incredible prequel to Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
Play TheTestGame TheTestGame Sep. 13, 2014
Clicked because of the thumbnail. Was not disapointed.
Play Zambo Survival Zambo Survival Sep. 13, 2014
Ending left me in tears. 10/10
Play Ghost House Ghost House Sep. 13, 2014
Hand drawn textures were AMAZING 10/10
Play Urban Decay Urban Decay Aug. 31, 2013
Looks good :D
Developer response from joechancey11

"Looks" haha, Gameplay wise and everything else is...well...it's crap. i made this in 4 hours! :) but i'm glad you like it none the less! "Kind words can carry a person a mile"

Play The Doge That Could (A Shibe's Story) The Doge That Could (A Shibe's Story) Aug. 29, 2013
This has all the makings of a AAA title! :D *sarcasm*
Play The Forest The Forest Aug. 11, 2013
Ok, that jumpscare got me ;_;
Developer response from ZaninGames

haha, cool :)

Play Polarity Demo Polarity Demo Aug. 11, 2013
Wow O.O
Play Amy's Nightmare Amy's Nightmare Jun. 20, 2013
After getting past the second jump, that was pretty cool :D