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Play Epic Battle Fantasy 4 Epic Battle Fantasy 4 Mar. 06, 2013
What i wouldnt do for combat keyboard ability...
Play Anti-Idle: The Game Anti-Idle: The Game Feb. 17, 2013
Play Anti-Idle: The Game Anti-Idle: The Game Jan. 04, 2013
Play Race The Sun Race The Sun Oct. 06, 2012
If you want to get the second medium badge, some tips fr the game include focusing ahead of yourself, don't make drastic turns for power ups, just focus on the obstacles ahead.
Play Strike Force Heroes Strike Force Heroes Jul. 14, 2012
On foundry, if you pause the game the animation for the smelter keeps going, you can use this to your advantage...
Play Creeper World 2: Academy Creeper World 2: Academy Jul. 09, 2012
This is my favorite creeper world game, its just amazing
Play Achievement Unlocked 3 Achievement Unlocked 3 Jun. 09, 2012
Congratulations on 2000 badges Kongregate!
Play Achievement Unlocked 3 Achievement Unlocked 3 Jun. 09, 2012
Configurations on 2000 badges Kongregate!
Play Fixation Fixation Apr. 27, 2012
The trick to the EHUP is to run with the smoke ring :D
Play The Ice Temple The Ice Temple Apr. 15, 2012
The triangle level to the left of the fourth gem in the middle is a pretty easy A with a bit of practice
Play Innkeeper Innkeeper Apr. 06, 2012
5 star hotel with -50 approval rating, cater to the rich.
Play War of the Web War of the Web Mar. 24, 2012
What i don't understand is why you would need more then 30 army.
Play War of the Web War of the Web Mar. 22, 2012
I'm playing this with a blackberry PlayBook :D
Play Badge Master Badge Master Jan. 22, 2012
@likeanonion you do realize Greg is not the creator of the site? He just adds badges with one other guy.
Play Nyos Nyos Jan. 06, 2012
good game, love the twist on the long overdone shooter genre, only thing i would change is the 1, it looks like a 4.
Play Survival Lab Survival Lab Nov. 06, 2011
Guys, don't rate this games down just because the badge is too hard, its a hard badge, not an easy, not a medium and defiantly shouldn't be an impossible, with a little work and some skills you should be able to get the badge without too much pain.
Play Sarah's Run (preview) Sarah's Run (preview) Oct. 18, 2011
Game beaten achievement not awarded? submit it and get your achievement it worked for me...
Play Shopping Cart Hero 2 Shopping Cart Hero 2 Sep. 28, 2011
All upgrades in less than a hundred jumps, i would recommend working on combos to win.
Play ESCAPE ESCAPE Aug. 24, 2011
it feels good to be one of the first one hundred to get the hard badge :)
Play Wonderputt Wonderputt Aug. 23, 2011
over 1000 people gave up after getting a hole in one... that's random...