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Play CS Portable CS Portable Nov. 25, 2014
Yes oh yes! i can fucking play this with good function again! no forzen for me again! YAY!
Play Contract Wars Contract Wars Nov. 21, 2014
BrianTan30 no other choice but download or play Counter Strike on your PC
Play Ballistic Ballistic Nov. 14, 2014
Well comes the complains about the game being Pay2Win can anybody stop them? i dont know what should i do? join them or keep my ass away from them?
Play CS Portable CS Portable Nov. 13, 2014
Oh and BTW why does this game restarted the loading after i got some problems then refresh the game it just restarted and need to wait all over again!
Play CS Portable CS Portable Nov. 13, 2014
i want the skin back its like Clone Wars now because everybody had the same freaking skin like the cloned buddies
Play Ballistic Ballistic Nov. 07, 2014
They should do something about the long initializing and long map loading i wasted 3 freaking tickets this day because of the map long ass loading not judging the game is stupidly bad but said that the loading is too danm ass long
Play Ballistic Ballistic Nov. 05, 2014
Your wasting space Dumpass sn2318000 have your IQ dropt? dont say these kind of things at a place where gamers leave there coments Bro
Play Contract Wars Contract Wars Nov. 04, 2014
Arent Roulette supose to be every thing is the same chance to get? but this is stupid the black division is 0.01% to get this is halarious
Play Ballistic Ballistic Nov. 03, 2014
Do anybody was being annoyed by Grenadiers?
Play Ballistic Ballistic Nov. 02, 2014
Allright this game is good and good graphics and character animation but the problem is your the guy with not the OP guns but with skill and winning the round but suddenly a round house kick your face because a guy with some OP guns that do 1 shot kills is here and kill the freak up of anyone its pretty puhthetic dont you think guys?
Play Contract Wars Contract Wars Oct. 31, 2014
3 times i got nothing on roulette what the Fuck is this shit gave me a 1 credit is OK for me because atleast i got something but 3X nothing? BULL SHIT
Play Ballistic Ballistic Oct. 29, 2014
@Peerpetual Balanced? my Left leg Cut of if this game is balanced
Play Ballistic Ballistic Oct. 27, 2014
you should like contract war like do some quest or something and reward is a gun or credit or Ballistic points
Play Realm of the Mad God Realm of the Mad God Oct. 26, 2014
@Maxwell777 you must be a person playing a char with LOW Speed and because of the spider web slowed your speed so you cant catch the spider queen am i RIght?
Play Ballistic Ballistic Oct. 24, 2014
Nevermind Forget about my last comment
Play Ballistic Ballistic Oct. 24, 2014
as a old player i felt sorry for those now who plays need to pay actual money to get permanant guns except those old players kept their gun for permanent days
Play Verdun Verdun Oct. 23, 2014
how Stupid they are removing the frontline mode and force us to buy the game then it means = NO Buying Users For you and No money for you
Play Realm of the Mad God Realm of the Mad God Oct. 19, 2014
There are too many scammers in this game and the devs must do something to control these scammer like when you trade something and when you press trade it shoould pop out a do you sure you wana trade button before trading the things
Play Realm of the Mad God Realm of the Mad God Oct. 17, 2014
danieldubois then those items wont be UTs anymore and thats a stupid request
Play Contract Wars Contract Wars Oct. 17, 2014
i hate how the speed in the roulete spins is exactly landing on Black Division Suddenly Decreased so much that it landed on CR or Increased a bit and landed on GP