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Play 4 Differences 4 Differences Feb. 05, 2010
Never mind, I got it now. It just takes a while, I guess.
Play 4 Differences 4 Differences Feb. 05, 2010
Yay! I win!...So why am I not getting my badge?
Play Level Up! Level Up! Dec. 12, 2009
After the annoyance of losing all my levels every time I lost to that guy past, I had fun with the game. 4/5
Play Clockwords: Prelude Clockwords: Prelude Oct. 22, 2009
How is the word villan not acceptable? Good game otherwise, but that omission is troubling.
Play Get Off My Lawn Get Off My Lawn Aug. 06, 2009
Sign up if you want "Get off my Lawn" to have badges: My_NaMe_Is_JoSh, zzcnick, subtorterra, kool_guy_3 ,Ish12,purifiedoutsude, nenz, ilovealicia, thebakke, TheSquadKid, keanve, Zimbo7, eviluigi, DaSchupp,Dr_waffle, 7queens, Smiley_Face, kingdaka, Biasd, Zernicalo ,tywannab,teh_noob_rogue, rbarber2013, glitootz ;canad8, romosapien123, Death233322, Phishkicker, Mordreddeschain, TheKilerCucumber, HardkoreLobster, fandango, nicolai, sannic, Dj , Advis, TDawgbamf69,splodersplee, BULLETxMESSIAH, 4matty,bewd22,123Hunter123,Brandon45 Firewave52 Orowam, killaz43, Bloodysamurai, jarzyna,jackattack30,waricck, Tabu90, kyruya,egeroth,pattap8, Tallon4496, j12damax
Play DropSum v2 DropSum v2 Aug. 04, 2009
I'm a mathematical superhero with over 400,000 pts!
Play SHIFT 2 SHIFT 2 Oct. 12, 2008
Seriously, where is that evil title screen?
Play Sonny Sonny Oct. 11, 2008
Does anyone know how to defeat the last boss?
Play Monsters' Den: Book of Dread Monsters' Den: Book of Dread Sep. 19, 2008
Does anyone else know how long the new dungeon campaign lasts? (i.e. how many levels I need to "complete" it.)
I love this song! 4/5 for that alone. PS. Yes, this game was weird, and you should apologize. But it was fun.