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Play Socrates Jones: Pro Philosopher Socrates Jones: Pro Philosopher Jul. 24, 2014
"You can't simply choose to ignore gravity!" "I can ^_^"
Play Arkandian Crusade Arkandian Crusade Jul. 24, 2014
83% hit chance, can't hit a damn thing. fix your probability tables, then this might be a decent game. 2/5
Play The Valley Rule The Valley Rule Jul. 07, 2014
I don't understand the ending... What was the purpose of getting the sigils and opening the giant door?
Play PokemonNXT 0.1 PokemonNXT 0.1 Apr. 11, 2014
This game is beautiful - the animations, the music, the landscape, and everything. I honestly hope more work goes into this, perhaps a more refined battle system or a storyline. Overall, 4/5
Play Frantic Frigates Frantic Frigates Feb. 10, 2014
@TakashiKurorai - go to the main menu and you can adjust sound effects, music volume, and quality.
Play Insectonator Insectonator Jan. 02, 2014
there should be a badge for getting all achievements. + so the developers see this!
Play Spring Crate Spring Crate Dec. 15, 2013
interesting concept, good music/sound effects. overall a solid 3/5. would be better with a plot/story. not something super intricate, just a simple image every now and then like in "wake up the box"
Play Unnamed 2D platform - Alpha Unnamed 2D platform - Alpha Dec. 13, 2013
needs checkpoints, but otherwise a good start! 4/5
Developer response from adamevo

I have a script for checkpoints and stages ready and working, if this gets enough interest I'll whip up a few challenging levels but for now i'm focused on finishing the textures and adding more mechanics. Thanks for playing :)

Play SpiroStudio SpiroStudio Dec. 12, 2013
load this code: eNorM9IxMtQxM9dJAwMdAx1DIDQAQ0MzXBKGOqZYJXQtdYwscOgwtMSUANIWBjowaGQAgjomBjqmyCoMgAAA72wldg==
Play Viricide Viricide Nov. 02, 2013
This game was actually depressing. Listening to EXADI's monologues before each level reveals a lot about her life and the life of her previous user. On the last level, it brought me physical pain to destroy what made EXADI human. 5/5 for the emotional pain.
Play Nuclear Outrun Nuclear Outrun Oct. 07, 2013
First time seeing the remote control: Looks useless... First time USING the remote control: HOLY JESUS NIPPLES THIS THING IS GREAT
Play Overtorque Stunt Racing Overtorque Stunt Racing Aug. 11, 2013
after hours upon hours of hard work and dedication, i have FINALLY achieved the honor of finding one secret in free roam
Play Billy the Pilot Billy the Pilot Aug. 11, 2013
After first launch: Pond Jumper Badge 1,000 km Flown in a Single Launch. Best so far: 8.. I haven't gotten out of my front yard and i am at 8 km?
Play Let's protest! Let's protest! Aug. 07, 2013
found a sweet glitch: after you get higher jumping and a waterfall, you can jump UP the waterfall and then jump on to the "barrier" surrounding the game and free roam anywhere you want. however, you can fall off the map and need a refresh to get back
Play Contract Wars Contract Wars Aug. 06, 2013
Two things - 1. When i join a Quick Match i expect the server to have room for me to join. - 2. There should be level requirements to buy weapons with GP so that a level 2 doesn't own the whole map with cash.
Play Give Up Give Up Aug. 06, 2013
this game almost wasnt released because all the testers committed suicide by level 26
Play CS Portable CS Portable Aug. 01, 2013
when you get kicked, your kills and deaths should still count. many a time have a been kicked by a troll host or angry lobby while i was slaughtering them. i feel that it should still go on the record
Play Moonlight Differences Moonlight Differences Jul. 31, 2013
maximum feels activated cry like a bitch mode engaged ;~;
Play Rush Team Free FPS Multiplayers Rush Team Free FPS Multiplayers Jun. 29, 2013
this should have a mini-game to play during the immense loading time.
Play Dodge Dodge Jun. 22, 2013
admit it, we all got freaked out the first time the green one blew up.