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READ THIS: Heard you like mudkipz o_o
Home Room: Echo Hall! (I’m Regular)
What I’m Doing: Uh… St00f11!!!
About me: My name is Josh, and i like to chat. So hit me up! :3
Here is some stuff about Me:
Favorite Pop: Dr. Pepper (It ownz)
Favorite Snack: Cheeze-Itz! :S
Favorite TV Show: Wipeout :D
Greatest Accomplishements on Kongregate: Got 2 Impossible Badges in ONE DAY! :D (Accomplished 6/18/2010)
Name: Josh
Random Thing About Kong
1. I hit 3000 points on July 2, 2010
2. I hit 1000 kills on Stick Arena: Ballistic on July 13,2010! :D
3. I got all badges on Plarform Racing 2 on June 17, 2010!
4. Got ALL badges on Pandemic 2 on July 28,2010! :D!
5. Got 300,000 pts on AKS2 on 10/10/10!
6. I AM THE PROUD STARTER OF “The Jawunleashed Trilogy” :D!
*Random things about me

1. I have an Xbox 360! >:D
2. I have a DSI! DSI FTW! :D
3. Wipeout is my favorite show! >:D
4. I like gum….. o.O
Funny/ Random Quotes:
1.Cryptosporidian: Hannah, we’re sorry to report.

Cryptosporidian: Your momma can’t stop the funk

2. jared_9099: I LIKE PIE

jared_9099: gtg agin

jawunleashed: o.O

Endoa: …

3. Endoa: i liek turtlez

Cryptosporidian: Jaws, tell us a story.

Cryptosporidian: *Jaw

jawunleashed: ok

jawunleashed: once upon a time

jawunleashed: they lived happily ever after!

jawunleashed: The End

jawunleashed: <

jawunleashed: >_>

jawunleashed: what?

Endoa: …

4. Endoa: …


Endoa: dressed as a banana

jawunleashed: o.O


O o
/ \

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