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Play Idleplex Idleplex Feb. 27, 2014
I feel like the poop chute should automatically click the golden nuggets as a priority.
Play Idleplex Idleplex Feb. 26, 2014
There is something satisfying, and a tad poetic, about watching a piece of golden poop explode into a shower of 500-money coins.
Play Idle God 2 Idle God 2 Feb. 07, 2014
why do mineral/click and gold/click do nothing?
Developer response from belgarionriva

You have to go buy your first upgrade. It was a way for me to force people to read instructions. =P

Play Bobby, aboard! Bobby, aboard! Feb. 04, 2014
Haha I see what you did there with the music :)
Play Sandbox Hero Sandbox Hero Nov. 25, 2013
Changing the quality doesn't seem to actually help the game run any faster
Play The Programmer RPG The Programmer RPG Nov. 19, 2013
I started the game, and it saved where I was, but my level dropped back down to when I finished the Array Caverns, about 20 levels below where I was in Function land
Play The Last Door - Chapter 2: Memories The Last Door - Chapter 2: Memories Oct. 27, 2013
Wow. Really good. Those rabbits scared the living bajeezus out of me.
Play Cyber Chaser Cyber Chaser Oct. 23, 2013
I was like "That rocket is pretty good." And then I got the tesla gun.
Play The Programmer RPG The Programmer RPG Oct. 22, 2013
I would love to see more! Keep working on those maps!
Play Plunder Mars Plunder Mars Jun. 19, 2013
Losing letter is ridiculous. I can never get ahoy!
Play Forgotten Dungeon 2 Forgotten Dungeon 2 Jun. 06, 2013
Ha I just picked up the Master Sword. Nice touch!
Play Grand Banda Grand Banda May. 27, 2013
I'd like to be, under the sea, in an octopus' garden, in the shade.
Play GrindQuest Censored GrindQuest Censored May. 14, 2013
You should be able to revisit areas that have already been cleared out in order to tackle dungeons.
Play New Splitter Pals New Splitter Pals May. 12, 2013
The music is really good!
Play Live Puzzle Live Puzzle Apr. 30, 2013
I thought the gears were hard. And then I went on...
Play no-one has to die. no-one has to die. Apr. 21, 2013
This reminds me of Virtue's Last Reward and 999: 9 Persons, 9 Hours, 9 Doors
Play Galaxy Siege Galaxy Siege Apr. 18, 2013
I am on the verge of rage quitting at the end of Exeba. I just can't do it.
Play Sarah's Run (preview) Sarah's Run (preview) Apr. 09, 2013
Soooo.... When's the full game coming?
Play Scene of the Crime: Dream of Murder Scene of the Crime: Dream of Murder Apr. 05, 2013
There are a lot of grammatical errors, but otherwise great game.
Play Searching for the Elephant Searching for the Elephant Mar. 21, 2013
Game starts, I'm on another tab, and all I can think of is "why did Layton start?"