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    Jul. 25, 2008

Welcome to my profile. You probably came here because you wanted to see something about me. Yes, I am psychic. Ignore the ‘probably’ in the sentence which was previous the previous sentence. I am a troll. Want someone trolled? Contact me. I am usually online at 1PM to 11PM Indian Standard Time, cost is 1 kred per troll. Although I am mostly a troll – if you ever need help with anything, don’t be afraid to ask me :) Below are some random statistics about me, forming my legacy.

Successful games made in FGF

Questionarial (Winner: MaistlinRajere)
Crossing Lies (Winners: MaistlinRajere, myhome16, and devourer359)
So You Think You Can Beat The Host? (Winner: MaistlinRajere)
Crossing Lies II: The Return Of The Cross (Winners: MaistlinRajere, AdeebNafees, Thijs956 and Devourer359)
Crossing LIIIes (Winners: Myhome16, Pulsaris and BClegends)
Crossing Lies IV (Winner: NinjaMaster131)

FGF Achievements

Get a 3rd approval for a FGF game at the 42nd minute of the post asking for approvals.

Get 3 approvals for a FGF game in 4 minutes.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


djrockstar: Do 1000 ways to use the phrase “Elaborate, please.”

eProdigy: I ♥ you.
eProdigy: You ♥ me.
eProdigy: We’re a crappy family.

Nebekanazer: I fuck pigeons.

hamuka: hamuka: “We breed rabbits and chickens on a 90×28,5 metre sized, rectangle-shaped plot. Once, a visitor asked how many chickens and how many rabbits were on the plot.”
hamuka: hamuka: "The farmer answered: “The animals have, all in all, 2652 legs, and as many heads as the 2/5th of the area in square metres.” The visitor didn’t know the size of the plot, so he couldn’t solve the problem. Let’s help him!"
AdeebNafees: 600 rabbits, I think.
AdeebNafees: No wait.
AdeebNafees: 300.
AdeebNafees: And 2352 chicks

ShawnerSSS: to go full retard
ShawnerSSS: you want to get a name
ShawnerSSS: like
ShawnerSSS: AllStarDomination
ShawnerSSS: but remove the last letter

Nemiflora: and I screamed pretty loud

SamsterSamster: but then axe raped me

1337al: its 2012, people still use the ‘phrase’ rofl…. [Jask note: He posted this in July, 2013]

A hot shower is just like a normal shower, but with me in it.

I was nominated for Kongregator of the Year 2012, sadly, did not win. How many votes I got is confidential.

To do list:

Wear shirt that says “Life”, hand out lemons on the sidewalk
Change name to Simon. Talk in third person
Become a doctor. Change last name to Acula.
Buy a horse, name it “Oscar takes the lead”, enter it in races.


To find a needle in a haystack, all you have to do is burn the haystack. Making simple things complex is what leads us downhill.

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