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Play You Have To Burn The Rope You Have To Burn The Rope Nov. 06, 2010
Press (+) if you really did "Press Refresh, and start again" .............. only to listen to the song again.
Play The pointless button The pointless button Oct. 28, 2010
if you press the button 250 times exact, a naked lady pops up.
Play Haunt the House Haunt the House Oct. 28, 2010
Just go to the plates and keep on pressing the right key, its the most effective thing there
Play People Tycoon People Tycoon Sep. 30, 2010
@jason1111345 i love fallout 3, lol, and i just noticed how these are all towns off of it D:
Play Infectonator : World Dominator Infectonator : World Dominator Sep. 13, 2010
I LOVE THIS GAME! And oh (+) if you cant wait for Halo Reach! :D
Play Run 2 Live Run 2 Live Sep. 13, 2010
+ if you cant wait for Halo Reach! :D
Play Rofly the Monky Rofly the Monky Sep. 06, 2010
This game... inspired me... The monkey, the fun facts, the BOOBS! It made me a true man... Thank you so much Tueland. :')
Play Fragger The Lost City Fragger The Lost City Sep. 06, 2010
stop complaining about firefox not working. Im sure you should have another browser, either Explorer for windows, or Safari for mac, i have both and they both work fine, if you really wanna play the game, play it on one of those browsers.
Play LO+ LO+ Sep. 05, 2010
Its way to easy...
Play Harmony Keeper Harmony Keeper Aug. 30, 2010
interesting.. dont really find it to exciting.. but thats just my opinion!
Play The Awesome Number! The Awesome Number! Aug. 30, 2010
gah! sparky..
Play The Awesome Number! The Awesome Number! Aug. 30, 2010
hm.. 234,000 on first try... second place... nice! :D
Play Robot Wants Fishy Robot Wants Fishy Aug. 24, 2010
Robot is Spoiled.
Play Harry Quantum: TV Go Home Harry Quantum: TV Go Home Aug. 17, 2010
Mr. T foo! :D
Play Color Theory Color Theory Aug. 13, 2010
Needs second one, i found this game really entertaining :)
Play Super Karoshi Super Karoshi Aug. 04, 2010
uhm.. look at the very last secret level... look at the picture VERY closely, it looks... ew...
Play DuckLife2: World Champion DuckLife2: World Champion Jul. 27, 2010
haha, i made my ducks name "jacka**" and he was like "hey jacka**" and i was all like "sup" ahahahha :P
Play The Conduct Quiz! The Conduct Quiz! Jul. 24, 2010
20/20 :D, haha i didnt even read the conduct guidelines :)
Play Everybody Edits 0.6.x Everybody Edits 0.6.x Jul. 24, 2010
If you wanna be recognized as creator just wear the crown, or just turn into God mode and stay like that, i dont see why that doesnt work...
Play House Builder House Builder Jul. 23, 2010
sadly... i actually made a house...