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Play Battle Up Battle Up Jun. 02, 2015
The new monsters in the towers do over 2x the damage of the new monsters outside of the towers, is this correct?
Developer response from MYzK

Still working on that, but yes, enemies in tower is intended to be more difficult.

Play Land of Mazya Land of Mazya May. 19, 2015
What determines combat level? Or is it just an arbitrary number that goes up with time played, or best level defeated?
Developer response from MYzK

Combat level is the average level of all your levels.

Play Pixel Defender Pixel Defender Dec. 05, 2013
Not knowing how much damage any of the specials do makes me wonder which combos are worthwhile and which are not... poison... 1 dmg a second or 50 dmg a second? Everything else, same thing, what do they do.
Developer response from DanElectro

I added damage multipliers for some of the specials to the descriptions. The others aren't really easy to explain or describe. Some of that is just how the game is designed. I realize it can be a little annoying. If I make a sequel I'll make sure things are a little more transparent.

Play Hydranought Hydranought Dec. 03, 2013
As far as I can tell, level Technomancer as high as you want/can first for the bonus xp from ship kills, then go about beating the other races at your leisure using Technomancer ships and getting the xp bonus as high as you want.
Play Hydranought Hydranought Dec. 03, 2013
As far as the center levels go, if you want to send slow ships first, go brown/yellow, then green/purple/teal, then the rest. From my experience, I just start the little ships asap, 2nd ships as soon as little ones are going, then 3rd ships. Then I start the energy storage increase, stop the 3rd ships, start the 4th, stop the 2nd. if I'm not winning by then, I'll activate everything and hope, cause once they overrun your base, you're SoL, as far as I can tell.
Play Hydranought Hydranought Dec. 03, 2013
Every race's energy and ship trees are at level 10, I have put 0 points into an ability tree as I haven't seemed to need them. Started playing the wrong way, just beating the opponent asap, then learned you have to sit there and let the opponent come to you for experience. I've taken every race's starting point to 6 except for the ones I started with, those are in the teens due to lack of xp for them to get stuff to level 10. As it is, I feel like putting 5 points into everything but abilities until they're even, then repeating until it's all level 30. After that, with nothing else to spend points on, I'd throw the rest into the abilities.
Play Castle Guard Castle Guard Mar. 08, 2013
Very basic, and entirely too easy. At no point were the enemy's units as strong as the players, and the maps were biased in the players favor throughout the game except for 2 in the middle with no guard towers. Just maxing guard towers and horses you can beat every level. Add on 5-10 more levels(maps) where the enemy uses same level units as you and less guard towers eventually having none, or maybe even give the AI some to even it up.
Play Obliterate Everything 2 Obliterate Everything 2 Feb. 28, 2013
I must say, I had fun on this for most of the day. Acquiring the physics lab really trivialized the 80+ missions. Deploying 2-4 of those with miners and interceptors would clear the missions/defend the base on their own, had to play really defensively to even see some of the spaceport ships.