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Play Ballistic Ballistic Mar. 06, 2014
The P2P thing is not the worst. You have to have under 150 ping to play. Not everyone has such a good internet. This is the game's worst downfall,in my opinion.
Play Kongregate Clickster! Kongregate Clickster! Feb. 25, 2014
Play Akaneiro Akaneiro Jan. 18, 2014
When this game is multiplayer...Oh god its gonna be on kong's first page forever. Like...Come on,no one can say this game sucks...
Developer response from Spicyhorse

It's coming. One day. Ohhh yes... one day !!!

Play Akaneiro Akaneiro Jan. 18, 2014
I love these kind of games...I already said so,if im not wrong. But this game deserves to say it like 10 times or so. I wish you could rate games higher in Kong. This one would of be one of few i would give it 9 or 10.
Developer response from Spicyhorse

That's ok. We'll just pretend you pressed the 9 or 10 star button. It'll be our little secret !!

Play General War: Memories General War: Memories Dec. 23, 2013
This is an amazing game. Strategy+Action+City management games with a WWII touch. Amazing. 4/5. Could be a 5/5 with more free units.
Developer response from gameboxcy

Thanks for liking our game, and give such a high rating. We really appreciate it. Your suggestion of units will be noted and considered by the team. Thanks again for the kind concern.

Play Akaneiro Akaneiro Nov. 20, 2013
No energy bar? 3 stars. Amazing 3d rpg? 2 stars. Ya,5/5. Good job,SpicyHorse,as usual.
Developer response from Spicyhorse

Whoooo hoooooo. Nothing tastier than a 5/5 rating first thing in the morning.

Play Miscrits Miscrits Nov. 18, 2013
I dont like virtue.It should be removed,50% of the people not playing this dont play this because of the virtue.If you keep virtue this game will sink to the least populars of kong.
Play Doctor Who: Worlds in Time Doctor Who: Worlds in Time Jul. 29, 2013
Are there daleks or weeping angels? Autons are boring
Play Fleck Fleck Jun. 02, 2013
Why are you guys giving it a pretty low rating? Its an nice game,fun,and addictive.If the no-start issue hapeened i would instead go and play other game. Dont be haters,this game is truly good. 4/5
Play Verdun Verdun May. 25, 2013
My suggesions: First:Reply to the top comments,they usually have suggestions and bugs to report. 2:A great start for the game is vehicles. 3:Air support. 4:A [Capture the flag mode]. Many FPS have it and they became succesfull. 5:For players:Rate this 5 stars,itll get more players. 6: Last but not least is tutorial/weapon test.
Play A.R.C.S A.R.C.S May. 23, 2013
I dont see problem with SAVES or LOSES,i beat the game in about 4 mins in easy,like 7 mins in medium and 10 in hard. 5/5 for awesomeness
Play Age of Titans Age of Titans May. 15, 2013
My opinion: Exellent item system,awesome skills,awesome work in this,not abandoned,playerful,nice guilds,GUILD BEASTS! *totally original sir. gj* and awesomeness. 5/5 HOWEVER: Why did you put the auto things? I dont let auto combat pass through: I accept the auto path. Completing the game automaticly is going waaay too far. Anyways,nice job IGG!
Developer response from IGG_Games

Hi @ipe2004, we have already fixed the problem of auto-combat and just kept it as an option in game, you are not forced to use it if you don't like it. We are also trying to fix the auto-pathing and make it more flexible at the same time, I think it would be done in the next update patch. Thank you for your support.

Play Dino Storm Dino Storm Mar. 02, 2013
You should add more places,as popgum says. Vote this up so creators can see.
Play Dino Storm Dino Storm Feb. 28, 2013
You should add flying dinos,and authorization to use different dinos,and if there is gonna be flying dinos,flying race. Rate up so the creator sees this.
Play Squirrels Squirrels Feb. 28, 2013
You should make it so 100 nuts:1 coin. We are bored of PayToWin games
Play Medieval Arena 3D Medieval Arena 3D Feb. 26, 2013
5/5,but add singleplayer with a storyline.
Play Freefall Tournament Freefall Tournament Feb. 26, 2013
Assasin:O.P.B. What? Overpowered being. In a match,i found a bug/glitch that makes u inmune to attacks,and also,the engaged in OP too,atleast make it so it dosent thrust u.Also...i like it.
Play Freefall Tournament Freefall Tournament Feb. 23, 2013
As you may know,i completely like the game. But i got a suggestion to make the game...a bit harder/easier. The noobs have to get owned by the pros,and the pros have all the classes. They both get owned. To explore/create/strategy/kill a bit more,i think you should add: Map editor Weapon designer [We could send u the weapon with the stats,and you can accept/decline. state what class damage etc.] First class free Single-Player Sandbox [Can spawn bots of different classes etc and kill] Tutorial [Some noobs may need it to become average/pro] Thank you,and,as i told you,5/5.
Play Wizard Escape Wizard Escape Feb. 22, 2013
Ha!! im the first. Awesome:5 stars. Not finished: -2 stars. Keep it up
Play Freefall Tournament Freefall Tournament Feb. 22, 2013
Ok well i have a idea. DRONES. They should be a iron ball with a gun that shoots like a tech and there should be 10 for each team. Also,your game is very fun and time wasting in the good way.Thank you for such a game.