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Play Berzerk Ball 2 Berzerk Ball 2 Dec. 26, 2012
I'm making the Geek walk back 450,000. IN the first one you got a reward.LOL
Play Tricky Rick Tricky Rick Dec. 14, 2012
way way too easy no real puzzle to the game
Play Picma Picma Dec. 10, 2012
it just hard to read really really really need to work on that we only get a little screen for crying out loud
Play B&W Link-a-Pix Light Vol 1 B&W Link-a-Pix Light Vol 1 Dec. 07, 2012
way to easy add some bombs or something in there the puzzle pretty much solves it self.. and the level 3 puzzles take awhile but not real thinking needed
Play NoNoSparks: Genesis NoNoSparks: Genesis Dec. 07, 2012
gret graphics the only thing that got me about the game was it was to easy.. but it did make u think and a great time killer
Play light-Bot light-Bot Dec. 07, 2012
Kudos, all I can say is kudos
Play Picma Squared Picma Squared Dec. 04, 2012
Man games like me just bug the heck out of me but i cant stop because I have to figure them out.. Thanks but bite me too LOL
Play Electric Box Electric Box Dec. 02, 2012
I love the Thinking but it is slow,, speed it up,, The graphics are low but there is many reasons that could be