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Play no-one has to die. no-one has to die. May. 21, 2015
The menu music is so amazing it will give you anything from goosebumps to making you vomit on the floor. So, if you're new, this is one of the few games where headphones are NOT recommended.
Play Battalion Commander Battalion Commander May. 21, 2015
Army mentality: Holy crap, the leader of our batallion was killed! And we can't run through this battlefield or anything, because we're obviously not competent soldiers! I mean, that was obviously not the reason why we were put into prisons or anything!
Play Let it Glow Let it Glow May. 20, 2015
Let the sun shine on, the bulb never bothered me anyway.
Play Kingdoms CCG Kingdoms CCG May. 06, 2015
I have to say, people have *got* to stop voting 5/5 on everything they see. Liking a game when they get started is one thing, but after playing a while games tend to change, and whether that is for the better or the worse is what players really should be judging.
Play GemCraft GemCraft May. 03, 2015
To get all badges you'll need to spam manapool (M key) during waves to increase your score (and level) faster. As you level up, top out all mana upgrades and keep them that way. Then prioritize gem cost and building cost. Put what's left in gems and mastery (spend more in higher-grade gems and pure mastery) but invest all gem/mastery points in high-grade gems once you get them (put the remainder in pure mastery and lower-grade gems, but place those points in high-grade as well when you get enough points to do so). Use high-grade gems to max out every level you see. Finally, master pure mastery, then dual, then the rest. By then you'll be maxing out most stages first run through, dying only in later stages. NOTE - Manapool will be essential for completing later stages, but if used at the wrong time, it may even kill you, so be wary when buying (to stay safe, have 2-3K extra mana in waves 25+ when expecting enemies to make it to the hut and 15K near epic bosses). + this so others can see
Play Papa's Pizzeria Papa's Pizzeria May. 03, 2015
Prepare for the first in a long, long, LONG line of games ending in -eria, which all pretty much involve cooking, except let's face it, you're going to play them anyway, because badges.
Play Luminara Luminara May. 02, 2015
Huh, a bendy-line powerup. Wonder what it doe- ERHMAHGERD LAZOR
Play Streamline Streamline May. 01, 2015
The "Nice" at the end of the game obviously is written in your blood.
Play Sonny Sonny Apr. 30, 2015
The famous Sonny glitch: On the first tutorial mission, skip your turn (click on the ! with the blue ring around it near the bottom of the screen) until you die. Then when you respawn, the screen will look like it's glitching out. Click on the brown "World Map" icon, click on the rightmost location, click on the red "Next Battle" button and skip your turn again. You'll get all four badges. + this so everyone can see.
Play Elements of Arkandia Elements of Arkandia Apr. 23, 2015
Why does the choir sing "Oompah-loompah" during the battle phase?
Play Diamond Hollow II Diamond Hollow II Apr. 14, 2015
Guys, you can shoot the lasers on Level 7 of Boss Rush. Just to let you know, in case you didn't.
Play Reprisal Reprisal Apr. 12, 2015
Villager: "Oh, exalted leader! Thanks to your divine power of terraforming, we have a giant village full of several houses!" Leader: "Right, destroy the village, we're building a castle instead."
Play Freeway Fury 2 Freeway Fury 2 Apr. 02, 2015
Some people couldn't figure out how to get to the final boss, so thought I'd share. To get to the final boss, you need to complete all seven tracks. The first four are completed by staying on the right side of the screen 0, 1, 2 and 3 times. The other three tracks are completed by using the "other" exit on the left side of the screen 1, 2 and 3 times. Then you'll get to access the final boss. Stay on the left side of the screen to get turbo, and drive to the side of the weak points before jumping on them. When the final middle point opens up, turbo near the middle to get momentum, then drive into the middle section and jump in. The boss will die and you'll get the hard badge. Like this if it helped. :)
Play Reactance Reactance Mar. 31, 2015
The game music is the same as "No Time To Explain"!
Play Sands of the Coliseum Sands of the Coliseum Mar. 31, 2015
The bleeding out mechanic is one of the smartest mechanics I have ever seen. You make a guy bleed, and all the armor in the world won't save him. So poetic.
Play Nowhere Safe Nowhere Safe Mar. 16, 2015
What do you get when you put speech in a mostly text-based game? NOVEL-ty.
Developer response from LexZ1

A lovely pun. XD

Play Racing Comrade! Racing Comrade! Mar. 14, 2015
I like the shiv upgrade description. "Give your nearest opponent a quick stab. He will stop running forever."
Play Cardinal Quest 2 Cardinal Quest 2 Mar. 12, 2015
2,000 people after only one year? That hard badge needs to be an impossible!
Play Socrates Jones: Pro Philosopher Socrates Jones: Pro Philosopher Mar. 11, 2015
So wait a minute... if I lose the first argument, does that mean that I don't die and go to hell?
Play Shadow Snake 3 Shadow Snake 3 Mar. 05, 2015
See, this is the sort of thing that shouldn't be encouraged. Okay, the graphics are pretty. But the difficulty? Insane involves avoiding enemies on pain of losing time. Ande that's just not fair, because the enemies appear OUT OF NOWHERE. You have no time to react or avoid any of them unless you're in the centre, and some of the levels deliberately make sure that doesn't happen. And don't even get me started on the cluster bombs. How is getting hit by a cluster bomb and its pieces fair to anyone? Especially if you don't get ample warning that the cluster bomb is appearing on the spot that your snake is on? That's not good difficulty, that's unfair difficulty, and unfair difficulty is unacceptable. 3/5 for graphics and novel gameplay alone. If you want to get a 4 or higher, improve the gameplay. Include warning signs so you know where enemies are coming from, at least. Sorry but that's just how it has to be.