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Play Ballistic Ballistic Apr. 19, 2014
1 more thing it is this game has the worst lags than any other game had even with lower quality
Play Ballistic Ballistic Apr. 19, 2014
Augh this is ridiculas when i was proning and getting kills some freaking internet high pinger joins because he barely is ping 149 and it lags us up and i was killed from the killing strick and continue lagging untill the game was over
Play Contract Wars Contract Wars Apr. 19, 2014
I was wondering in this game every body was panicking when health is low and we only allert to hear gun sound but when we were walking its so soft the sound but why do we also needed the slow walking with the button left shift
Play Ballistic Ballistic Apr. 18, 2014
Still wonder why malaysia to singapre server my Ping is still 300 to 150 middle? its the nearest location to my place but how do i get Ping so high?
Play Of Guards And Thieves Of Guards And Thieves Apr. 17, 2014
How do you unlock class? just a asking comment
Play Ballistic Ballistic Apr. 16, 2014
Hey what the hell happened some time this idiotic bug comes out it is when i start a freakin game i cannot even move i just frozen there!
Play Ballistic Ballistic Apr. 15, 2014
think there should be a way of earning ballistic points rather then turning your head and buy for it...
Play Ballistic Ballistic Apr. 14, 2014
Some times i think that the Ranger is a bit overpowered maybe? because it looks like a sniper and it damages really bad and so many little mini bullets!
Play Ballistic Ballistic Apr. 14, 2014
I think you have to have a game server lists where you can play with friends and non another players will bother iff you have password
Play Rush Team Free FPS Multiplayers Rush Team Free FPS Multiplayers Apr. 13, 2014
i hope you can get those caracter 2 or 1 by leveling up...
Play Freefall Tournament Freefall Tournament Apr. 13, 2014
Im thinking that blazer is a too overpowered because you get killd easily when enemy has a blazer and just owning every shit out of other team
Play Ballistic Ballistic Apr. 12, 2014
@speedypants I was even Worse because im a malaysian and i having PING problems everyday
Play Ballistic Ballistic Apr. 12, 2014
Hey some point the BEST comment says you can upgrade weapons but how do i upgrade them?
Play Ballistic Ballistic Apr. 12, 2014
i think the credit when you win must be more than just 200 or lesser...
Play Verdun Verdun Apr. 11, 2014
Every time i play i always got caught up in trenches and killd by it. god never knew that war would be so desprit
Play Ballistic Ballistic Apr. 11, 2014
I just Fu.cki hate that ping limit i hate it!!!!
Play Ballistic Ballistic Apr. 11, 2014
Holy crap i got your ping is 150 and you need 150 ping lower.....
Play Red Crucible 2 Red Crucible 2 Apr. 11, 2014
im an old player but wheres all my honor points and coins??
Play Tanki Online Tanki Online Apr. 07, 2014
The Director said thise game in the future will become unity web player type. i wonder how it will be look like?
Play Verdun Verdun Apr. 06, 2014
Still wondering why do i have to watch the trailler when i completely loaded to 100%