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Play Project Alnilam Project Alnilam Jul. 12, 2014
Level 19 can be done with 3 moves to spare. Level 23 can be done with 1 move to spare. I don't know about you, but I feel smart when that happens.
Play Project Alnilam Project Alnilam Jul. 12, 2014
N.B. You can pass Level 19 with 3 moves to spare.
Play Decision Decision Jun. 01, 2014
I don't know who owns the shop where I buy my weapons, but considering that they are still in business in the middle of an apocalypse, I WANT IN.
Play Suck My Card CCG Suck My Card CCG May. 31, 2014
Add the High Scores API for badges! (+ so the developer can see)
Play Theme Hotel Theme Hotel May. 23, 2014
Seriously, when you go broke the banks can see you are clearly losing thousands of dollars a month, and yet don't shut down the hotel. It took me 4 years to climb out of a $30000 debt just for expanding too quickly. Seriously, a bank that lets you go into an endless pit of debt just to repay your loans? I WANT IN.
Play Pursuit of hat 2 Pursuit of hat 2 May. 23, 2014
"I tore off every limb of my body just to get that hat. Doesn't matter; in the end, you get whatever you want if you keep a level head... Not chucking it or the hat off an edge helps as well."
Play Ricochet Kills 2 Ricochet Kills 2 Apr. 19, 2014
This assassin is not killed by his own bullets, but is killed by boxes? Weird.
Play Fairway Solitaire Fairway Solitaire Apr. 18, 2014
This game has everything that I really hate. You create cards randomly which means an impossible combination can be generated. Then you add "golf clubs" that can be used in other games so the player will play more games. This is fake difficulty. Difficulty that shouldn't be. The hard badge is entirely pure luck. And pure luck does not a game make. I'm rating this a 2 out of 5 purely on innovation; this game is not worthy of the high rating other players give it just so badges should be added. + to keep this alive.
Play Villainous Villainous Apr. 18, 2014
This evil overlord charges into battle without charging his mana bar first. Then he sends minions into the line of fire without making any attempt to find an alternate safer route. Then he sends injured minions along the same path again even AFTER he has healers. And when that's not enough, he doesn't even bother to disable the towers BEFORE sending his minions in. Seriously, they say he was evil, they never mentioned how strategically incompetent he was.
Play Wentworth Wentworth Apr. 16, 2014
Coincidentally, Wentworth is also the name of a fictional Australian prison that is violent even by fictional standards. Make of that whatever you will.
Play Zilch Zilch Apr. 15, 2014
How did the saying go again? A thousand's plausible, two thousand's lucky, and three thousand's cheating.
Play Astrox Astrox Mar. 31, 2014
Badges! (+ so Greg can see)
Developer response from momoguru

it would be my first, pop my badge cherry :)

Play Dungeon Developer Dungeon Developer Mar. 27, 2014
Hang on a minute, you're selling me an item I have already! Why on Earth would I buy it? "Because I said so, because I need the money, and because you owe me because THAT'S MY MONEY YOU'RE TAKING FROM MY DUNGEON!" ...Deal.
Play Lime Rick Lime Rick Mar. 26, 2014
The lengths a caterpillar must go to to get food...
Play Fractured 2 Fractured 2 Feb. 11, 2014
The girl on the loading screen reminds me of the girl from Limbo... in color. You know... http://static.gamesradar.com/images/mb/GamesRadar/us/Games/L/Limbo/Everything%20Else/What%20it%20means/charlie_limbosisterend--article_image.jpg
Developer response from GroZZleR

I think a silhouette image of any little girl could be interpreted the same, no?

Play Hero's Arms Hero's Arms Jan. 23, 2014
FUN FACT: This game is the ONLY game on Kongregate with THREE hard badges. EPIC!
Play Strike Force Heroes Strike Force Heroes Jan. 20, 2014
Bullets can't go through dead bodies. That's some rigor mortis.
Play Dojo of Death Dojo of Death Jan. 18, 2014
I like how at the end of the game,the ninjas don't keep slashing at you, but form a circle around you. Such insight on such a small detail.
Play Dojo of Death Dojo of Death Jan. 17, 2014
Ninjas kill their enemies while camouflaged. Samurais don't camouflage. So which one are they?
Play WarLight WarLight Jan. 12, 2014
Level 1 Gold Star: On your 1st turn, deploy all 5 armies to S. Europe. Then use three armies to attack the Ukraine, then two to attack the Middle East. You MUST occupy both by the end of Turn 1. If you do not, restart. After you manage to occupy both, deploy all 10 of your armies to attack Middle East. Then use as many armies as possible to attack India, then Siam, then Indonesia. Do this by deploying on the country you last conquered, then deploying all of your armies. Then split the armies 50-50 on turn 5 to get both New Guinea and Western Australia. Finally, on turn 6 hit Eastern Australia with everything you've got. Then you'll get your gold star for Level 1.