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Play Neo Circuit Neo Circuit Oct. 19, 2012
i feel like a superboss now that i could finnaly beat absurd :D took me sooooo long and wasted soooooo much time, oh well :D anyway... amazing game and i cant wait untill the next one comes out(il test it for you?:O)
Play Neo Circuit Neo Circuit Jan. 20, 2012
finnaly got absured done:D where is the submit button for kongregate, when i hit submit it is just single level to mochi, got one more suggestion, should add another option or somthing so its easier to work with laptop(like use keys to select and attack) but make it one or the other not both because i think that would make it more complicated
Developer response from RoughSeaGames

The submit to kong is automatically done. I will think about some key controls. Thanks for you feedback

Play Neo Circuit Neo Circuit Jan. 19, 2012
make it easier to submit highscores(cant seem to find it) and make it so its easier to tell whether or not you are connected to the node when you drag before you capture it(like your men are on the way)
Developer response from RoughSeaGames

acknowledged, an auto submit is a good idea as Jean85 suggested