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Play War of the Shard War of the Shard Apr. 09, 2014
Ohhhh nevermind - when one or more dies but you win there's a try again button and a save and quit button, mind switching them? accidentally hit try again
Developer response from WakefieldStudios

Hmmmm yes they might need to be switched.

Play War of the Shard War of the Shard Apr. 09, 2014
Oh and it doesn't count it as a win .-. had to redo that level
Play War of the Shard War of the Shard Apr. 09, 2014
So..... if you win the level but one of your people die the exp is shown for the other 2 but they don't actually gain any exp Please fix!
Play Collapse It Collapse It Mar. 27, 2014
So this is a game to show the frailty of humans... *watches a pillar smash a guy on the head and not kill him*
Play War of Omens War of Omens Mar. 24, 2014
@WizardOfTheTower That would be stupid because then the decks would just go round and round or 1 person would have a huge advantage, just build decks to face everything like you should be
Play Blade Hunter Blade Hunter Feb. 14, 2014
Wish there was some sort of class description before it forces you to choose
Play Epic Battle Fantasy 2 Epic Battle Fantasy 2 Jan. 28, 2014
Impossible badge should feel really impossible for a reason....
Play Music Catch 2 Music Catch 2 Jan. 25, 2014
@neolita Well the main key is to get the thing that makes them all yellows early and get more than 72%, I've broken 7m before
Play Pause Ahead Pause Ahead Nov. 21, 2013
I love the replay, start walking and teleport, teleport, teleport, done
Play Idle Dancing Idle Dancing Nov. 21, 2013
So, doing the math, using simple dancing until handstand is the fastest way to get money, since boogie doesn't give money, and once you buy handstand you can go for the air humping
Play Crystal Story II Crystal Story II Nov. 16, 2013
I've noticed a glitch where I had an item equipped that gave me a buff at the start of the fight, and then I replaced the equip with a different one, but still started with the buff.
Play Crystal Story II Crystal Story II Nov. 15, 2013
@cheapshot555 Buy up scrap metal from shops and upgrade your equips, it's very useful to be able to farm gold and I based most of my strategy around it when I was doing the story
Play Crystal Story II Crystal Story II Nov. 13, 2013
Thief + Trickster = Sleeping opponents and leisurely robbing everything they own
Play Feudalism III Feudalism III Nov. 07, 2013
So the black dragon is supposed to be the least boss? I killed him at level 20, the ultimate evil guy was way harder than him.
Play Feudalism III Feudalism III Nov. 07, 2013
I have 6 level 1 poisons that can't be combined, any idea why?
Play Factory Balls 3 Factory Balls 3 Oct. 23, 2013
@kaekaze, They aren't actually limited, trash a ball and it returns.
Play Moby Dick - The Video Game Moby Dick - The Video Game Oct. 15, 2013
Love the walkthrough lol
Play New Star Soccer New Star Soccer Oct. 10, 2013
Oh wow, make sure to renew your contract sometime lol, had a wage of 1 star which sucked at a 3 star rank
Play Codelink v2 Codelink v2 Oct. 04, 2013
@jo18 This game has been modified to fit kong, it isn't like most games where it was made for kong exclusively. All that momoguru did was make a server adaptation so you could play the game through kong, so he couldn't link the server to kong accounts unless it is a kong exclusive server, which it is not.
Play Dillo Hills 2 Dillo Hills 2 Sep. 29, 2013
@hip10t There is, it's called practice mode